Bradford Wyke Ward – Labour Win, with British Democrats in Third Place

The result of the local elections in Bradford – Wyke Ward

Wyke – results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
David Warburton Labour 1451 49% Elected
Francesca Louise Stefanyszyn Conservative 900 31% Not elected
James Graham Lewthwaite British Democrats stop immigration leave EU 161 5% Not elected
Stephen John Crosby Democrats and Veterans Party 135 5% Not elected
John James Worsley United Kingdom Independence Party 124 4% Not elected
Kevin Anthony Hall Liberal Democrats 103 3% Not elected
Darren James Parkinson Green Party 75 3% Not elected


James Lewthwaite – British Democrats Candidate Bradford Wyke Ward



Although a long way behind the Labour and Conservative party candidates it was encouraging to see the British Democrats candidate, James Lewthwaite, take third place ahead of the Democrats and Veterans Party, Liberal Party, UKIP a Green Party.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on a very respectable and indeed encouraging third place. This is in a ward that , despite all they do to them , the People just keep voting for the Marxist led Labour Party. NOW the election is over , all the Party’s will IGNORE THIS WARD , until NEXT TIME. If we now ‘ ADOPT ‘ this Ward and start by distributing a THANKYOU LEAFLET that says many who voted for others expressed CONSIDERABLE SYMPATHY for our views. We therefore wish to announce that we will be standing in the NEXT COUNCIL ELECTION THERE and in the meantime , WHY NOT JOIN US ! Hopefully this would build our Membership in the area and show we are committed to the Local People.

    • Congratulations!

    • Excellent- and I suggest – most necessary suggestion from MR
      afollow-up, thank you letter delivered to each household has the psychological effect of an election win on the mentality of those recieving it.
      I have long advocated this technique- That one must strategise/ budget / organise for such a follow-up leaflet/PR campaign. With view to massively leverage one’s next attempt.
      After all the ghastly genius of propagand ‘Berneys’ taught a similar technique. And he should know. It’s so qute to be truthful and richeous. But sometimes one needs to win. And winning has more to do with being smart than being correct.

      • Thanks, Thatjb. Other Party’s will ignore the Ward and its People now. If we ‘ follow through’ we could have a Wyke Branch within a year !

    • Too many voting for the CONServative Party as well. It’s a shame that people don’t realise ALL that vile party espouses is that Britain is only a massive offshore business park and that EVERYONE on the planet can be British. To be blunt, the Tory Party is a LIBERAL-LEFT, GLOBALIST, OPEN-BORDERS supporting party whose ONLY purpose is to conserve the wealth of the ultra-rich and to be in power. Its mantra is money and money alone rather than our country or its people and is anthem should be, (if it were an honest organisation which it isn’t) Abba’s Money, Money, Money.

  2. Good work by all concerned. An encouraging vote. icing on the cake to finish ahead of Ukip James Lewthwaite, is a top nationalist, and like Mr Brons, a very articulate speaker. He would come across to people in this way, as opposed to the incoherence and outright incompetence of certain other leaders of patriotic party’s at the moment. BritDems have a clear advantage in this department, but you need to make the most of it!

    • QUITE RIGHT SW. The key words were at the end of your excellent comment. BUT YOU NEED TO MAKE THE MOST OF IT.

  3. sorry You came 3rd Dr Laithwaite though it was satisfying to see the public waking up to the BS from Comrade Corbyn LibLabCon must go

  4. Well done Jim.

  5. Yes John Shaw, it is up to every patriot to make a stand, but also -people follow the leader, when that leader is intelligent and a good speaker then its a selling point. The BritDems can capitalise on this.

    Look at the “old party” and their current Chairman. Despite their name probably now beyond any hope of repair, you would watch one of his rare appearances, and think, how could I join a Party with that guy running the show ? He could not run water through a hosepipe, would be the response of any viewer.

    • Thanks SW ,I have been advocating Strategy , Marketing , co-ordination , administration and high work rate for nearly five years.

  6. if the party wants to spread the message then boycott the corrupt BBC Murdoch press as We will get nowhere with them as they are too cosy with the failing old LibLabCon Trump and corbyn used social media

  7. This result shows we must never compromise on the immigration issue ie we should ensure we have more hardline policies on the subject than Lib/Lab/CON. UKIP has collapsed because it was a one trick pony and never addressed immigration in any really serious way ie talking about its SOCIAL ramifications and not just the here today and gone tomorrow economic aspects.

    Such a shame to see so many people still voting the non-conservative GLOBALIST CONServative Party – a party that is becoming ever more virulent in its utter hatred for our nation.

    • In reply , Steven , I say that at least the Conservatives TRY TO DO THE RIGHT THING ,sometimes. They lost a Home Secretary to the Multi-Cultural Lobby , led by the Marxist Labour Party , because they were DEPORTING PEOPLE. The fact that Amber Rudd was useless at her Job is not the point. The howling mob objected to West Indians being deported , purely BECAUSE THEY WERE WEST INDIANS. As I say , the Conservatives do try to do the right thing , SOMETIMES !

      • Unfortunately though the Tories NEVER complete the process of deporting people. They are a truely pathetic party with a capital P who nowdays are UTTERLY ASHAMED of having passed their previous weak legislation at controlling immigration and cowtow to the globalist anti-British morons of the ‘British’ press. If they had any guts at all, they would LOUDLY PROCLAIM in parliament, in tv and radio studios and in the press they were PROUD of implementing those acts and intend to introduce further laws and DEPORT MORE PEOPLE. Instead, we get the opposite! The lesson of the Windrush affair is that no matter how apologetic Tory ministers are about it the press will still say the Tories are ‘anti-black and anti-asian racists’. It’s high time the Conservatives started to realise this is a fight they can’t win with globalist left-liberals and instead of pandering to Guardian readers who will NEVER support them in decent numbers started to pander to Daily Mail and Daily Express readers instead.

  8. Very true John Shaw, the same howling mob, that did not even raise a whisper over the grooming gang epidemic, or allowing terrorists to return here to new council flats while banning intelligent young American and European patriots from entering the country.

    Poetic justice for the Home Secretary, who made a career from PC brownie point seeking. In the end the mortal sin of not adequately deifying the “Windrush” generation, nullified all her previous PC efforts. I wont be losing any sleep on her behalf. The problem with giving away your country and apologising while doing so is, the recipients of this undeserved privilege, will just want more and more.

    • Precisely. The globalist extremists of anti-British rags like the Guardian, Independent and the Daily Mirror will still call the Tories ‘racists’ so why bother appeasing them? It WON’T EVER WORK so, instead, the Conservatives should tell them to go take a hike and attend to the wishes of those Tory voters and others who LOVE THIS COUNTRY and want to see truely effective immigration controls. Tories should NEVER APOLOGISE for deporting ILLEGAL migrants who are committing a CRIMINAL OFFENCE merely by being on our soil.

      • When Amber Rudderless resigned the Tories should have taken the opportunity of replacing her with someone who is tough on illegal migration but instead they have put into place an Asian man who is already acting to dismantle the so-called ‘hostile enviroment’ (a SICK JOKE seeing as very few illegals were actually deported!) policy of his predecessor. Surely, there is a least one potential Tory Home Secretary who will do his or her utmost to deport as many illegal immigrants as possible and NOT APOLOGISE FOR IT? Indeed, they should be PROUD TO DO THIS and SAY THAT IN PUBLIC.

        • Yes , they should. The only upside to having a Home Secretary like this is that JEREMY CORBYN CAN HARDLY PLAY THE RACE CARD ANYMORE , CAN HE ?

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