Carry the Card

By John Shaw

Britain is falling apart and despite many other countries in the world turning Nationalist, there appears to be no hope for our people and our country.

All we nationalists can do, as we carry on with our own lives, is have pride in ourselves and belief in the cause. That is needed now more than ever.

We know that having been proved right about so much is a bitter consolation. But our time will come, and probably sooner than many think!

We are proud to be “the few” and look forward to being “the many”, just as has happened in Hungary and increasingly elsewhere.

Just make sure that in 2019, YOU CARRY THE CARD!

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  1. The British Democratic Party has great potential to lead the way to a truly independent, prosperous and safe society like we used to have. Hungary’s hard-line leader of the ruling Fidecz Party calls for an end to mass immigration and the preservation of Christian culture.

    He is supported by Poland’s ruling party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski and by Italy’s hard-line Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. Britain could do with patriotic leaders like them.

  2. Well said Chris. The potential for the PATRIOTIC , NATIONALIST and therefore CLASSLESS and POPULIST, British Democratic Party is amazing. Think traditional Labour Voters in Barnsley uniting with traditional Conservative Voters in Cornwall to vote LEAVE. That is the potential of the B.D.P.

  3. after Brexit We must get rid of the failed 3 old parties abolish the Lords Civil service BBC and Honors system that are corrupt viva la republic

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