No Deal Is Better Than A Bad Deal

By John Shaw

We people have been constantly told these things for two years by our Prime Minister and the negotiating team. Also, the “Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” mantra has continually been said by the EU superstate.

Theresa May’s horrific so-called “Agreement” is the worst possible of both worlds in that it gives up some of the advantages and keeps, if not strengthens, all the bad things! Forever

We voted to leave as a way of ending superstate controls of our laws and taxes (they demand our 20% VAT) and of course the “free movement of people” laws.

This disgusting “Agreement” gets around all these things by the back door and leaves some other nasty shocks for us in the future, like giving up our fishing rights – AGAIN.

Once the Referendum result was in, we should have invoked Article 50 straight away and announced that we were joining the World Trade Organisation. This would enable us to trade with the world, including the European Union, just like America, China, Russia and everyone else!

Also, in keeping with the intentions of our Referendum results, we would cease all payments to the EU. There would be no question of us paying any money to obtain any kind of “Agreement” or deal.


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