Words From The Main Political Parties Have No Meaning In Todays Britain

by John Shaw


By now everyone has realised that the ‘Brexit Draft Agreement Document’ betrays Brexit and indeed Britain.

This mealy mouthed document is worded to suggest the opposite of what it actually means!

The other day, during a Sky News interview, our Prime Minister denied aspects of the agreement even when Sky put up the actual words on the screen behind her! It was the most blatant example of hoodwinking people that I have ever seen.

So, for the record, this Political Party means what it says in our policy statements. This includes deporting foreign criminals at the end of their prison sentence, so fast their eyes will water and much else besides!

All our policies are designed to improve the lives of our people and knowing that we actually mean what we say, read them and then join us today.

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  1. Another betrayal. Is anyone surprised given their track record of treachery ?

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