The Chief Democracy Deniers In Britain’s Cabinet

Apparently these cabinet members are among those in the Conservative Party that are trying to push the Prime Minister into accepting that while free movement of people will officially end, there should be no immediate move to reduce immigration, once we have left the European Union Superstate. Read Story

The Common Currency Will Kill the EU

The forging of a common currency was supposed to bring the countries of Europe together. In fact, it has now driven them apart. It seems that the damage done by the disastrous monetary experiment will bring an end to the EU within three years.  And trade, freedom of business and European co-operation will be the better for it. Read Story

May’s Brexit Is Not What It Seems

In an interesting report from John Shaw on this website last week he noticed that in a study held prior to the Referendum Afro-Asian voters intended to support ‘Remain’ in a much higher ratio than UK ‘born and bred’ voters. Read Story

Brexit and the Legal System

Unelected judges have been accused of declaring war on British democracy by defying the will of the people who had voted in a national referendum to sever control by the European Union. However, on 3rd November 2016 the High Court decreed that the Government had no right to trigger Article 50 to take Britain out of the EU without the approval of Parliament. A government appeal will commence in the Supreme Court from 5th December, with a final decision expected in the New Year. Read Story