Yum Baby – It's Halal

 By Southwest Nationalist. “Yum Baby”, a Leicester company, is to benefit from a £3,250 grant from Food and Drink iNet – to develop a range of organic, halal baby foods.

A quick hunt around shows us that Food and Drink iNet is funded by the East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA) and part funded by the EU European Regional Development Fund.

With Mohammed (or variants) fast topping the list of most popular names for newborns in England it certainly seems as if there is a market for halal baby food at any rate.

It’s worth noting that, as the Islamification of the UK continues, we are providing funding for companies to develop a baby foodstuff – namely halal – which is aimed solely at complying with the needs of the offspring of the coloniser.

Given the explosion in halal foodstuffs as a whole, how long until every product we find in our shops is halal, until the rest of us have no choice whatsoever?

Despite it being perfectly permissable for Muslims to eat non halal food if nothing else is available, we find in the UK an ever growing market where halal seems to be available for everything, in some cases without the trouble even being taken to inform the rest of us that it’s halal.

A logical end, given the growing halal market, is that companies will not wish to make both halal and non halal versions – so we’ll all end up with halal and no choice in the matter.

Islam gets its halal because we choose to comply with Islamic dietary laws and ensure that the Muslims can eat as they choose. We get left eating food made to comply with the standards of an alien religion.

Complying with halal opens up the Muslim market and additional profits, the rest of us will eventually be left to lump it or go hungry.

By way of our food we take another step towards the day when Islamic customs will be a daily reality which is forced upon us all and by which we must all abide.

2 thoughts on “Yum Baby – It's Halal

  1. It makes me want to vomit.

    Being a Christian prevents me from taking up arms, but somehow we do need to drive this evil creed from our soil. The Bible indicates ( Romans 14, 2 to 6 ) that if we knowingly eat meat or indeed any food, that has been dedicated to a false god we are guilty of sin and therefore condemed. Where is the so called CHURCH of England in all this?

  2. Although it can be argued that all methods of slaughter are in some way or other cruel, Halal slaughter is a particularly cruel way in which to kill an animal. Most consumers of meat in Britain merely take for granted that the most humane treatment is given to farm animals whilst being slaughtered. It is assumed by most members of the public that the Government of Britain has a duty to ensure the highest standards of care and humane treatment of our farm animals. An assumption that is sadly misplaced on those politicians who presently preside in Parliament. Halal slaughter fails to reach even the lowest standard of humane and respectful treatment of animals. It was a need that developed for ancient dessert dwellers who had no means of storage for their meat, unlike in the modern day. Halal has no place in any civilised society and should be banned completely, without exception.

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