Liberation in Education Courtesy of the NUS

Taking a break from campaigning against student fees, the National Union of Students have found time to publish a paper on liberation within the education system. How….liberating.

It all boils down to the same. More minorities should be included in course literature, etc etc and so on ad nauseum. Minorities would learn better if an obscure Arabian mathematician or a bleary eyed beat poet were made the cornerstone of lessons.

The long and short of it is that liberation comes from diversity and inclusiveness.

We’re sorry that Shakespeare wasn’t a one legged lesbian refugee from Uganda who had sought to escape persecution in her homeland and had come to enrich Britain.

We apologise for the fact that neither Sir Isaac Newton nor Sir Alexander Fleming were black transexuals.

Our hearts bleed with sorrow that Coleridge or Tolkien weren’t homosexual Muslims who penned their masterpieces in between prayers to Mecca and bouts of the love that dare not speak its name.

Get over it!

It does not aid education one iota to have people elevated to the level of reference works, icons of learning, or eminents in their field with official recognition simply because they happen to tick the right boxes on a diversity survey.

Conforming with an education systems own ideological bias and obsession with all things diverse is no substitute for attainment or educational value.

Equality and inclusiveness, if such things are even possible, and most definitely when enforced by the insane criteria of the PC zealots, destroy the educational system by replacing merit with identity.

Relevance now comes not because of someone’s achievements, but because of who they are and their ability to tick as many of the minority boxes as possible.

Still, what else is the NUS other than a product of that – the new generation of those schooled in diversity, carrying on the tradition of putting ideology before education and determined to ensure that the next generation have been spoon fed on all that is diverse.

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  1. The ethnic ‘minorities’ have all of the world – we only have England (Britain). They are not minorities at all. There are over 1,000 million Chinese in China, for example. Minority on the world stage? You must be joking! We are the minority!!!

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