Rotherham MP. Naz Shah retweeted a post telling Rotherham sex victims to ‘shut their mouths for diversity’

Naz Shah of the Labour Party being sworn in as the MP for Bradford West in the House of Commons, London,

The Sun revealed last week that Naz Shah retweeted and “liked” a post on Twitter that said: “Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity.”

Ms Shah, a key ally of Jeremy Corbyn, later “unliked” and deleted the tweet from an account that parodies left-wing writer Owen Jones and a spokesman for her claimed it was an “accident”.

Ms Shah led the recent furore against a Sun column by Trevor Kavanagh which addressed the scandal of sex abuse gangs after 17 Asian men were sentenced for sexually exploiting white girls in Newcastle.

The British-born Muslim MP accused Mr Kavanagh of using “Nazi-like terminology” and she organised an open letter to The Sun signed by 107 MPs demanding action.

Ms Shah, who served on the influential House of Commons Home Affairs Committee, said The Sun’s piece was “irresponsible” and that it set “a dangerous precedent.” Last year she was suspended by Labour over anti-Semitic online posts.

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6 thoughts on “Rotherham MP. Naz Shah retweeted a post telling Rotherham sex victims to ‘shut their mouths for diversity’

  1. Now we have an ISLAMIC M.P. , FROM OCCUPIED BRADFORD , telling the truth. God help her , because ‘ all the hounds from hell will be after her for this TRANSGRESSION AGAINST POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. All we can do is hope the people of our Country , realising WE HAVE BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG , JOIN US TODAY.

      1. YES , Adam , sending People back where they belong is called REPATRIATION and the British Democratic Party wish various changes in the Law of the Land to enable this to be done. Foreign Criminals , by law , are already SUPPOSED TO BE DEPORTED TO THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN , UPON COMPLETION OF SENTENCE. We are not convinced this is being done. Following B.D.P. general sentiment , I HOPE that this LAW IS EXTENDED TO INCLUDE ALL SO CALLED DUAL NATIONALITY CITIZENS !

  2. Thanks to Naz Shah for emphatically confirming what we’ve said all along. ”Diversity” is something which can only be looked at as positive…in fact, the only time when the establishment media dutifully moans about something to do with ”diversity” is when there is a perceived lack of it.

    ”Diversity” is essentially a show, and anything which allows a glimpse of the backstage shenanigans is deemed as a serious threat to the overall impression of the show. As Erving Goffman, would say something is ”incompatible with the fostered impression”.

    ”For the good of Diversity”…meaning yet again : at the expense of the truth.

  3. Looks like the diversity lie is fast disapearing down the plug hole of no return. MP Nazz Shah should be sacked now, but Jeremy Corbyn would probably agree with her sentiments, so not much chance of that happening.

    And While we’re on the subject of Denialist MP’s, David Lammy is upset that his fellow Bro’s are getting arrested 9 times more than Whites. Apparently it’s racist -now there’s a surprise !

    Whacky Lammy wants- among other crazy measures, names and ethnicities to be removed from police case notes, because of ”ethnic bias” from prosecutors. Screw Loose Lammy also famously blamed Britain’s worst ever Race riots(which started in crime ridden Tottenham) on parents not smacking their children!!! Well, the truth is indeed a bitter pill for these fantasists.

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