US Independence Day

July 4th marked the 243rd anniversary of the United States’ Independence Day, when on that day in 1776 the USA declared its independence from colonisation by Britain, declaring “No taxation without representation”.

Britain had, and sometimes still has, a tendency for arrogance and bullying – it was not our finest hour.

But Britain also gave America Magna Carta, which after modifications over successive generations, became the foundation of democracy, not only in America but throughout the West and beyond. That is something of which we can be rightly proud.

We share much in common with the United States: language, democracy, freedom and enterprise. Britons were some of the initial colonisers of the New World, brave spirits who set off into the unknown at great risk to themselves and their families.

We are fortunate to have such a large and powerful country as our ally and we should be grateful. without America we would certainly have lost the Second World War and have been invaded and exploited by Germany. Even after military success aided by America, the War cost us our Empire, thousands killed, great destruction and financial ruin.

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  1. America the gangster state as much as I detest the EU give Me Europe anyday

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