British Nationalism welcomes British Women

by Will Whitecastle

On 6 February 1918, Parliament passed the Representation of the People Act 1918 allowing women over the age of 30, who met specific requirements, to be able to vote in elections.

This was a beginning of a change which permitted approximately 8.4 million women in Britain and Ireland [1]. Later in November 1918, the Parliament (Qualification of Women) Act 1918 was passed, which permitted women over 21 years old to stand and be elected [2].

Undoubtedly a positive change for British Democracy.

One hundred years later women now take an active role in party politics as equals and leaders. As we rapidly approach Brexit, this nation needs patriotic British women to step forward and speak up for native British rights.

I encourage and welcome women to take part in British Nationalism. Never before have we needed women to take a lead in the effort and work for our country’s future. We want a democratic country in which the British people are represented and heard, not marginalised or ignored as women were 100 years ago. No Briton today should permit their people to be replaced or repressed.

There are far too few women participating in politics where they should be voicing their needs and helping to shape the future. Women are still a minority in active politics and your contribution and support would be welcomed by other patriotic women and men who strive for a better, fairer society for native Britons.

Join the British Democrats and help further British Democracy for the British people.





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  1. The sheer HYPOCRISY of the Political Establishment ( known in Nationalist circles as the LibLabCon ) has , on this subject , been Breathtaking. Aided by a conniving Media. Millions of words have been uttered on our T.v. screens , articles in Newspapers and a bombardment from the M.S.N. and others on the ‘ web ‘ has been our lot to endure. However , NOBODY has mentioned the FACT that due to the Policy of MASS IMMIGRATION , there are Millions of People in our Country WHO BELIEVE THAT WOMEN ARE ONLY WORTH A SIXTH OF A MAN ! Once they become the MAJORITY , Women will soon LOSE THE RIGHT TO VOTE , PROBABLY IN TWENTY FIVE YEARS TIME. Women will no longer have to worry about equal Pay for equal work as Ten years after that , THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO WORK AT ALL ! Another Ten years later it will be Women must not be EDUCATED AFTER THE AGE OF TEN ! Women need to WAKE UP TO THIS DANGER AND JOIN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY TODAY and those who think these things will NEVER HAPPEN HERE should reflect that in many British inner City’s , the Women are seen , covered from head to foot in cloth , following their Husband , TEN PACES BEHIND and looking THROUGH A VEIL. Think on Ladies !

  2. This is so true Mr Shaw, for those of us who witness the regular occurrence of the Islamic wife obediently trailing behind her husband, by ten paces or more . Disturbingly, the feminist movement of today actually approve of this! And say nothing about the burqa or hijab either!

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