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KINSASIWhy are judges so reluctant to deport criminal trash from this country?

A rioter and looter originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been told by immigration judges that he can continue to stay in Britain despite his criminal activities – because to deport him would constitute a breach of his human rights!

Derrick Kinsasi, an “enricher” from the DRC, was convicted in October 2011 of burglary and theft and sentenced to 18 months in a young offenders’ institution – all at taxpayers expense.

The 21-year-old’s taxpayer-funded lawyers successfully argued that to send him back to Africa would breach his “right to family life” even though he is unmarried and has no children.

In his learned judgment, Judge Nathan Goldstein, is reported as saying: “I find that removing him to the DRC has echoes of ‘exile’ rather than exclusion and it is unlikely to be proportionate.”

In his defence Kinsasi explained that he and his brother entered Britain in 2002, when he was 10-years-old – presumably as refugees. Later he, his mother and siblings were granted indefinite leave to remain in Britain.

So how did he thank this country?

Well, he was convicted at Wood Green Crown Court of looting a branch of Comet, the consumer electronics store, on the second day of widespread disturbances in London during August 2011.

The Home Secretary (correctly) decided that although Kinsasi had some family ties in Britain that they did not constitute family life for the purposes of Article 8 under the Human Rights Act.

Kinsasi appealed (using our tax money?) to the lower immigration tribunal, which upheld the Home Secretary’s decision to deport him.

After losing in the lower court, Kinsasi launched another apparently taxpayer-funded legal challenge in the Upper Tribunal where Goldstein overturned the previous ruling and allowed the appeal.

Goldstein is reported as saying: “The consequence of his removal to the DRC would amount to a splitting of the family unit.”

We, however, would argue that this criminal has bitten the hand that feeds him once too often and deserves no such consideration.

We say scrap this EU imposed “human rights” nonsense and deport the bum!

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  1. Nathan Goldstein needs sacking!

  2. : “The consequence of his removal to the DRC would amount to a splitting of the family unit.” Judge Goldstein stated. (“Of course the consequences of his non-removal to the DRC are an increase in crime levels and the further fragmentation of our inner cities.” He should have added.)

  3. Don’t split the family up, deport them all! However, that is common sense, which seems to be in short supply among members of the HofC, the police & the judiciary. Or did the judge have a ‘common purpose’ hidden agenda?

    • Michael Davidson

      Mo put it exactly right! why split the family up, give them all a flight home together! Isn’t it ironic that our moral masters the judges/ the right honourable Members OF Parliament/ and Noble Lords, think it’s fine for the white working class to be the recipients of as many of the third world as they can fit in, and keep it coming, as long as they are paid enough by their pay masters and the public purse to be able to live in the most expensive leafy parts of the Country. Can you imagine how quick third world enrichers would be on a flight back to the Congo and other parts of the third world if they were to have the temerity to have a desire to live among our ruling class? These are the characters who like to dress in wigs and gowns and point to me and my comrades and say you will go to jail if you strongly object to our treachery and destruction of your community.

  4. Looks like another pawn in the policy of wrecking western civilisation by our zionista friends


    • graham thewlis-hardy

      John, your comments remind me of a story from the early 70s. I believe the NF reported that a Liberal councillors daughter living in Leicester had been brutally raped by an all black gang resulting in the distraught father releasing a statement along the lines of “In view of whats happened I feel I may have been foolishly mistaken in my support of a multi racial society “. Of course in effect he was admitting his previous political thinking was based on
      “unless it effects me and my family I do not give a damn”.

  6. Parasites ..deport them all..this is why Britain is as it is today…if this doesnt waken these judges &n politicians the future of Britain looks very very bleak
    The criminals will be running the country..maybe they already are..

  7. Ye Gods – are we mad? The “judge” needs sacking – if not deporting!

  8. These judges really do bend over backwards to interpret this laws as liberally as possible, don’t they!

    That this man should be kept in this country is only Goldstein’s opinion. It’s the opinion of one man. lt doesn’t matter if he wears a wig and is given the title of ‘judge’..

    It’s not just the judges of course. It’s the nature of these laws which leaves them wide open to a judge’s personal prejudices. They are so broad in scope that a judge can say pretty much what he what he likes and who is there to say he is wrong, legally speaking anyway?. The European Court of Human Rights? What faith have you got in that?

    The sooner we get rid of these ridiculous laws which flout public opinion and the politically correct judges who interpret them, the better.

    Incidentally, when judges say that deporting someone will interfere with their ‘right’ to a family life, they seem to assume that a family life can only be had in this country.

    How very strange, especially given that family connections are much stronger in third world countries especially than they are here. They are among the weakest in the world here, thanks to the liberal left assault on the family.

    And if a family life is an inalienable ‘ human right’, why do judges put people in prison where they have no chance of it?

    Answers on a postcard please…..,

  9. The simple fact is this, if you are any form of criminal in this country, you have more rights than the fools who work all day and pay for the system that allows this madness. If he had attacked a mosque or synagogue, or murdered a person of a certain sexual persuasion in a hate crime, he would of been deported. Funny how the Australian who stopped the boat race did not have the same argument against deportation even though he had a pregnant British wife. Then again he was also unlucky enough to have a white face.

  10. Why indeed? Scratches head.
    Perhaps the judge is one of the multitudinous Brit-hating imports like the Millipedes, Mandelsoh, Marxistohn set. That hides behind a smoke-screen of weasel words and legalese, to humilliate and destroy the European race?
    Some say: We Brit’s are not permitted to think such thoughts, to judge the regime by its deeds, rather than its words, and that ‘all is coincidence, always’ never design.
    Some say:That permitting alien criminals to remain in Britain, is the ultimate in ‘racism’ and ‘hate-crime’, because its aim is our genocide.

    Still others, like the psychopathic racist:
    Barbara Lerner Spectre youtube
    Are rather proud of their multi-billion $ organisation’s success in ‘third worlding’ Europe.
    Some reckon that if you listen intently to the silence of our rotten judges and politicians, in their non-response to the daily shedding of British blood by the savages, you can hear the feint, cackling laughter of one: Antonio Fernandez Carvajal-1590-1659 over the stupidity of the British peasants and the craven scum they allow to rule over them.

  11. Perhaps he’s just another alien racist who simply hates us Europeans?
    Like this one does:
    ‘Barbara Lerner Spectre youtube’
    goog it.

  12. Deport Kinsasi to DRC, and Goldstein to Israel. Both are threats to Britain’s peace and security.

  13. On a more serious note to my above comment readers will be pleased to consider that under British Democratic Party POLICY this person would be REPATRIATED IMMEDIATELY. You will notice, no fudging, no messing around, just REPATRIATED IMMEDIATELY ! I hope as a humane gesture, so that he is not lonely in his old country, WE would also REPATRIATE ALL and ANY of his RELATIVES. Join the ONLY and TRULY, no messing around, serious PATRIOTIC PARTY in Britain.

    • We have in this country enough home-grown talent in the sciences, sport, art, and criminality without importing such from overseas. Any foreigners convicted of a crime should be immediately deported to their country of origin. It’s the only way.

  14. Abu Quatada has gone back to Jordan it appears, voluntarily, so it isn’t a deportation.Of course Dave & his cronies are claiming a victory.
    His family, however, have not gone with him, & his neighbours are threatening to withold their council tax until they are removed.
    Seems as though a slight whiff of rebellion is in the air.

  15. The answer to this sort of thing is to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, enact a British “Bill of Rights” and confine some of those rights to British citizens.

    Everyone should have the right to a fair trial, regardless of race, religion or nationality, but aliens should not have a right to family life that means in practice a right to stay with their families in England when they abuse our misguided hospitality. Needless to say, I would not have allowed this man or his family into England in the first place. He should certainly be deported now. If his family long for his company, they can all be happily reunited in the Congo!

    • Adrian, I don’t believe we need a new Bill of Rights. If we had one we would simply be back to where we re at the moment with biased left-liberal politically correct judges foisting their personal prejudices on the rest of us disguised s impartial judgements.

      We should simply rely on our common law as we always have done and democratically approved legislation..

  16. Talking about ending the insanity it occurs to me that anybody who now still says that Enoch Powell was wrong is really like the people who used to argue that the earth is flat ! Maybe they need some sort of mental health care. Starting with this Judge !

  17. If you complain the government says ‘It’s not us guv it’s Europe’ followed up by fake promises of reform.

    A very neat trick.

  18. “Goldstein” is a JEWISH name. What a surprise… In fact, it’s the most ‘Jewish’ name there is…

  19. Not only are judges failing to deport those foreigners found guilty of crimes; according to BBC news the Borders Agency is not fingerprinting those caught while attempting to smuggle themselves in to OUR country, and are simply releasing them to try again. What is the point of an expensive exercise which in reality fails to perform the function for which it was created? Sounds like an angler who throws back the catch at the end of the day.

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