British Democrats Chairman Dr James Lewthwaite is campaigning as a candidate in the Bradford Wyke ward, ahead of polling day on 3 May 2018.

by Kevin Stafford

Party Chairmen Jim Lewthwaite with Andrew Brons campaigning in Wake Ward, Bradford, where Jim is standing as the British Democrat candidate.

Wyke is one of thirty wards making up Bradford District Council. Councillors are elected for a four year term and elections are staggered with a third of councillors up for election at any one time.


Bradford District Council is a Labour stronghold and Labour is the controlling party. Not surprisingly Labour won the 2015 election in Wyke ward with 41.9% of the total vote, although down 10.8% on their previous result, followed by UKIP with 27.2%, standing for the first time in the ward. Conservatives came third with 23.0%, down 5.6% on their previous result. They were followed by distant also-rans: Greens 3.1%, Lib Dems 3.0%, Independent 0.9% and British Democrats 0.6%.


UKIP was clearly riding the crest of a wave in 2015, with a high national profile and appealing to those voters who sought a change from the two main Labour and Tory parties and didn’t care for the effete Greens or Lib Dems. Unfortunately, British Democrats did not appeal much to voters either. We clearly still have work to do to crack the formula for attracting voters in sufficient numbers to our patriotic message.


NEC members, Kevan Stafford and Chris Canham in Wake Ward, Bradford, leafleting in support of British Democrate candidate Jim Lewthwaite.


This time our leaflets have been written by veteran nationalist and Deputy Chairman Andrew Brons and designed by equally experienced member Tony Avery. Two leaflets were distributed last weekend, both featuring a forceful anti-immigration message. This is a topic which needs discussing, but whether it is an electorally successful approach remains to be seen. This time British Democrats are standing against the usual gang of Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems, along with UKIP and Greens and, for the first time, a candidate from the Democrats and Veterans Party.



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  1. I wish Jim the very best of luck and hope he obtains a decent result. In theory this should be an easier task than it was in 2015 due to UKIP’s implosion since then. Perhaps, a few Tories will FINALLY recognise their party is now a fully-fledged anti-British, globalist, open-borders supporting one at long last (we’ve had plenty of evidence to know that is the case this last week or so) and vote for him as well as some UKIP supporters?

  2. Well done Jim , the Members and supporters are PROUD OF YOU. Nice to see Andrew Brons. I was very pleased and indeed relieved , as I Feared he had passed away.

  3. The very best of luck to JIM and indeed the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY in todays ELECTION. We can only pray that the People of that area have realised the CONTEMPT that the Labour Party have FOR THEM and indead understand the HARM that this despicable party has done to them over the years that they voted for them. What better way to do this than to VOTE for a DECENT , GENUINE PATRIOT LIKE JIM.

  4. continue to convince Our people that by continuing to vote LibLabConGreenUKIPSNP is only damaging this Country and robbing their Children of their birthright to freeloading ethnics

  5. Edmund Holliday

    Patriotic parties standing against each other is damaging and self-defeating. I hope we can all co-operate because we have a country to save and time is running out.

    UKIP’s collapse was predictable. A consequence of bad management and libertarian infiltration.

    We must remember that millions of people agree with us, despite poor results.

  6. I know Jim quite well from candida cafe days. Extremely intelligent & interesting chap.. He held many a impromptu historical/political lecture there!
    As he was wykes bnp councilor before I would’ve him to have had more support & a showing of a bit more loyalty to him as a local personality. Cheers Jim.. Mike Ingham..get in touch.

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