Yes to the UK 'Union'

As a Unionist Party our stance is simple:
map-britain-flag-fotolia_9179775_l (2)The United Kingdom must withdraw from all international organisations that encroach on our sovereignty, by taking executive legislative or judicial decisions on behalf of Britain. We would therefore withdraw the United Kingdom from membership of the European Union completely. Our membership of all other international organisations must be considered carefully and, if necessary, renegotiated to prevent any undermining of our sovereignty.

 We support our continued membership of the United Nations and we would resist any attempt to give up or take away our permanent seat on the Security Council. We  should seek to use that seat to protect the interests of Britain and our friends and to promote international peace and good will. We would oppose the use of that seat to promote the partisan policies of other states.
We would oppose absolutely any move to break up the United Kingdom by independence for Scotland or the ceding of Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland.
We accept the current devolution arrangements for Northern Ireland. However, we view with dismay the inclusion of unrepentant IRA gunmen in the governance of the Province.
The fact that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have devolved Assemblies or Parliaments, means that it would be appropriate for England, too, to have a devolved Parliament, provided that there were electoral support for it expressed in a referendum.
– Reproduced from our policy leaflet

4 thoughts on “Yes to the UK 'Union'

  1. Too right! The UK should not be part of the EU, We are supposed to be an independent nation. In addition we should pull out of warmongering NATO. I don’t know what other readers think but I find the presence of US bases on British soil downright offensive. The Lib-Lab-Con have reduced us to being vassals of Washington – time to assert our independence and follow a policy of armed neutrality.

    1. Yes, having US bases on British soil make us seem to be nothing more than a US colony. I dislike the EU but that doesn't mean I am any more in favour of being under US influence.

  2. It certainly is time for the British Foreign Office to do what normal foreign offices do in other countries namely to protect and assert the national interest. Also, it is high time we stopped following the USA around like a demented lost puppy and only involved ourselves in wars where some real British national interest is at stake.

  3. UK will never pull out of the EU while America controls Western Europe and now Easter European countries have joined America are happy, we all are members of NATO, America will never allow us to pull out while we are members of Nato, Uncle Sam the main cause of world wide conflicts as in Ukraine want to get closer to the borders of Russia, Posh Boy Cameron and Hollande the French President are responsable for turmoil in Lybia. If UK won a referendum to pull out of the EU, its up to America who use us for there own means, nothing else wheather to pull out or not

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