Much Ado About Nothing (with acknowledgement to englishman, William Shakespeare)

by John Shaw

While I am sure we all welcome the fact that there will be an extra three billion pounds towards Brexit preparations and more money for the NHS with provision for extra pay for nurses, the rest of this eagerly awaited budget was pretty tame. Especially when you consider the tremendous challenges that Britain and its people are currently facing.

Given the British Democratic Party’s general policies and current thinking on the subjects and challenges of the day, I would like to think that a British Democratic chancellor would have announced money to be allocated for house building and slum clearance. more money for repatriation of foreign criminals, an expansion of our costal fleet, more help for research and development of our technical and other industries, coupled with an expanded worldwide Civil Service ‘sales push’ towards our post EU future and much else besides.

3 thoughts on “Much Ado About Nothing (with acknowledgement to englishman, William Shakespeare)

  1. It would sound like this Budget doesn’t really think anything is happening as far as British independence from the EU. There is money for Brexit, but that is a timed event and not, as you indicate, money that will enhance our living conditions and national future now or in the long term.

    This is why we need a party which is already thinking about the our nationalist interest and for the native population. We need to get behind a party which has always been considering our best interest and will continue to do so. That party is the British Democrats.

  2. Well, regarding the Spring Statement , the anti Brexit Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Pessimistic Confederation of British Industry have ADMITTED that EXPORTS are up , Factory OUTPUT is up and the overall industrial and commercial efforts of Britain are BOOMING ! This is just the start of BRITAIN ENTERING A GOLDEN AGE ! Just imagine what our Country will achieve outside the STIFLING E.U. SUPERSTATE !

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