The BBC Picks Its Audience for Question Time

Some observations by John Bean. 

On several occasions it has  been suggested that The BBC’s picks the audience to give its Question Time programmes the liberal-left bias  it requires. Again this  was blatant  in the programme on November 7th from Boston in Lincolnshire.

The panel of the great and good in orthodox  politics, i.e. three representatives of the Lib-Lab-Con conspiracy singing from the same hymn sheet, on this occasion consisted of Anna Soubry, the Conservative Defence Secretary; Emily Thornberry labour’s Shadow Attorney General; plus the establishment safety valve to kid the electorate that there is an alternative, Nigel Farage.  Supporting figures – but not for Nigel – were two people who were quite wholesome in comparison with the others, even if they contributed little weight in the discussions; namely the West Indian poet Benjamin Zephaniah and the former wife of Chris Huhne, Vicky Price  – a good Guardianista if ever I heard one.

The second question, which took up half of the programme, was on the subject of immigration. Well, they said it was but no mention was made throughout the whole programme of the majority of immigrants to Britain, namely those from Afro-Asia.

It was confined to East Europeans, and Poles in particular, who are almost the only people that local farmers can find who are willing to work on the land  at harvest time – outside of this they draw jobseekers allowance. This was the moment to demolish Farage, thought the panel as they interrupted each other in order to quote from selected sources that  the East Europeans despite their very numbers – providing nearly 40 per cent of the population in Boston – were not causing pressure problems on housing, schools and the NHS. No, it was all good for Boston and Britain in general. Cheers from the audience at this nonsense made it clear that many must really be unaware of what the pressure in Boston is like or were happy to toe Labour’s left wing line

Two questioners soon let it slip that they actually lived in Nottingham. None of them were asked  to give their name. Chairman David Dimbleby pointed very purposely at whom he wanted to speak. He obviously knew where the anti-Farage questioners had been placed. Then came big bertha, a well-fed redhead who opened up with a non-stop line of leftish fire that soon became pure abuse. Not that it halted the well-experienced Civic Nationalist  Farage. You can see his tormentor in the photo below.

QT questioner (2)
Farage’s tormentor in the Boston QT programme

As I recall Dimbleby’s actions were similar  in a Question Time programme earlier this year where the victim was Diane James from UKIP and the leftie abuser was a blond woman.  It came from Eastleigh just after the 28th February by-election there following Huhne’s resignation. According to a reader’s internet comment in the Daily Telegraph 7/3/13 this particular rabble-rouser  was a known Labour party agitator known as Amy Rutland who on her own website had said, before the programme had been on air: “Don’t miss out on Question Time tonight, you’ll see me rip into the disgusting UKIP woman”.

Amy Rutland the tormentor of Diane James in the Eastleigh QT programme

This showed then, and again in the programme from Boston, how “spontaneous” the BBC’s QT is when you have packed the audience with the approved PC people and invited in Labour party agitators. For too long they have been fooling sofa bound electors that the audiences they are allowed to see represent a genuine  balance of the nation’s political opinions.

For the record, British Democrats do not support the views of  UKIP. Not least because they are prepared to stop, or even evict, any fellow European as an immigrant, but allow in up to 150,000 Afro-Asians per year. But we do believe in genuine freedom of expression for people of all political beliefs, including UKIP.



15 thoughts on “The BBC Picks Its Audience for Question Time

  1. I remember, until recently, there used to be one or two half-decent conservatives left – clinging on, despite Central Office purges, to the Neo-CON back benches. They must have been eaten by….SOUBADRAGON!

  2. Remember, Soubry and her treacherous coalition gang are proud of drawing into our small island the Blair-Brown rate of invasion of the low-skilled!

    They clearly want to confuse, humiliate and weaken, and ultimately destroy our Christian civilization.

  3. if this disgraceful episode is not another reason to wake up and get rid of the LibLabCon liars then I don’t know what is. Only non-violent revolution will get rid of these b’stards.

  4. The QT form one fills out gives the BBC all the information they need. One can lie I suppose. But I didn’t.

    I was then offered an audience spot in another programme featuring nationalist policies. But refused when told I wouldn’t be allowed to ask questions.

    Now it’s clear certain people are re-recruited on past performances. So one has to surmise that the audiences of any BBC political production are loaded in such a way. The only reason is to bamboozle those who cannot think for themselves. Unfortunately that’s one hell of a lot of folk.

  5. It’s another very good reason for very firmly clipping the wings of the BBC which appears to be so biased in its bones as to be past redemption.

    It should have no more than two TV channels and three radio channels.

  6. And the BBC want a licence tax – I mean brainwashing “fee”?! Bah humbug, they can whistle dixie until their cheeks are sore!!!

  7. I do not have a TV, not for 18 years now. Its no use sitting there moaning and complaining unless you are prepared to match your words with actions. So BIN IT and tell them to do without their licence fee.

  8. No one in their right mind would watch such garbage. Dumbleby writes to left-wing groups prior to the shows to ask for participants. The whole thing is a farce, while he lives in white Sussex with a holiday home near Dartmouth. He should try Tipton or Burnley for some real cultural experience.

  9. The panel and chairman of ‘Have I got News for you’ are also heavily loaded with lefty liberals.

    The sole representative of the non-left is Ian Hislop, the Editor of a Private Eye who is, I should say, a centre or left of centre Conservative in terms of the Tory Party, which is itself scarcely indistinguishable from the overtly leftist parties.

  10. Yes John, modern day Stalinist methods employed by the Liberal elite. It’s never ending. Maybe it’s about time Nationalists caused a political riot by infiltrating the audience. One can pretend to be a liberal and hope for an invite. Don’t bother applying if you don’t own a TV License. I know the programme is not live but you never know what sensational headlines it could bring.
    A number of us were regular at getting on the radio in days gone by. It’s not so easy now as your number gets blocked in the end. Mind you, if a hundred or so patriots phoned a major debate on immigration on national radio someone may get on. Beware though you have to lie to the researcher otherwise you have no chance.So much for democracy ha. You have to dupe the researcher to be heard on the on air waves: Is that what we fought to World Wars for?

  11. As we have known for years the mouthpiece of the Labour party is the BBC. A publicly funded organisation with the record of a third-world TV station. You dont need to go to the third-world or Iran or North Korea… Just tune into the BBC!

  12. Since writing this report I have found that many people I have spoken to – including those who are unaware of this website – consider that Question Time no longer has the influence on opinions that it once had. A politically-minded friend of mine summed it up precisely when he said:
    “The programme is past its sell-by-date and on the way out. Nick Griffin never recovered from his sickening performance on QT but nor did the programme itself.”

  13. Although what they didn’t show on the programme is the number of white Brits locally made unemployed in fields deliberately and despite doing a good job and working generations on the land.

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