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Prince Harry has gained much respect from his active military service in Afghanistan. This has been followed by his in-depth work in the para-olympics for British and American former soldiers and help for the ever-expanding child population of Africa.

In many ways his character is almost a replica of that of his mother, the late Princess Diana. This is not only in the desire to aid the teeming African population, but in the readiness to choose sexual partners who are not always recognised as being European (which includes Britain). We must recall here Diana’s tragic death when she and her Middle Eastern lover died in the car crash in the Paris underpass.

The choice he has made to marry Meghan Markle certainly appears to be based on mutual love for each other, which does not guarantee it would be long-lasting, bearing in mind both of their track records and Prince Harry’s tempestuous nature. They will no doubt conform to the routine of the younger Royal Family members of today and produce two or more offspring, which in this case will carry twenty-five per cent African genes passed down from Doris Ragland, Meghan’s mother.

Flic Everett reports in the Daily Telegraph 30.11.17 an interview he held with the three in America.

“Harry made a calculated interjection. ‘Her mum’s amazing,’ he blurted, before sitting back, safe in the knowledge that he’d just earned a world-record number of brownie points.”

Thus, further joy came from our media (slightly offset by Trump’s support for Britain First’s comments on immigration), who are virtually unanimous in the non-stop campaign to make a
majority of the UK’s white sheep accept that they will soon be in a minority. What service Harry has given to this, which some would call treachery.

Does our long serving gracious Queen realise what has been planned? I bet that Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, does.


  1. The DUTY of ‘ Harry ‘ our Prince , is to represent OUR DISTINCT PEOPLE AND COUNTRY , IN THE WORLD. He has always been more interested in others , rather than our own. Officialy , we Nationalists are and always have been , Royalist . However , this has always been muted by us as we are always let down by our Monarchy , who have never lifted a finger to protect our people from Mass Immigration and Institutional Multi – Culturalism. Now this , many would say that Two Fingers have been raised to the aging and dwindling Monarchists of Britains Population. As a reluctant Royalist , I have to say , I AM HEARTBROKEN.

    1. Harry needs to be taken to one side by either the Queen or Prince Phillip and given a talking to. He doesn’t seem to realise he is NOT just an ordinary Joe Bloggs on the street but is a member of a Royal Family (look, I’ve even given it capital letters as one properly should and thus has less personal freedoms. Basically, Harry is a part of a STATE/POLITICAL/NATIONAL INSTITUTION which has roots deep in our national history and one of the basic purposes of it is to be a symbol of national continuity and to represent the nation to itself. How he thinks his proposed wife fits into that reason for having a Monarchy is beyond my comprehension.

      I think that when the Queen is no longer with us, the time could well be right to have a national referendum on whether or not we become a republic as the younger ones (Harry in particular) don’t respect the institution.

  2. Some people believed that Harry was the son of James Hewitt, and thus the royals were giving him a free reign here, because he was not prince Charle’s son. I don’t think this is true, if you look at his boat race head on, there’s no mistaking he is Charlie’s. The pressure on everything to reflect the ”changing population” won’t be letting up, and not even the royals have a get out clause. I’m sure she is very nice and Harry seems a decent chap, but for the diversity propagandists, this really is their royal flush.

  3. Harry is a product of our times , in effect he represents all that our enemies have been promoting for the last 50 years insomuch that he embraces Race mixing not really surprising though as his Mother enjoyed the odd Arab or Pakistani.As Patriots he is doing us a favour, I am in no dout that many Indigenous British will find his choice of Wife appalling.It is another nail in the Monarchies coffin and for Patriots that is not a bad thing as they ceased to be of any use long ago.

    1. If I were Meghan I would break-off their relationship as her life or his could be in danger ie the persistent rumours about MI6/the SAS and Diana’s car accident. Still, that assumes she isn’t a blatant social climber par excellence and that seems to be the case as an article in the Daily Mail confirms and her interview on tv certainly came across that way. Much the same was said of a previous American trying to marry a British Royal ie Wallis Simpson but compared to Meghan Simpson seemed to be less blatant about it.

    1. I was never very convinced by the arguments for Republicanism before but I am now warming to them. If the Royal Family can’t even be bothered to ensure they act as most Royal Families are meant to ie being a symbol of the nation’s deep history and its continuation then frankly with this aspect to consider and the fact they have no constitutional powers (even special ‘reserve’ ones to be used in dire national emergency situations like war) what is their real purpose now?

  4. Surely this is not that much of a surprise, considering they have-at least in recent years- not uttered a single syllable concerning the amount of people coming into this country from the Third World… as none of it affects any of THEM. This is a PR stunt in what is ridiculously known as ‘modernising’ the royal family.

  5. the Queen has allowed successive Prime Ministers to sign away Our Country’s Sovereignty to Foreign Bureaucrats at the EU UN ECHR NATO & IMF

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