The Republic Of Islam

By Southwest Nationalist. Another day, another portent of Islam’s impending conquest of the West, with a report from France showing that areas of France are becoming separate Islamic states.

According to the report, “Suburbs of the Republic”, found that Muslim religious practices were increasing displacing those of the French Republic.

Handing us a vision of states within states and Sharia enclaves, the report tells us of Muslim children boycotting school canteens which are not halal, and whole areas where French culture is all but gone.

Interestingly, when it comes to marriage, most people in France did not object to mixed race marriages – other than Muslim/Arab respondents among whom there was strong opposition to marriages to non Muslims/whites.

Maybe we need to invent another -obia or -ism for those prejudiced adherents to the religion of peace? Caucism or Whiteophobia perhaps, fair is fair, we’d be labelled as such if we exhibited such blatant prejudice.

“One of the reasons for the strong role of Islam is that the Republic has withdrawn” said mayor of Clichy, Claude Dilain.

Not quite Claude, the Republic has been driven out by a conquering Islam. Islam seeks to make a society Islamic, not to adapt Islam to the established standards of an existing society.

Islam – to its credit in honesty, we in the West could learn much from its unyielding approach – will remain Islam, it is society which will be transformed around it and by it.

The West says by its actions that we will change and compromise, Islam says that it will remain the same and refuse to compromise.

In any such situation the outcome is inevitable, the unyielding conquers, the appeaser appeases themselves into oblivion.

Regarding the 2005 riots, called into question is the myth in “the implicit shared belief that the nation was always able to integrate people”.

A myth it is, integration is insanity, whilst the West yells integrate Islam yells dominate.

In a vacuum where the West will surrender anything for which it stood, abandon all principles to which it adhered, in the name of a newfound obsession with a multicultural, multiracial, society founded on some dream of harmonious integration, the unyielding voice, the voice which will not compromise, which will retain its own identity, which will always take and never give, will rise in power.

That voice is Islam, conquering with little in the way of battles. The West has surrendered at nearly every sign of confrontation, and the West has become propaganda master for Islam itself, passing off everything as a mere minority, not true Islam, the religion of peace, and so on ad nauseum.

The report’s author, Gilles Kepel, warns that “France’s future depends on its ability to re-integrate the suburbs into the national project”.

They won’t be re-integrated. They have no wish to be, as we have already said Islam wishes to remain Islam, it has no desire to become some tame and integrated Westernised ersatz Islam.

It is the fatally flawed idea of integration that has much to answer for in getting our nations in this mess to begin with. We will not fix things by walking further along that road and introducing yet more fool’s gold such as re-integration.

Integration has failed, as it was inevitable it would. Re-integration is just wordplay to hide the fact, and to sell people on the same flawed concept.

Islam will not integrate, it is as simple as that. It has no desire to do so, and it has learned that the West is impotent to do a thing about it other than appease in the forlorn hope that the current appeasement will be Islam’s final demand.

No integration is possible, the sooner the West wakes up to that fact, and stops deluding itself and making excuses, the better.

The truth, contrary to the lies we have been fed, is that the West will not integrate Islam, rather Islam will make the West over in Islam’s image.

One has to pity the French with their 5-6 million Muslims, and we’re not far behind them.

The whole of the West’s march towards an Islamic future is well advanced. With every day we continue to delude ourselves we take another step towards that day.

3 thoughts on “The Republic Of Islam

  1. The West and the Russians should have got together.

    While the two empires, Russia and the West were stacking up ICBM’s, the Muslim world was stacking up babies in our inner cities.

    They may crazy retarded inbred babies from massive cousin on cousin action that makes hillbillies look intelligent, but their sheer numbers will take over the West and send us back to the 7th century

    When will our political figures see that Islam is NOT a religion, but a totalitarian, militaristic, expansionist, seditious political system with an attached faux-religious mythology

    And it intend to dominate and the whole world

  2. In Grays, Essex a local park is routinely used by praying muslims to the exclusion of the indigenous population. Complaints to the local authority result in the complainant being accused of racism.
    The islamic invasion of Europe has clearly resulted in the infiltration of both local government and of the NHS; in which many staff are of third-world origin and thus demonstrate third-world standards.
    Those who expound to the contrary are either naive to the extreme, or have their own agenda. Perhaps they hope for a secured future in the islamic caliphate of Europe?

  3. Recently the Kazakh football team ‘Shakhter Karagandy’ slaughtered a sheep on their pitch to (hopefully) bring them good fortune in a forthcoming fixture.
    As yet more thousands of islamic barbarians swamp Europe, will such bestial practices be insisted upon by the supporters of both visiting and European-based islamic clubs?
    Such further acquiescence on the part of European politically-correct governments would be one further retrograde step towards the medieval society that the self-styled ‘religion of peace’ would inflict upon the West.

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