BREXIT! – What Should Have Happened

by John Shaw


Houses of Parliament, London.

EU Headquarters, Brussels









Within two days of our historical vote to leave the EU Superstate, Britain should have invoked Article 50, instead of waiting months.

When the European Union declared that they would never actually agree to ending ‘Free Movement of Peoples’, the control of our country by the courts or the ‘Customs Union’, Britain should have declared that there was no point in entering any negotiations since our people voted to be free of all of these things.

We should then have declared that we will join the World Trade Organisation (WTO)  and were preparing to trade with the whole world, including the EU Countries, on those terms.

As Nationalists, we believe that Britain should always govern itself and after 40 odd years of, in effect foreign rule by Brussels, we should now be looking forward to what used to be, Great Britain.


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  1. Totally agree:

    Remain voted to stay in the EU and Leave voted to get out completely. There was no option on the ballot to leave in name only which is a completely pointless exercise which will leave us with all the downsides of EU membership, lose us the few concessions we already have, and provide no potential benefits whatsoever.

    I was a lifelong conservative voter but I will NEVER vote for them again after this duplicitous farce. Had they been honest and stated from the outset that they were not going to honour the referendum result I could have forgiven them (this is what I expected them to do). Not only are they insulting the democratic process but also the intelligence of half of the electorate. I will now support any initiative to destroy the Tories.

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