‘Dual Nationality Citizens’ Should NOT Be Allowed To Stand For Public Office

In common-sense Australia it is illegal to stand for or engage in public office if you hold ‘dual nationality’.   Many Australians are unaware they hold dual nationality as becoming naturalised as an Australian citizen, is not enough on its own, to escape this disqualification. Read Story

Toxic Hate Of The Far Right – Letter From Andrew Brons To The Editor Of The Sunday Telegraph

Those who advocate or condone political violence, from any part of the political
spectrum, must be condemned and prosecuted. However, Amber Rudd must not encourage
confusion between political violence and mere political dissent. Read Story

Why Is Our Government Conspiring With The European Union About Our Guest Workers

Like all immigrants who came to Britain, the Polish and other eastern European people come here for economic reasons.  Nobody in their right mind would claim otherwise, as it could hardly be for the weather, could it! Read Story