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The Order of Brexit Negotiations

 The arrangements for withdrawal can take account of “the framework for its future relationship with the Union” only if that framework has already been decided.

Sir Richard Branson Provides Fake News

the fact is Britain can spend £350 million per week on anything we like when we are free of the E.U. Super State and to suggest otherwise is just plain ‘Fake News’

Lord! Mandelson Condems Himself

One of the architects of mass immigration, multi-culturalism and crushing political correctness that enforces these dreadful policies, has condemned himself and his fellow international Marxists.

The Common Currency Will Kill the EU

The forging of a common currency was supposed to bring the countries of Europe together. In fact, it has now driven them apart. It seems that the damage done by the disastrous monetary experiment will bring an end to the EU within three years.  And trade, freedom of business and European co-operation will be the better for it.