So Why are GMO Producers Against Product Labeling?

maizeIt’s a curious fact of life that GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) producers are vehemently opposed to the labeling of foodstuffs containing their products – utterly bizarre when practically every other manufacturer of anything you care to mention – from cars to pork pies – spend millions on advertising specifically to link their name to their product. But then, of course, the vast majority of product manufacturers, unlike GMO producers, have nothing to hide.

Visitors to this website will already know, from the bankster scandal for instance, that the Parliamentary political prostitutes will do absolutely anything for money, no “trick” is too perverse if the money is right. But banksters are not the Westminster whores only “clients” as the video linked to below amply illustrates.

If you watch nothing else today then let it be this video – your wellbeing, quite literally, could depend upon it.


4 thoughts on “So Why are GMO Producers Against Product Labeling?

  1. I hope that our new British Democratic Party also adopts the policy of all Halal products or even part ingredients is clearly labelled as Halal by law. Our people could then easily avoid these products like the plague that they are. There is no place for such wickedness and wanton cruelty in Britain. Full and truthful labelling can only be a good thing for our new party to adopt as an official policy.

  2. It is truly frightening what we are doing to this planet particularly in the name of progress. Monsanto has a reputation of putting profit before public health. This evil concern should be put out of business and its directors jailed.

  3. I am certainly not happy that GMO foodstuffs have yet had sufficient long-term testing to prove that they are harmless and a benefit to the world’s shrinking food supplies. But the video produced by Gary Null is pure ‘anti’ propaganda and achieves little. It is what you can expect from him with his lengthy history of promotion of alternative medicine for serious illnesses, which have been widely condemned as “dubious at best”.
    His chief supporter in the video, Jeffrey Smith,has a good record for warning about gmo’s, but I am not encouraged to give his views much weight when I note that he is a practitioner of ‘yogic flying’ and a former US candidate for the Natural Law Party. Remember them when they stood in a general election here a few years back.? I believe their average vote was O.3%

    BTW. I have never worked for Monsanto or any other agricultural chemical company.

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