New Mass Housing Threat to the Green Belt

England is now the most densely populated country in Europe, apart from the tiny island of Malta, at 395 people per square kilometre – double that of Germany and quadruple that of France. England’s density is among the highest in the world for major countries, ranked third in density after Bangladesh and South Korea, and predicted to rise to 464 people per square kilometre by 2031. Read Story

Poole Pottery shop closure – We Must Protect Our Traditional Local Industries

Poole Pottery will close its doors for the final time at the quay after owner Denby said it failed to reach an agreement with the landlord. Denby said it was continuing to try to find alternative premises for the 144-year-old business. The closure of the shop, which also includes a studio and kiln, will mean 33 jobs will be cut. Read Story

Why Is Our Government Conspiring With The European Union About Our Guest Workers

Like all immigrants who came to Britain, the Polish and other eastern European people come here for economic reasons.  Nobody in their right mind would claim otherwise, as it could hardly be for the weather, could it! Read Story

Sold Down The River!

Conservative minded people as well as the vast majority of traditional British citizens waited in hope for the Conservative Party to ‘come good’ and deliver the Brexit that was voted for and indeed promised.  Instead they are letting us all down again, badly. Read Story