Why the Need for the British Democrats?

The title is best answered by another question:  who will stand up for Britain and her people?  Who, moreover, will protect the legacy of our forebears and our rights to and in our ancestral homeland?

Census figures have recently revealed that the English have entered minority status in our own capital city, London, where merely 43% of the population are of traditional, ethnic English descent.   Such demographic changes have occurred rapidly, without consent or consultation.   Merely a decade ago, the warning of such an outcome would have been received with derision and condemnation.

Cockneys, who once populated the East End, are largely extinct in their traditional locality, having migrated out of London, mainly into Essex, in a process known as ‘white flight’.

Before Labour’s Nationality Act of 1948, the UK was remarkably unchanged since the Norman invasion, with minor immigration from Hugenot  elements during the 17th Century – protestant refugees of kindred European origin.

Today, within less than one lifetime, the demographic make-up of our island has been altered beyond recognition, with significant parts of our cities no longer English.

This continuing process, unless arrested, will ultimately reduce our people to minority status – not only in London but throughout our island Kingdom.

Who, therefore, will speak out for the English, for our culture, heritage, history, legacy and future?  Who will speak out for future generations, for whom we are custodians and who have been granted no vote in the processes to extirpate Englishness?

These questions explain why we have founded the British Democrats.   We are ‘British’, because this is our origin and we are ‘Democrats’ because we are reflective of the common sense opinions of the majority of our people.

If we are asked our task, then it must surely be to defend our heritage, our interests, our people, our sovereignty and our economy from the extirpation that will inevitably occur, as we are gradually reduced to minority status, quite possibly with the lifetimes of many readers of this article.

Is there no one else to whom we might look for support?   Alas, not:  the Lab/Lib/Con parties have deliberately engineered the position in which we find ourselves.  The BBC has promoting its safety valve, the multicultural Ukip, whose leader has publicly announced he would like to see the grant of a quarter of a million work visas each year to foreigners.   The BNP, meanwhile, is unelectable and run by an incompetent of questionable integrity, whose members have deserted him in droves.

We have reached the ‘end game’.  If we do nothing, now, all will be lost and a great civilisation, whose people have contributed so much, will wither and die.    We have no right to do nothing.


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47 thoughts on “Why the Need for the British Democrats?

  1. That the BNP is finished is beyond doubt. I was puzzled why they did so badly in the recent County Elections – with dozens of votes under 100, if not under 50, Some votes as low as the 20’s were also received. I had a laugh when not far from me, up in Shropshire, the BNP claimed that one of their members had been elected to some village parish council – not true – as the man stood as an independent. But that is what the BNP is now – a decayed organisation that has to lie to its own members to con money out of. Not that the English Democrats are any better. Despite a big effort they could only put up around 35 candidates – most of whom polled as badly as the BNP. Both parties resorting to putting up paper candidates and no leafletting, far less canvassing, for lack of activists. What a sorry shower. That’s why we need the Brit Dems, nothing else is credible any more.

  2. By-election result from last night.

    London Borough of Barking & Dagenham

    Longbridge Ward

    9th May 2013

    Syed Ahammad (Labour Party) – 1,555 ELECTED

    Bert Bedwell (UK Independence Party) – 466

    Paul Ayer (Conservative Party) – 284

    Dave Croft (Liberal Democrats) – 78

    Giuseppe de Santis (British National Party) – 37

    Rejected – 6

    Electorate: 8185
    Votes Cast: 2435
    Turn-Out: 29.75%

  3. Some of my comments on the website first: I would square of the main picture, as the images look stretched.I also think a blue would look better instead of grey background, which is largely a bit of a nothing colour. The main banner with the countryside looks good and shows what is a stake. Funds are needed to, so there is a need for a clear donate section, there is a difference asking for donations online and sending repeated begging letters out every couple of weeks – ie Jim Dowson.

    As for the party – there is a need, but it needs to be marketed right that banner indicates too many names in my opinion. Currently references include; BDP, British Democratic Party, British Democrats and Brit Dems – it’s too many names to be marketed effeciently. Most political parties have two names ie Conservative and Unionist Party – Conservatives, so out of those I would seek to drop BDP and Brit Dems.

    There is huge market for nationalist politics, many people don’t realise they are nationalist. It is about marketing and positioning. The Front Nationale poll well in France because they appeal to both middle class and working class voters and they market the party right. The party should look to the Front Nationale and UKIP on how to market and sell a party even if the polices are different. A certain other party is on the wane and therefore should be used as a example of what not to do in future.

    It is good sign that there is an alternative and in Leicestershire the British Democrats polled the same as another nationalist party that has been around for 30 years. The key is activism and work, elections and support is gained in between election cyles. British people need and deserve a real voice. They won’t get it from the Lib-Lab-Con, from the fake Nigel Farage nor the Nick Griffin comedy show.

    The statement: ‘We are ‘British’, because this is our origin and we are ‘Democrats’ because we are reflective of the common sense opinions of the majority of our people’. Is apt and very true – all those who support our struggle should take heed, forget what has happened and campaign for change under the one banner. There is too much at stake for us and future generations for people to allow the likes of the Griffin, Farage, Cameron, Miliband and Clegg etc to consign us to history.

    If we are united, believe in ourselfs and each other, coupled with sensible marketing and postioning, people will believe in us and our cultural and political ideology. Therefore they will back such a party in the polls. We still have a chance 8 out 10 people are still British nationally.

    1. A few fair points though stating the obvious ‘works in progress and additions to the site’ that you are unaware of.

      Here are some of the additions that are in the pipeline:

      – A national contact number will be added

      – A downloadable information pack including party leaflets etc

      – An online payment and donation feature that will enable people to donate to specific funds and set up standing orders.

      – A full list of contacts

      The aesthetics of the official site are under constant review and it is doing well for only being live for about 10 days.

      You views on the name are valid. We are the British Democratic Party with British Democrats and Brit Dems as registered designations,

      For a new party I think we are making good progress.

      1. I am not currently a member, nor am I a graphic designer, but if this design can be of any use (for manifesto document covers or logos or whatever), you can have it for nothing :-
        http://i40.tinypic.com/33wt7ao.jpg (main)
        http://i39.tinypic.com/9tjok2.jpg (character only)
        http://i41.tinypic.com/15mfkmv.jpg (alternative text size)
        As I have drawn it from scratch, I have separate files of all the layers in their different states – such as the figure, the backdrop, the text, the shading in different modes etc.
        (They can therefore be re-mixed, modified, tweaked, pasted, or used however is needed in photoshop – or even just used by a professional designer as a basis for future development at a later date).
        If these master files are of any interest I can upload them somewhere and send the link.
        If they are not of any use, then it is no bother either. I shall not be offended.
        I appreciate that the current logo is ‘bolder’ and that it may not be good for branding to adopt different ones (which are less striking).
        It just did not appear to me like the current one would look all that good in a “large format” banner or billboard poster. I may be wrong. You don’t really know until you see it.
        But I suppose this is why large well funded parties employ professional marketing designers for slick graphics and who know these things. I doubted that the BDP can afford this yet, and appreciate that what has been done so far by a new party is good going.

        My effort may not be up to scratch compared to a professional job. I just knew that the site was being designed/redesigned so I knocked it up as a bit of practice the other week. It is based on a few google searches of the Britannia figure. It is a composite of three different designs.

        I can provide these original themes also, in case you are worried it might cause bother with copyrights – although I do not see how it can, considering it is a mix of three different concepts and that I have drawn it all myself.
        In the meantime though, the newer incarnation of the website is much better/smoother than the first one I saw, so I understand if it is now superfluous to requirements. I’m just offering it out in means of trying to help, instead of it being just sat on the hard-drive doing nothing.

        1. Good to see enthusiastic people around.

          Our logo was designed to be 2 centimeters square and in black and white. That is the size it and how it appears on the ballot paper. So if you try and enlarge it too big it will look worse the larger it is. The larger higher resolution one may be available in the near future.

          Anyone with a little desk-top publishing experience should make this know to the local organiser. These skills will be needed to customise leaflet templates for local production.

          1. I had never even thought about the ballot paper considerations. No problem, I now understand. It just shows there are always more things to think about than first meets the eye!
            In hindsight, I would also suspect it is important to have something that is cost effective and ‘clear’ to print on those older mass-printing machines used for leaflets and newsletters (forgot the names). The one I did would probably not be as efficient.
            It sounds like you have it all worked out and that a larger design of the one you have already is being sorted for the future. Thanks for the reply.

          2. Great looking image but does look a bit like a plug for Britain’s Paralympic team ,sorry do not want to be critical but got to be right

        2. I hope some use can be made of the logo–it is sublime yet powerful. It would make me look twice and take note of the party. People are crying out for a party that is different from all the rest, and the logo is refreshingly innovative and original, while also drawing from one of our most powerful national symbols. It would, I believe, make a very marked impression as a poster.

      2. “the will of the people”? they have NO will whatsoever. When eastern.enders or con-a-nation street start showing right wingers as the heroes in their scripts can we expect a change of attitude…Rick

  4. Longbridge May 2010 Result

    Labour Rocky Gill 3,292

    Labour Nirmal Gill 2,900

    Labour Lynda Rice 2,559

    Liberal Democrat Mohammod Jalal Uddin 1,239

    Conservative Paul Ayer 1,221

    Conservative Foyzur Rahman 1,109

    BNP Bede Ewing Smith 677

    Independent Edward Leigh Gosling 452

    Independent Eileen Mary Gosling 388

    UKIP John Walter Dias-Broughton 383

    Independent Tony Richards 369

    Conservative Komel Bajwe 316

    Independent Julie Munroe 167

    Turnout 69.1

  5. I never liked the BNP name and from personal experience it was far easier to sell the ‘British National Party’ on the door and like wise I don’t like the Lib Dems name as is is too trendy sounding and wishy washy.I also noticed how the BNP name was particuarly hard to sell on the doors of Middle England, a vital section of society that this particular party must target, along with working class too.

    Griffin always liked the BNP targeting the white working class, as Griffin liked to play the part of the working class hero. The problem is that as soon as Labour are back in opposition alot of the white working class switch back to them. Hence why I personally prefer the British Democratic Party and British Democrats terms because they are easily to sell and likely to have more electoral tract in Middle England.

    To go from 677 to 37 in Longbridge in such a short space of time is shocking and one can’t blame it all on UKIP, of which there has always been a core vote in Barking. UKIPs vote in 2010 was 383 and 466 in 2013 that is just 83 votes extra even if those 83 votes had switched from the BNP their vote would have been 120. Take that figure from 677 and you have 557. So at least a whooping 557 BNP votes have been lost.

    Much of the decline of the BNP is self imposed and part of the rise of UKIP is because nationalism is divided and not active in large parts of the UK. The BNP will always exist, but it will never achieve what it once did. In my view the BNP achieved what it did in spite of Griffin and not because of him. The BNP was ready to go to the next level post 2005 GE and to do so he had to go as leader. He didn’t and the rest is now part of history. The man is a clown and has turned a once electable and feared party into a comedy show.

    Those readers, who are interested in the patriotic – nationalist message will be glad to read the new additions in the pipeline for the website. UKIP are a con as they want to build and electoral alliance with the Tories, and the BNP much like the old National Front is unelectable and now outdated.

      1. The political demise of any nationalist party saddens me, particularly the b.n.p who had shown so much promise. I would dearly love to see a united nationalist movement one day…..Rick

  6. A reasonably united movement is perfectly possible rickeng. If people in other groups see the BDP attracting the interest they will likely throw in their lots over time.

    So far the BDP has been very sensible and makes the competitors look thin both in terms of ability to do politics and in a forthright but not provocative approach to it.

  7. I hope we can offer a better system of democracy than the disastrous INEPTOCRACY we have at the moment – (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy): A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

  8. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/10065143/The-UK-has-just-had-one-lost-decade-and-is-about-to-enter-a-second.html

    Pretty much the mournful truth. The BDP must position itself for a Britain in which the heralded recovery does not appear – and there is little that can be done about it.

    That is not the same thing as saying that there are no political choices which are better or worse. For example, it’s utter madness with such prospects that 50% of jobs are still being filled by immigrants. The big parties are wilfully in denial about our circumstances – as is UKIP. We are not. That is a huge strength in the longer run.

  9. Watch Channel Four Broadcast the Islamic call to prayer during Ramadan and if you have any sense you will be afraid for yourself , family and country. Then do the right thing and send off for a British Democratic Party Information Pack. This has excellent Constitution and policy documents and a selection of leaflets. You will see that we are a new , decent , sensible Party that understands the fundamental problems that face Britain today. We say NO to the pact of failure that is the LibLABconkip ! ! !

  10. CONGRATULATIONS to Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. A baby boy was born on 22/7/2013. Mother and baby are doing well. As Nationalists our party supports the Royal Family despite being constantly let down by them ! However, those of you who are still ‘ sitting on the fence’ and staying with the B.N.P. despite being constantly let down by them, I urge you to take the plunge and join the Decent British Democratic Party.

  11. One of the fundamental reasons for the British Democratic Party is to defend our Nation’s Christian Heritage. Although many are only nominally Christian our people have a basic decent value system, even if they do not think about it much! I was very pleased therefore, to see the Catholic Bishop Mark Davies had sent a letter to all his congregations throughout Cheshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester opposing gay marriage! In the letter he said that the same sex marriage bill was a MASSIVE STEP away from Britain’s Christian foundations! He could have said much more of course including “For Decent Christian Values, Join the British Democratic Party “!!!

  12. The recent Russian law passed to prohibit the promotion of homosexuality in schools and to minors in general, is an attempt to stop people trying to portray homosexuality as normal, particularly to young impressionable people. We had a similar law here which, to Britain’s shame, was repealed in 2000 in Scotland and the rest of our country in 2003. I hope our new party adopts as policy THE RETURN OF SECTION 28. We are the party of decent standards in this country and as such we will receive considerable support from millions of church going and many other decent people. This fits in with our support of the family and general Christian values that this country was built on. The Conservatives have abandoned their traditional principles and standards, having become Liberal in outlook, if not in name ! The British Democratic Party are the true future of Patriotic,decent Nationalism in this country and bearing in mind the aimless old party will not have the courage to match us,lets decide to be true to our principles and say BRING BACK SECTION 28 !

    1. I very much hope we don’t have a policy of wanting the return of Section 28. It was a very badly designed piece of legislation that only served to stigmatise a small and non-growing part of the population that simply has a different sexuality to the rest of us. One of its most pernicious effects was to severely hamper rational, sensible and sober discussions in SENIOR schools about sexuality and the fact that some people are born to to be homosexual or bisexual rather than straight. As a direct result of this law, trained, professional teachers who had no conceivable kind of sinister agenda operated under a government-created ‘climate of fear’ in the classroom and felt unable to do these kind of discussions as they thought they would be prosecuted. Also, it made it more difficult for state schools to combat homophobic bullying and local authorities closed-down homosexual/bisexual services.

      The only anti-gay law that has been repealed I think that there is some rational and sensible debate to had around is the law allowing gay adoption. I am content with the other anti-gay laws Labour repealed. I am even not that bothered about gay CIVIL marriages.

      I would wish our party to have an open and inclusive attitude towards all white Britons including those who through no fault of their own were born gay or bisexual. Not only would this be right in principle but it would be politically too. Marine Le Pen’s FN is making great strides in France and one reason she is doing so is because she has modernised her party’s attitudes in this respect. She is only opposed to gay adoption and gay CIVIL marriage. The BDP mustn’t make the same mistake as Nick Griffin did in unnecessarily alienating this section of British society. They could, in time, become strong supporters of our party (like in France). After all, the more politically aware and rational ones must be getting a little scared of what the future holds for them should Britain become totally Islamified as only the other week a Muslim nutter said they should be MURDERED!

      1. I fear Steven views matters through the prism of a particular interest shared by perhaps 1 or 2% of the population.

        The BDP was formed because our entire people is threatened with immolation. The FN the same.

        1. Your percentage would equate to the numbers of people who are exclusively homosexual (ie about 1 to 1.5%) of the population. I’m basing my opinions on the assumption by the British Treasury no less that the numbers of people in Britain who are are either gay or bisexual being around 6%. That is about 3.7 million individuals and then you have to add-in their mums and dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles, aunts and friends all of whom have a vote. If we have an inclusive attitude and policies towards this section of the population it WILL pay political dividends in time as Marine Le Pen and her FN in France have shown.

        2. Of course, I do agree that the primary purpose of our party is to protect our country from becoming a completely foreign land with all that entails for ALL of our people and that is the non-negotiable stance of the French FN as well. All I am saying is that our nationalist stance on immigration etc doesn’t mean we have to take an ultra-conservative stance on other social issues like this one. Out of the five issues which could be said to constitute ‘social conservatism’ I would say I am am a social conservative on immigration, the death penalty (there are a few nationalists who disagree with that. I respect their opinions and think that issue should be the subject of a national referendum), divorce and abortion (this should be strictly restricted but not banned entirely)

  13. (Party Member) I was putting out 50 of our excellent leaflets the other day when I came upon a house called Rorke’s Drift! I thought what a fantastic name ! I then sadly thought how some British people look out of their windows and think they live in Rorke’s Drift! That’s why we need the British Democratic Party. Michael Caine is welcome to join ! ! !

  14. (Party Member) We have some great leaflets and posting them through doors means people hear of our new party. Not being a ‘money grabbing’ Party, like some I could name, means they are very cheap to buy and I love ‘leafleting’ from time to time. Contact Head Office for details and get active for the future of British Nationalism. The BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

  15. We were all victims of the Griffin factor in the old BNP, but that is the past and the future beckons. In every area of our lives both Tories/Labour are trying to keep us out of government at every level. In Swale a concerted effort by my local parish council holding closed meetings whilst the local Swale council does nothing.
    We must unite and put out leaflets and appeals for people to stand as candidates for us in 2015. Let us unite Nationalists against the political elite who pay lip service to the democratic system. Yet use every trick in the book to keep us from having a voice in the decision making process.

    1. It should be made clear that the BDP is not BNP Mk II. It’s a very different animal with an entirely different ethos.

      A lot of those involved never had anything to with the BNP – lucky for some.

      It’s certainly true though that the Griffin factor had a damaging influence on nationalist activity generally. In that sense we are all victims.

  16. That is good to hear as if it isn’t it will eventually fail like the BNP did. We do have to make a ‘clean break’ with the past if we are to succeed. Being internally democratic would be a vast improvement on the BNP for one thing and hopefully that will encourage people to join from the Tories, UKIP, and other parties and people who have previously not been a member of a political party.

  17. (Party Member) Whilst out leafleting for our Party today, in Dorset, I met a lovely, rather posh old lady who recognised the Birmingham accent. She told me that she used to live near and work at the (world famous) Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Edgbaston, Birmingham. When I commented she would not like it there now with the people who had taken over, she straight away smiled and said she was an “Enoch Powell Lady”. She was so sweet, with a wonderful sense of humour and a grasp of the reality and sadness of Britain today. After a long life of voting Conservative she told me that fifteen years ago she “gave up on the lot of them due to immigration and Europe”. After resisting the impulse to hug her in the street I left her with our Enoch Powell leaflet and carried on with a ‘spring in my step’ and a great feeling as one hundred more households had heard of the British Democratic Party.

  18. (Party Member) The peoples habit of trusting a collection of old Political Party’s, known as the LibLabCon, has given them nothing but ever recurring crisis and even population replacement! Our decent Nationalism, neither rooted in left or right dogma, has a whole new approach. Rather than a creeping liberalism that undermines our standards and things we cherish, like family, people and indeed Country, we offer sensible policies based on National Preference. Having read our Policy Document, I hope you decide to join us and thus help end the politics of despair.

  19. We should concentrate on the main issues ie the economy and people’s living standards (this is an area nationalists have seriously neglected in the past and this has been a significant cause of our continual electoral failure), mass immigration and its effects, the EU, education, health and law and order. Other issues will be lower in the pecking order, less prominent in our literature, more a matter of personal conscience and hence subject to more debate in the party internally.

  20. As a party, we need to be careful to make our social appeal as wide as possible without compromising CORE nationalist values.

  21. Needless to say, the ‘old party’ too often strayed from trying to appeal to as many people as possible (whilst still remaining fundamentally a nationalist party) and as a result failed politically. The BDP if it wants to be a success HAS TO avoid these basic mistakes in strategy.

  22. (Party Member) Our Party is different to the Liberal, Labour and Conservatives, who are becoming the same thing in many ways. We actually wish to preserve the identity, character and way of life of our people. Unlike the Internationalist parties, we have respect for the other peoples and Nations of the World. The old Parties in contrast, regularly adopt policies of regime change by fermenting revolution or even by invading other Nations. If you believe that our decent Nationalism and not old fashioned Internationalism, is the way forward, then Join us today.

  23. (Party Member) The House of Lords has shamefully thwarted Government Plans to pass a law that stripped terror suspects of their British Citizenship. In a rare moment of common sense Ministers had wanted the power to remove the Citizenship of any ‘ Naturalised Briton’s ‘ who had acted in a way ” seriously prejudicial to the U.K.’S National interests”. I feel sure that our Party would support this approach to help protect our People and extend this to include ‘ Naturalised Briton’s ‘ who are a threat to our Peoples way of life. They also would lose their ‘ Paper Citizenship’ !

  24. (Party Member) The question, why the need for the British Democrats ? has been answered ! Current events are proving that people from all walks of life are slowly turning to Nationalism. They need a coherent, decent, Nationalist Party. We need to make sure they find it in our British Democrats ! LIKE Ukip ? You will LOVE the British Democrats !

  25. (Party Member) The answer to the question ‘Why the need for the British Democratic Party?’ is this. Apart from being run by decent, ego free people, having a first class constitution and superb policy document, we are determined to avoid the mistakes of the past particularly in relation to OUR GOOD NAME. The SAD REALITY is that due to the wicked actions of opponents and awful management and presentation, the ‘old party’ cannot get Votes even from people who agree with it! We need to UNITE BEHIND THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

  26. (Party Member) With votes of between 4% and 18.5% and support from all sections of the community and a respected name that we will maintain, things are looking good for the British Democrats. I hope that after our internal elections we can up the pace somewhat by opening a press office and commencing a measured publicity drive to build on our good work so far.

  27. ( Party Official ) The question asked in the title of the above older article is easy to answer. Despite being proved correct on all major and indeed minor SOCIAL AND POLITICAL QUESTIONS , we NATIONALISTS IN BRITAIN are absolutely no-where ! Our Party have a DECENT AND RESPECTED NAME , which we are determined to keep. Image is EVERYTHING and the horrible and wicked MEDIA in this Country , HAVE DONE SUCH A HATCHET JOB on BRITISH NATIONALISM that we could not get ELECTED even with a Policy of FREE BEER ! This is the BRUTAL TRUTH ! The good news is that our BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY is here and ready now , to carry the flag.

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