Election results – Jim Lewthwaite polls 25%

Wyke Ward, Bradford

Sarah Ferriby, Labour 1303 46%
James Graham Lewthwaite, British Democratic Party 701 25%
Francesca Louise Stefanyszyn, Conservative 531 19%
Darren James Parkinson, Green Party 168 6%
Kevin Anthony Hall, Liberal Democrat 156 5%


Loughborough Shelthorpe Ward

BAKER Rachel Anne, Green Party 329
BOLTON Gill Labour Party 771*
BRENNAN Alice Labour Party 669*
GUERRERO Alex Liberal Democrats 217
MORELAND Martin Shaun UK Independence Party UKIP 304
STAFFORD Kevan Christopher, The British Democrats 121
STEWART Chris The Conservative Party 520
WILLIAMS Ian The Conservative Party 419

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  1. Simon Fairbairn

    Despite all the talk about others , I believe the British Democratic Party have the POTENTIAL to be a very successful Party indeed with Millions of votes. It has happened in many other Countries ! Anyway , well done Jim and Kevan. From Simon.

  2. Edmund Holliday

    Well done Dr Lewthwaite

  3. time to finally bring down the Lib-Lab-Con people are tired of them

  4. Sadly People still voted for corrupt Labour anybody who votes for a Party led by Corbyn needs Psychiatric care

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