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It’s Time To Go

The law of the land states that all foreign criminals have to be deported at the end of their prison sentence. Personally, I believe this should be extended to all Commonwealth citizens

No Place for Islamism

The fight to defend the right of those living in Britain to be active supporters of the religion of Islam, as long as they reject violence, is led by two contrasting thought groups. The less significant at the present time are the anti-Zionists, which includes basic anti-Semites as well as those who recognise the significance of international Jewish power in the formation and existence of the state of Israel. Whether you, as readers, supports or opposes this view is at present insignificant.

Festung Europa, or 'Fortress Europe'

Right wing organisations across Europe have joined forces to form a new network and coalition called Festung Europa, or ‘Fortress Europe’.

The Madness Of Merkel

Merkel is crazy but she has the cunning of the clever and mad person. When the flood of migrants started, she demanded that other countries share the load. Of course! It’s the stock in trade of communists to export the revolution.

Politically Incorrect Europe

Take your time to watch this video!
This is the scariest horror movie you have ever seen!

Because it is real!