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We were never asked documentary

The British have never been asked about immigration and a significant number oppose and do not support what is happening. 


Prince Harry has gained much respect from his active military service in Afghanistan. This has been followed by his in-depth work in the para-olympics for British and American former soldiers and help for the ever-expanding child population of Africa.

Economic Apartheid In Britain Is Getting Worse

Now the more prosperous immigrant descendant’s are following and  white people who can afford it, are moving even further away, nowadays, usually to the ‘Countryside’ or ‘Seaside’

Inspiration for ‘Viking Saga’ Revealed

 On a recent holiday I took with me a copy of John Bean’s “Trail of the Viking Finger”, which I had bought almost five months ago but had delayed reading. Once started I was entranced and had to be persuaded by my wife to put it down so we could go out for meals and enjoy evening entertainment.

Trees Without Roots

If you bring in young African and Asian immigrants to compensate for falling indigenous birthrate, you do not turn them into substitute Britons after a brief citizenship ceremony. You turn more and more parts of Britain into Africa and Asia.

Moderation is Not Another Word for Muddled Thinking

The key to the muddle is a confusion between nationality and citizenship. In Western Europe, in general, and in Britain in particular, they are seen as synonyms. In Eastern Europe – even in the Soviet era – (and to some extent in Germany) they seem to be distinct.