Why Join The British Democrats?

by Anglo Saxon

Anyone reading our highly regarded Policy Document will see that we are true patriots, devoted to improving the lives of all the British people, as you would expect from a true nationalist political party, with a respectable reputation.

British Nationalism is a cause and bearing this in mind we maintain good relations with all other patriotic groups. We therefore accept the reality that Nationalists are often members of more than one organisation and in the interests of ‘Unity’ this is no barrier to joining us.

Unlike most other groups though we are not a one or two issue pressure group, but a complete political party with a decent patriot and essentially classless policy on all issues of our time.

Recently ‘False Flag’ UKIP, albeit with conniving media support, proved that a political party in Britain can grow from a couple of hundred votes in any council ward to 4 million votes.  This proves it can be done and if real patriots join us now for 2018  then it will be done.

So for yourself, family and country, join the ‘British Democrats’ and by doing so, help save Britain from falling into the abys that the old fashioned, class based parties seem determined to hurl our wonderful country.


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  1. The problems encountered by Nationalism in the UK, are by now familiar to us all. In the rest of Europe, there are parties that are much more similar to the British Democrats than Ukip, ideollogically speaking, and they have been doing well. Can this be emulated here, and not just on the back of some temporary hype, but on a more consistent basis ? If so, then it would require a realistic approach to these controversial issues, which the BDP does appear to have a lot more than any of the others.

    • Yes Seth , as you know I work very hard at introducing the Nationalist view on the current topics of the day. Our website is not a newspaper , with all their resource’s , but the editor and I , DO TRY !

    • I believe it can be emulated. The success of UKIP and the rise of a new party is a realistic posibility today. It won’t be down to just money and media, but much effort and self-discpline of the public facing members of such a party. The media are more than keen to leverage a moral shame or policitically incorrect comment and that can cost a party its support. In my view a winning party needs a professional and dignified presence at all times.

      It appears to me that the British Democrats have a solid policy and well written articles, free the emotional triggering. This dignity is essential in gaining public agreement if we are to make controversial issues more main stream and supported.

  2. A Humble apology. Due to having a few days holiday I forgot to say , HAPPY ST. ANDREWS DAY ! ( 30TH OF NOVEMBER ) so , better late than never HAPPY ST. ANDREWS DAY to all our Scottish members and supporters .

  3. There definitely is potential, for a genuine patriotic party here in Britain… Brexit has proved that beyond any doubt.

    • YES , Had some success. Tha amazing thing is that the British Democratic Party have such potential , with good relations with other groups and a remarkable amount of sympathy for our views and indeed style. We need to move forward now and build on this goodwill. People need to Join us though and then we can stand in more elections. Some may be surprised to hear that our top vote so far , is 18. 5 %. We intend to match and indeed beat this in what is for us , a wonderful future.

  4. It is important to stand by your principles, and at the same time broaden the appeal of nationalism, this is a tricky balancing act to perform because so many people are to varying degrees indoctrinated to feel guilt.

  5. I certainly shall be renewing my party membership again for next year. In actual fact I plan to have a cheque in the post at some stage next week.

    The British Democratic Party have at the helm some of the most experienced British Nationalists in the entire British Isles. One need only glance through the policy section within this website to appreciate that the interests of the indigenous British citizen come first & foremost.

    If our Nation is to avoid being overrun by the third world, we desperately need new direction,new politics & new leadership.

    And that is why it becomes so vital that we give our full support to the British Democratic Party.

    • the Party must save Our Beautiful Britain from this Government or the ghastly Corbyn Britain must be only for British People including similar stock from Ireland Australia New Zealand & Canada deport the 3rd world crap from Our shores now and leave the EU,ECHR,UN,Nato and IMF

  6. I was interested to read a passage from CD Darlingtons Genetics And Man. “Many African tribes have selected their women for the enlargement of the buttocks. Standing them in a row they would always by preference make their choice of wives from those who projected furthest behind. Thus, in his view, the buttocks, having no doubt first developed as a safeguard for the future of the mother and child in time of famine, had eventually become for prospective fathers an end in themselves”

    Don’t be too surprised if the future male royals use this strategy for selecting their wives, as it looks like things are heading in that direction.

  7. Just Like BDP NI…I will also be renewing my membership, this is the ONLY party I would join in the UK.

  8. 2018 is going to see the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY surge ahead , with our RESPECTABLE and indeed Respected name. Join the British Nationalist organisation with a future , Join the B.D.P. TODAY !

  9. A nice slogan for the new year ? Send in your suggestions . Mine is ; To high taxes kill. With high income tax , National Insurance and then a crippling 20% vat , I don’t know how the Country has not ground to a halt ! I HOPE we can announce our New FAIRER TAX SYSTEM SOON.

  10. Join us today and be part of the future of British Nationalism.

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