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No Place Now For ‘Tolerance’ of hostile Cultures

The attack, particularly against our women and children, by the Islamic Terrorists in the butchery enacted in Manchester and the London Bridge area appears at long last to have awakened many of our people. It must surely show them that we can no longer be ‘Tolerant of Dissent.’

Jeremy Corbyn Takes Us All For Fools Again!

Comrade Corbyn has the gall to complain that the NHS is creaking at the seams!  when it was he and his working class hating party who have totally overloaded our hospitals with new patients, from around the world and brought our NHS to its knees. 

The Big Lie, That We Are A Disunited Nation Continues

Nothing helps the big lie more than the example of almost unknown, Shadow Business Secretary, Clive Lewis.

He intends to defy his leader, Comrade Corbyn, and vote against invoking Article 50 if he gets the chance!

Oh Dear, Comrade!

The Marxist left Labour Party has been found guilty of election irregularities and although only fined £20,000 this is the maximum and highest levied against any political party so far

Comrade Corbyn Does Not Care About All Our Lives

Just read an article from the ‘Guardian’  where Comrade Corbyn shares his thoughts.
He is very keen on maintaining free movement of people between Britain and the rest of the EU and yet again shows that he does not give a dam that mass immigration causes hardship to his traditional voters or anyone else’s lives.