Conservative Brexit Alliance / coalition

By Kevan Stafford


Now that Brexit supporting Boris Johnson has been elected Leader of the Conservative Party and become Prime Minister, we hope that he will successfully extract Britain from the European Union by the time of Theresa May’s delayed date of 31st of October and that leaving will be via a WTO/No Deal arrangement. After we have quit the EU there is nothing to stop Britain and the EU, as two WTO members, from subsequently coming to an agreement to trade under a Free Trade arrangement, if both parties consider that to be in their mutual interests.

Britain would undoubtedly be in favour of a Free Trade arrangement, because that would reproduce the free trading conditions we enjoyed as full members of the EU. But whether the EU would agree to a Free Trade arrangement with us is far from certain, because the EU is determined to punish any country which has the audacity to walk out of their lucrative EU club, as a warning to any of the other twenty-seven EU countries from also attempting to leave. Britain pays the EU around tem billion pounds net per year, which helps to subsidise poorer EU member countries and to cover the high salaries and pensions of the bloated EU administration. Trade would continue, but if the EU insists on imposing WTO tariffs on our goods exported to them, and we were obliged to retaliate by imposing identical tariffs on EU goods imported into Britain, that would hinder trade in both directions to our mutual disadvantage.

However, Britain would have nothing to fear from a No Deal arrangement with the EU, contrary to what left-wing Remainer MPs complain of; they only ever refer to tariffs imposed on us, never to the tariffs which we would be free to impose. We would gain more than we paid in tariffs because we import more from the EU than we export to them.

Parliament should never have been provided by the Supreme Court with the right to decide whether Britain left or remained in the EU nor the method of leaving; The Referendum gave voters the right to decide and Cameron’s government PROMISED TO IMPLEMENT whatever the voters decided in the Referendum vote. That made the Referendum BINDING, even if it was not binding at the outset.

If the arrogant MPs vote down Boris Johnson’s decision for a No Deal Brexit then he should opt for a General Election. He should not allow any Tory remainers to stand for election and bring in new No Deal supporting candidates. Conservatives and the Brexit Party could form a powerful alliance if they formed a temporary single coalition party – something like THE CONSERVATIVE BREXIT ALLIANCE or COALITION, so as not to split the No Deal Brexit vote. The arch remainer Lib Dems are similarly contemplating joining forces with other remainer parties like the Greens, so No Dealers should reciprocate and fight fire with fire !

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  1. Remoaners are tedious fools why cannot they move to Europe if they prefer it to their own Country deselect them

  2. First class Nationalist assessment. Clearly the way forward. from Simon

  3. as much as I distrust the Tories & Brexit Parties the alternative would be hellish that would be a Remoaner led Labour SNP Green Liberal stitch up stay in the EU more debt & Mass Immigration

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