London Is A Typical Example Of A Multi-Cultural Society, Falling Apart Due To Having Different Cultrural Values

by Anglo Saxon

Some years ago, whilst the media were gloating at a very poor nationalist vote in London, the patriotic movements leader at the time declared ‘London is lost’! He meant, to decent patriotic people!

Led by the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), it was declared that any form of Patriotism, Christianity or even Traditional ‘Old Fashioned Standards’, were totally finished in the capital and good riddance!

In the future London would be led by a coalition of Liberal, ‘Anything Goes’, types, hard left communists of various persuasions and others with their Islamic culture. What could go wrong? well quite a lot actually as the collapse of British values gathered pace!

First the bombs started going off and despite the media always declaring ‘at this time there is nothing to suggest that this or that was terrorist related’, though the bombers, at the time, had an unfortunate habit of declaring that they were ‘striking at the infidel’!

Having politically terrorised the police into not doing their jobs anymore, like ‘Stop and Search’  our Capital City  went from being a very violent place to being an absolute hell hole, with ‘white flight’ increasing dramatically amongst all sections of what used to be, British Society.

Things are so bad in London that out thought and fact controlling media have to report the several murders, arsons and major disturbances that happen every week.  They rarely mention when people are only half dead or when there were only a small number in the incident with few injuries, or when the policeman only attended the outpatient department with minor injuries.

Whilst we could not possibly say that all this is the fault of London’s Islamic Mayor, it is not beyond the possibility that many decent people, still trapped in London, wish they had ignored the establishment Political Parties and voted for our decent Nationalism when they had the chance!

Help us give them that chance once again, in London and throughout our country by just quietly doing the right thing and joining us today.


Note: The British Democrats do not advocate hatred of any particular group or groups of people or indeed any particular individual or individuals.  We do believe that the arrival (Immigration) of excessive numbers of people, many of whom do not share British values, has been to the considerable detriment of our society, particularly in London, as events have proved.




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  1. An accurate account of the disaster they like to call “diversity”. A never ending burden which cannot succeed. London has been taken over by thugs. Crime is going through the roof. At least we know this society is doomed to abject failure, but how sad that it has to be like this.

  2. If only we could read articles like this in the paper. Anglo Saxon, thanks for highlighting our perilous situation.

  3. When I was 16 I first went on many holidays to Tottenham (Haringey ).
    The first time Tottenham supporters poured out the train station, I couldn’t believe where they had come from as only me and the white girl I staid with were the only white people I’d seen in weeks. My Jamaican mate explained that they were from all the Jewish areas around Tottenham .this was 1990, god knows what the area is like now.

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