It’s Mayhem

By John Shaw

No one in our country is happy with the political situation, whoever they usually vote for or whatever way they went in our Referendum.

The whole world has judged our politicians and their narrow based, opinionated and wrong, parties as totally incompetent.

We nationalists of the British Democratic Party would have gleefully accepted the challenge and actually negotiated.

Article 50 should have been activated straight away and the E.U. Superstate’s mantra of “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” would have been rejected out of hand as too obviously a trap. In the end this was rejected anyway with the Prime Minister’s disgusting so called agreements.

We would have applied to join the World Trade Organisation and refused to pay anything after the “Leave” date.
Together with various individual agreements on worldwide security and crime prevention we would have had a wonderful future as we governed ourselves once again!

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  1. We cannot allow that clueless old bag Theresa May and Her Remoaner dross stop Brexit

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