Extinction Rebellion fight global warming

By Chris Halmshaw

Man-made climate change, or global warming, is the most severe threat to life on earth – human, animal, bird, fish, corral and plant life.

The damage can already be seen in loss of natural habitat and wildlife beginning to struggle to survive and it will get worse in centuries to come. The eminent naturalist Sir David Attenborough warns that “we’re running out of time to save the planet, unless urgent action is taken to tackle the global warming” which he fears is destroying earth. Each person in the West is responsible for producing 13 tons of carbon dioxide per year. At present the temperature rise is just 1 degree over the last century – but the rise is accelerating.

Sir David goes on to say “right now we are facing our greatest threat in thousands of years. At the current rate of warming we risk a devastating future”. He calls for an end to the use of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas that pump choking carbon monoxide into the atmosphere and instead switch to renewable energy. We need to plant more trees to soak up atmospheric carbon dioxide, choose locally produced food and throw away less food, insulate our homes and heat them with renewable and non-polluting sources like solar energy, drive less and fly less. Due to political correctness one method of reducing global warming is rarely mentioned by establishment “experts”: reduction of world over-population, which is inexorably increasing.

School children, along with predominantly young people in the Extinction Rebellion movement, are campaigning for governments to urgently address the causes of global warming – before it’s too late and our home planet suffers an irreversible catastrophe. Extinction Rebellion receive criticism for campaigns which disrupt the daily life of other people, but unfortunately it can require disruption to raise publicity and get their cause into the headlines.

Even more dangerous is introducing methane into the atmosphere, which has 21 times the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide. Methane is presently produced by the guts of millions of ruminant animals like cows and sheep but a real catastrophe awaits if the permafrost ground melts and releases vast quantities of trapped methane and starts an irreversible runaway temperature rise

Some consider that there is little point in Western Europe tackling the problem of global warming when large countries like China and the USA are burning enormous amounts of fossil fuel. But we can set an example to them of how to reduce carbon emissions. The survival of ourselves and future generations could well depend on it.

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  1. CorshamCrusader

    I must say first of all that I was pleasantly surprised to see you put this article out.

    You may remember a few years ago I had a debate in the comments here over an article you published denying man-made climate change and calling it a hoax? So I’m glad your party now accepts the climate issue as legitimate, which of course it is.

    I have lost count of the number of nationalists that I have debated this issue with over the years and have become quite disillusioned with the movement in general due to this as my line of thinking is that if we can’t even get basic scientific issues right then what hope do we have of ever running a country?

    In my mind there are two fundamental issues we face as we move forward with the first obviously being the race/demographic issue and the second would be the climate issue, along with associated problems with Earth’s environment such as plastic in our oceans. I am utterly dismayed at the general attitude to the second issue that I encounter when speaking to other nationalists and firmly blame the double-edged sword which is of course the Internet. If we don’t have the ability to find out what is or isn’t true then we have no chance of ever winning and when I observe so many on the right of politics calling the climate issue a hoax I feel like walking away altogether.

    If we don’t get to grips with CO2 on a global level, along with plastic and other polluting junk then what kind of planet are our children going to inherit from us? They will curse us for what we have done!

    My biggest gripe with nationalists who claim the whole thing is a hoax (you know who you are) is that they don’t even seem to possess the intelligence to see the propaganda aspect of this for the movement. If there is nothing I can say to convince the reader that man-made global warming is real then just hear this… why can’t you just pretend you agree for nationalist propaganda purposes?

    We should own the climate issue but instead have let our enemies lay claim to it and many of them are using the issue to forward their political agendas, regardless of whether they also care about the climate or not. We should have been doing the same.

    Our burning of fossil fuels is the cause of increased CO2 in the atmosphere; this is because every ton of it we put up there is “extra” CO2 that is not part of the world’s natural climate system. It has been increasing for decades and has now hit 400ppm, a level not seen on Earth for over 10 million years!

    One of the biggest problems is over population and the importation of millions of third world people to the West and allowing them to live as we do in terms of the amount of carbon they emit when they arrive here. We also have the problem of the “global” capitalist system that requires a never-ending amount of junk to be produced and then shipped all over the planet, including food too. I could go on but the bottom line is that it is the policies of our enemies that are largely responsible for the amount of CO2 now trapped in Earth’s atmosphere. If everyone on Earth lived the nationalist lifestyle instead of adhering to the “global” mantra then this alone would massively reduce the amount of fossil fuels being burnt.

    We should be pointing out that not just stopping but reversing immigration to the West will help fight climate change. We should be vociferous in demanding we all return to a more natural way of living where the goods we need are produced locally and not shipped all over the world which again increases the carbon footprint.

    Basically, the “nationalism” I thought we all believed in would go a long way to help mitigate this problem and we should be shouting this from the rooftops but instead of that we call the whole thing a hoax. It beggars belief!

    I really hope that our movement comes around to my way of thinking here and stops making us all look like fools.


  2. Simon Fairbairn

    Well , during a general read up about the known , proven movements of the Vikings , I NOTICED that their history actually proves the area known as GREENLAND was inhabited by them. It all started to turn to ICE. We know that it has since thawed and turned to ICE AGAIN ! NOW IT IS THAWING AGAIN. SO I SUGGEST YOU LOOK UP ALL THE DATES AND THEN REALISE JUST HOW WRONG YOU ARE ! Simon

  3. all a load of nonsense then to see all the sanctimonious Remoaner famous People all turn up to lecture us mere mortals

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