Should We Stay In To Change the EU?

Part 2 of John Bean’s views on Europe


in-or-out_001Insular Britons, and English in particular, whose healthy patriotism has always meant that we should try to resurrect the close association of the old white dominions of Empire and Commonwealth, have long been in a minority. Some think this belief may be found in UKIP, but it is only amongst a minority.

A narrow majority – as I write – have realised that the common bond  (common blood if you like) that now exists between all nations in Europe could mean we should stay in, just in case it gets worse outside. Among such people a growing number, and  not just Confederates, think we can work within the European Community and change some of its ‘nasty’ ways.  But can they?

Take on board this comment of Christine Lagarde, the M.D of the International Monetary Fund, Daily Telegraph 1.3.16.  “It is not easy for any multilateral institution to adapt to major changes in the assumption that underlay its creation.” She shows that she is aware of the fact that bodies such as the EU have to act undemocratically at times when she went on to say:

“Misguided attempts to suppress national sovereignty in the management of an integrated world economy will threaten democracy and the legitimacy of the world order.”

For those  who would make an attempt to  make the EU change some of its undemocratic ways,  it should be noted that it has not achieved any active policy to moderate, let alone  halt, the  tide of third world economic immigrants  that have outnumbered the genuine Syrian refugees. After eight months the EU has still not formulated, let alone put into action, any solution  to this major crisis affecting the whole of Europe. This has shown us that the EU is unreformable. It is an outcome of  the Lisbon Treaty whereby EU member states, which includes Britain, are bound to welcome so-called asylum seekers. Our courts find their power diminished in trying to deport those immigrants  who have committed serious criminal actions.

The spokesmen and women leading the Brexit campaign believe that we can leave the EU without being excluded from the Single Market .  Most seem unaware that the only legal way  we can leave the EU is by invoking Article 50  of the Lisbon Treaty. Much is said about Britain developing its bilateral trade agreements with booming overseas markets, such as China, Brazil and India.  Negotiations  for  the EU to allow this would go on for years.

This leads on to the  Euro monetary system, which it was thought would act as the final binding action for a United States of Europe. The one-size-fits-all straightjacket of the single currency has forced youth unemployment in Italy up to a record 40.4 per cent, In Spain to 56.5 per cent and in Greece up to 57.3 per cent.

In an article for the British Democrats website a year ago on a European Confederation  (as opposed to the present Federal EU) I suggested that with the abolition of the Euro zone it would allow each nation’s currency to find its own exchange rate against each other, as opposed to being in reality what is best for Germany’s exchange  rate. It would not come about overnight but with reduced exchange rates Greece, Spain and Italy, for example would find a rising demand for their goods and services.

I am aware that it is often said that statistics can be made to prove anything, but here are some relating to the cost of UK’s membership of the EU.

In 2014 the UK exported £230bn of goods and services to other EU states, which was 44.8 % of total UK exports. Goods  and services imports were £289bn, 52.8% of our total imports.

UK’s net contribution to the EU budget in 2015 was estimated at £8.5bn.  Both sets of figures given in a House of Commons Briefing Paper, 19 January 2016.

A 2015 study by Open Europe found that the cost to the UK of the 100 most burdensome EU regulations was £33.3bn a year.

In  regard to European immigration, a report in 2014 by Professor Christian Dustmann showed that they made an overall contribution to the UK’s economy of  £4.4bn  Non-European immigration in the same period, largely from India, Pakistan and Africa, cost the UK taxpayers nearly £120 bn.

An early report from Oxford University’s Migration Observatory as far back as around 2005 said that 141,000 people who came to the UK under EU regulations were born outside the continent. The largest number of these were Nigerians. More recent unsubstantiated reports quote even higher numbers.

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As someone who loves Britain as well as Europe, if you haven’t guessed it by now I will be voting for the UK to leave the EU . The evidence shows that it just cannot be reformed from the inside.


15 thoughts on “Should We Stay In To Change the EU?

  1. What are treaties other than scraps of paper signed by trough feeding hypocrites. In fact all these EU treaties are not allowed under our Constitution. Hence the reason Blair done away with the death penalty for treason.
    So as far as I’m concerned if we vote out .The day one we reclaim our fishing grounds. Stop paying into the EU fund. And send all non working Foreigners home .
    But our craven bunch of weirdos and free loaders. Well don’t hold your breath. That of course if one can accept the referendum will be fought openly and honestly. And the result a fair audit.

    1. ( Party Official ) Well said Baz 4545. I Hope you become our SHADOW HOME SECRETARY. You get to the point and offer the Nationalist Solution to problems. Me ? I just want to be HOUSING MINISTER !

      1. Never had any ambitions in that direction johnshaw. But would accept a ministerial position if we created a minister to kick ass. As in previous ministers.

  2. John Bean talks about article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. And as a responsible man accepts it being signed on our behalf, we should act responsibly .
    No, treaties throughout history are merely toilet paper, and in the instance of the Lisbon article 50 should be treated as such.
    If BREXIT win then the people will have spoken. Now that would be a treaty making all others defunct ,dead as a parrot .

  3. A convincing argument for a Leave vote. The majority of non-Europeans who came in under EU regulations are indeed from Nigeria… while there are increasing numbers from Somalia and more recently Eritrea. As has been pointed out in the above article, these immigrants take out a lot more than they put in, and are almost always dependent on social housing etc. At this late stage, how can the EU be reformed from the inside ? It’s just not possible.

    1. It can’t be. Perhaps, if Britain had joined in the early 1950’s then we, the French and the Germans would be jointly controlling it and the Common Market/EU could have been fashioned in a direction which would suit British tastes. As Anthony Eden was a eurosceptic we didn’t join and so we lost our chance of influencing it to any real degree.

  4. forget a referendum just leave that is all needed We must leave regardless of the tedious Europhiles We will survive on Our own & if We can get rise again ditching the LIBLABCON is a first priority

    1. There shouldn’t be a need for a referendum and referendums in general should be used sparingly as they can become tools of a demagogue like Hitler used them. Put simply, if you don’t believe the British government elected by the British people should control matters in this country then vote CONservative, Labour or Lib Dem as none of these parties believe in national sovereignty. If you think that our national sovereignty is important then vote for parties like the British Democrats. What on earth is the point in Labour, CONservatives or Lib Dem standing for parliament? They don’t believe in its powers!

  5. Our hard hitting leaflet on the EU/immigration concern is bound to influence whoever reads it. It makes it clear that we do not bow and scrape to pc like the glove-puppets of UKIP. My gut instinct is that most patriotic people who vote will more than likely opt for Leave, and that’s why 300 + households in lovely Cannonbury-including George Orwells old home – got our Brit Dem message of truth on Friday. The more leaflets we can get out between now and the Referendum Vote, then the more our name gets out there…. this is a great opportunity . We only have a few months to go !

  6. Britain has the highest prison population in the EU, a report has revealed. A total number of 95,248 people….many of these are foreigners or second and third generation immigrants from both the EU and the third world. The UK has spent more on prisons…well over 3 billion, which is more than anywhere else in western Europe.

    On a lighter note, has anyone seen who the English Democrats have picked as their London Mayoral candidate ?

      1. Yes, what a complete joke the ED’s are. If they had a brain, they would know that being English is an ETHNIC identity as is being Scottish or Welsh and not a civic/political one. In this, they are just as wrong as to how the SNP or Plaid Cymru view the matter.

  7. As a former member of the English Democrats, it does not entirely surprise me that they have selected this buffoon for their Mayoral Candidate….I believe this is his seventh or eighth party …and despite there being genuine patriots misled into joining the ED’s(I used to be one of them) they are officially now a laughing stock.

    Having recently renewed my membership of the British Democrats, I would just like to remind readers that only we have the potential of building a sound Nationalist alternative, and whilst we have much work ahead of us, the firm foundations are in place to build upon. That’s why this is the only party I am happy to be active in. Fellow Patriots, do the right thing and join us.

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