Why do people continue to vote LibLabCon?

By Mike Newland.  



The entire country is being destroyed as a recognisable British society and power transferred elsewhere. Voting is largely pointless if you pick any of the main parties. They all stand for the same thing – their own short-term benefit.

So who oh why do people keep on voting for those who ignore their interests – and display open contempt for their own supporters?

The nationalist reaction is to say that ‘the people are sheeple’ – brainwashed by the system into a belief entirely at odds with obvious realities that their rulers care about them.

The mainstream media will claim that Britain is a democracy and that if there were any appetite for any other type of rule then people are free to stand for election and to vote for something else. Why have new parties not flourished to the point of acquiring real power? Wonderful word democracy! It conceals more than it conveys.

The true division is between a genuine democracy and a sham system where you can vote but it makes no difference. If the only parties which can realistically win are ones with essentially the same bad intentions then voting becomes pointless except on the basis of least worst. Better than nothing but a charade in which a gang of careerists play musical chairs over who gets the cars and flunkeys this week.

We nationalists want a genuine democracy with realistic choices not a ballot box ceremony to sanitise the operations of cynical careerists.

The core of the mystery from the viewpoint of the motives of voters is this. They are not stupid at all. They reason that since – as they see it – nothing can be done to halt the path to destruction of our country then logically one votes for the greatest comfort along the road. If death is imminent then there is no point storing up bottles of booze in the cupboard.

Here the big parties play their trump card. The handout. Handouts in the modern state come in many forms. It may be a benefit payment or it may be a reduction in the tax taken out of your pay packet. Get people focused on the division of the pot and the big parties can play the voters between each other as to who gets what and not bother them about the condition of the whole society.

For most of the post-war period the dividable pot has been getting bigger. This has not been because of politicians – although they’ll claim the credit – but because God and the engineers provided methods of increasing productivity. The lack of a major war has also helped enormously. During the last procedure, 40% of national income was directed towards the war effort rather than towards creature comforts. More luck than judgement there that politicians have had cake to share out!

Since the downturn in 2008, the handout gap has been filled by borrowing rather than new income. So politics has carried on much as usual.

Whether growth in productivity will resume in a major way is the core question for the future economy. Some say that there are no world-changing inventions to sustain a huge new burst in output – steam power, petrol engines and electricity for example – while others say that major growth can come from a host of small improvements.

One example offered recently was a lettuce thinning machine. This apparently is a very labour intensive task at the moment. The technicals of lettuce thinning have never been an issue for most of us so we’ll say no more about lettuce thinning.

But all that is for the future. Back to the voters.

Big question. Why do the great Britons carry on as they are? Why not form new parties and oppose the existing creatures? Here again the lack of enthusiasm among individuals about securing their own futures cannot be put down simply to stupidity. They are simply aware of the obstacles which a ruthless political class and its media servants place in the way.

One of the most irritating experiences you can have talking to the media as a political outsider is when their smug operatives tease you by enquiring as to why, if things are as bad as you say, your small party has not swept to power.

They know perfectly well why and also the part they play in protecting the big party system but they won’t be admitting it any time soon! Indeed, as I liked to tell them when I was busy doing press work, they’d be down the road with their P45s pretty damn quick if they fulfilled their claimed objective of fair coverage for all. That was good for shutting them up!

Media people, or perhaps as most of them should be described presstitutes, like to say that no one tells them what to write. They don’t need to. They know the rules. Serve the system or depart.

A favourite stunt is the headline ‘Rotten party to stop whatever’. Then you read that this popular cause is merely a possibility in quite a few years time and which is up for discussion. There are thousand ways to present news in a way which is superficially factual while favouring one party over another.

The official obstacles placed in the path of anyone trying to set up against the big parties are numerous and have increased. The Electoral Commission was set up precisely to create bureaucratic obstacles. One might say that at least the rules applied to everybody if the system were more vigorous in applying itself to scandals like postal voting which benefit the big boys. Apart from anything else, people have often voted before smaller parties even have the opportunity to campaign.

The Electoral Commission thinks voters presenting themselves at polling stations should be required to prove who they are. By 2019. Delay delay delay!

A book could be written laying out all the means used by fake democracies to cover their tracks or to mislead people into blind alleys.

UKIP has received gigantic levels of media coverage which focus largely on their supposed opposition to immigration. Everyone knows that UKIP is strongly opposed to immigration do they not?. The media has reported it endlessly. ‘He’ talks a lot. Yet UKIP’s leader has now admitted that he has no policy concerning immigration! Did that make a headline? Nah. Tucked away in the text of the Mail.

So is it all hopeless?

The web is bypassing the controlled media on an increasing basis. Small parties can communicate more effectively than ever before. Doubt has crept in about the motives of the political class to probably a greater degree than since the first half of the 19th century when Britain was racked by the social effects of the earlier Industrial Revolution. The big parties no longer command an army of true believers ready to march the streets free of charge in all weathers extolling their religion.

Their leaders are on the backfoot apologising for mistakes and swearing that they have seen the light over such things as Europe and immigration. It’s a pack of lies of course to get them through the next election but they are still on the backfoot.

Small parties are in many ways better placed than ever before to flourish. The principal barrier is a belief among the public that the system is so entrenched than nothing at all can be done.

In fact, it’s a house of cards.


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  1. In my opinion there is more to it than this. The fortunes of political parties are governed by how the media represents or misrepresents them. The media, or rather those who own/control the media, have to ability to make or break a political party regardless of its size or for how long it has been established. The main political parties operate within the boundaries dictated by those who control the media and the career politicians serve their own interests within the same parameters. In the final analysis those who control the media couldn’t give a flying fig what the career politicians or their parties get up to so long as they pose no threat to their globalist ambitions. As globalism serves the interests of those in control it should be no surprise that “successful” political parties and politicians adhere to the globalist agenda and, conversely, that those parties and politicians who do not are ridiculed and smeared at every opportunity. Those parties, particularly embryonic parties, that refuse to recognize the true nature of the political scene in the mistaken belief that they, the “Establishment”, will be nice to them if they faultlessly demonstrate their democratic credentials are in for a shock. The way forward, the only way forward, is to call a spade a spade and expose the political system for the stinking pile of festering corruption it is.

  2. (Party Member) GREAT ARTICLE. So let’s all work hard and make sure our small Party Flourishes!

  3. People vote for the main parties out of habit. They vote Labour because they think it is on the side of the working man, not noticing it is on the side of the International workforce, not the British one.

    The vote for the Tories because they are deceived by its title: the Conservative Party and haven’t cottoned on to the fact that it is a left wing party in favour of capitalism; that differs from Labour only in emphasis.

    They vote for the Lib Dems because they think it is more left wing and liberal than Labour.

    Very often though they vote for one of these parties not because they like it, but because they think that if they don’t they will let Into power a party they like even less. They don’t vote for a party they really like, like the Brit Dems because they think it would be a wasted vote.

    However the main parties are now so close on major issues that it doesn’t matter as much if a party they like less does get into power, so they may be more willing to vote for a party like the Brit Dems.

    • Campaign to abolish First Past the Post as it protects LIBLABCON liars and an immediate withdrawal from the EU/ECHR

      • Yes, First Past The Post is an undemocratic FRAUD and it needs to go urgently. The Lib Dems have probably put the cause of changing it back many years because a lot of people think we have already had a referendum on it when AV is merely a more sophisticated version of FPTP and NOT PR.

        Personally, I think the only way we will get rid of it will be if people refuse to pay their taxes ect ie a campaign of civil disobedience like the Suffragettes had to do to get women the right to vote. The British Establishment don’t give anything away if they can help it.


    • I would say the Tories only really have one real difference with the Labour Party and now thanks to Labour moving towards the ‘centre’ or ‘right’ (at least as far as its economic stance is concerned it is much reduced compared with the past) and that is they are the globalist CAPITALIST party. So, in Britain you can ‘choose’ between GLOBALIST capitalism with the Tories or GLOBALIST ‘socialism’/leftism with Labour but the common thread between BOTH of them is adherence to GLOBALISM/INTERNATIONALISM.

  4. Anyone with one Brain cell or more would avoid for the LibLabCon especially Labour led by Marxist Miliband,

    • Looks like we are going to get a Labour government next year with a decent majority. Milliband will undoubtedly seek to finish us off.

  5. Whichever of the three parties or even worse a coalition as we are inflicted with today, democracy will not be served. Elected MP’s have no value to their constituents as they vote as ordered by the whips of their parties. In other words there is no choice by the elected MP to voice a true opinion under threat of removal from the party. This is not democracy as the elected members have NO choice in how they vote, they only vote as ordered. Until every vote is a free vote, secretly made by the MP’s we will not have democracy.
    I would suggest that we, the nationalists adopt a policy to allow that every vote in Parliament is a fee vote and a secret vote. We will be the only party with a true policy in support of democracy we do not have at the present time.

  6. Turning the question posed by this article on its head, then “why don’t people vote for British nationalists”? When “success” currently appears to be a matter of whether a party can beat the Monster Raving Looney Party or not, as demonstrated in Manchester earlier today, then it is clearly a very valid question and one to which an answer is urgently required.

  7. Happy Valentines Day Everyone.

    With regard to votes cast for the main parties, today the result from the Wythenshawe by election was published. This is an interesting result as to why did Labour retain the seat. Who is voting Labour? What has not been suggested by our biased media is that the Labour vote is underpinned by immigrants. Immigrants who were allowed unrestricted access into this country by the same people still running the Labour party.

    We can never be sure accurately of course but would Labour have won the seat without immigrants voting Labour? I don’t think so. There were immigrant faces in the Labour ranks at the count. In other words, immigrants that were allowed into our country against the wishes of the majority of the British people are allowed to vote with the same rights as our own population and vote into positions those the immigrants know will serve their interest best. By allowing immigrants to vote be are sowing the seeds of our destruction. Stop all welfare to immigrants and you will stop immigration, stop the right of immigrants to vote in what is none of their business and we are halfway there to righting some serious wrongs afflicting our country and our people.

  8. One reason is they are still voting for a false picture. Let me explain. If you balanced the books one month and only spent what the country had coming in you would certainly get a different voting pattern. One day we will have to balance the books and voting patterns or who people vote for will change. Just look at Greece.

  9. Thursdays result was decided three weeks prior to the election when the postal votes were harvested they accounted for just over 10,000 votes a further 13,000 votes were cast on the day, there cannot be anyone in there right mind who does not suspect that the Liebour Party are harvesting these votes. I experienced this at the 2010 General Election the Liebour postal vote system worked brilliantly. This system is so easy to abuse and we as fair minded people have to pledge to cancel the postal voting option and encourage people to get off there backsides and visit a polling station.

  10. It’s easy to blame “The System” but the truth is no credible alternative has emerged from either left or right.

  11. (Party Member) Exactly, Adam. The difference between a Political Party and a pressure group is the existence, or not, of Economic Policies. This is why People vote for the ‘main parties at general elections. We must continue our development of economic policy and then advocate it at every opportunity if we are going to be taken seriously.

  12. (Party Member) Well said, James above. The power of the Media and it’s hostile attitude to Nationalist Parties, is also a major reason for our lack of success at the ballot box. Our Party Policy on this states, amongst other aspects; “Freedom of the Press and Broadcasting Media is not enough. There must be FREEDOM OF ACCESS to the Press and Broadcasting Media for all Party’s- particularly at Election time. In particular, there must be a STATUTORY RIGHT OF REPLY to allegations and slurs in the Press and Broadcasting Media.”

  13. (Party Member) In classic Labour ‘ DOUBLE-SPEAK ‘ as portrayed in George Orwell’s 1984, Tony Blair has declared that ” the 2003 invasion of Iraq is not to blame for the violent insurgency now gripping the country “. also he said that ” the idea that the current crisis was a result of the toppling of Saddam Hussein in 2003 was bizarre “. The dreadful Saddam Hussein actually kept Iraq together, using a combination of bribery and brute force, he stopped all tribal and religious violence between Iraqi’s. All Arab countries always need a strong leader to hold things together, otherwise they always disintegrate. Sometimes it’s a very brutal ‘ Royal Family’, a dictator or even an army General. Even moderate and sometimes Democratic Egypt falls apart every so often and has to be Governed by their Army for a while. The awful ex Labour leader was told by the Foreign Office in 2003 that toppling strongman Hussein would result in Iraq splitting into three. Two types of Muslim areas plus an area for the Kurds. The British Democratic Party know that a person elected as Prime Minister of our Country is elected to improve the lives of the British People and not rampage around the world in wars that do not directly involve the interests of Britain. It is all in our Policy Document, so Join us.

  14. (Party Member) In the news. In yet another appalling example of DOUBLE SPEAK from a member of the Lib LabCon, Prime Minister David Cameron has said that people in Britain should ” stop being bashful about being British ” and should be ” far more muscular in promoting Christianity and traditional values”. Although this is British Democratic Party thinking, David Cameron has played a major part in suppressing and demonising just this type of attitude from us Nationalists and his party members who believe in these values, have deserted in their droves. DOUBLE SPEAK indeed ! For real decent values Join us Today.

  15. ( Party Member ) Enjoy the above older article from our Party. In the meanwhile we note the SHEER PANIC from David Cameron when DONALD TRUMP said the U.S.A. SHOULD HALT ALL IMMIGRATION OF MUSLIM PEOPLE UNTILL THEY CAN FIGURE OUT WHAT IS GOING ON. Terrified that people IN BRITAIN WOULD HEAR THESE WORDS AND AGREE , he broke with long standing tradition and commented on U.S. internal politics. Well , Mr. Cameron WE DO AGREE with this COMMON SENSE MEASURE !

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