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The second meeting of The Yorkshire Forum takes place on Saturday 7th February, 2015 at 1.00pm in the Bradford South district. Speakers for this event are: Jane Miller:- “THE FALSE HEROES OF THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE” Bain Dewitt:- “WHAT DO IDENTITARIANS WANT?” Richard Edmonds “UKIP – THE CONFIDENCE TRICK OF PHONEY PATRIOTISM” Steve Frost “THE GREAT IDEA” Doors will open at 12.00 noon. the meeting will start at 1.00pm prompt. There will be a buffet and raffle in between speakers. The redirection point for the meeting will be given the evening prior to the meeting by telephoning the following numbers:- Liam Kernaghan (07876) 383636 Dr. James (Jim) Lewthwaite (07554) 516669 The Redirection point will be manned between 12.00 and 12.45 The Yorkshire Forum is always on the lookout for new and interesting speakers – if you would like to speak, contact either Liam Kernaghan or Jim Lewthwaite

2 thoughts on “Yorkshire Forum

  1. The public don’t often believe us so put them on to the Websites ”
    sweet liberty.org and BroVids.com First hand truth from those that ought to know. When the public accepts their facts, they will come to us in droves. The major parties wil be finished.

  2. Lucky you’re getting Veteran Richard Edmonds take on Farage. Who it seems is popular today. But as the Bastard Child of Maggie Thatcher s dream . A city trader who one might suppose knows how the City operates.
    A man whose policies come and go like the tide. The Canute of today. But on a more serious note . We need him to do well this May. If he cannot win the faint hearted. what chance anyone else next election, or the one after that.
    So to coin a phrase our enemy might just be our friend . A Phoney Patriot he may be . But plenty of real patriots are members. Us real patriots outside are floundering.
    Best wishes Richard.

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