White Girls = Sexual Targets

By Southwest Nationalist. “Hussain seems to have regarded girls, white girls, simply as sexual targets. He does not treat them as human beings at all. You got into that mindset yourself.”

That’s Lord Justice Davis handing enricher Ashtiaq Asghar, who killed 17 year old Laura Wilson, a life sentence with a minimum period of 17.5 years.

Ashtiaq had stabbed young Laura repeatedly in the head, and then thrown her into a canal to die whilst she was still alive.

The court was told that some of the injuries Laura sustained may have been as a result of Asghar using the knife to stop her from getting out of the canal.

Laura Wilson, aged 17 when she died, had been identified by Social Services as “being at risk of sexual exploitation by Pakistani men” when she was 12.

Despite this, all Social Services did was “carry out preventative work” – which sounds like slang for do nothing, let it continue, let’s not rock that racial harmony boat.

She became pregnant to married Muslim Ishaq Hussain, who was acquitted of involvement in her murder.

And, at just 17 she was dead, another victim on the road to enrichment.

We see it as a common factor, to borrow Justice Davis’ words – regard “white girls, simply as sexual targets. He does not treat them as human beings at all.”

Those kuffar never are – meat and an object, that’s the outlook of many enriching this land.

The white victims are, to borrow a term from history, considered as untermensch by the perpetrators.

Today we see another case ending in a long prison sentence, although he’ll be out before he’s 40 after a cushy stay with halal dinners no doubt – and another white girl dead.

How many more white girls will there be, perhaps not dead but with lives ruined?

You’ll never be told, it’s not a benefit of enrichment those in power would like us to know.

Hushed up, swept under the carpet, met with silence and denial – so many victims, deemed by officialdom a price that has to be paid and a nightmare that has to be kept quiet.

White girls as simply sexual targets – we’ll hear that a lot more in courts in years to come, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. At least until they make it a hate crime to mention a white victim.

And, all the while, we’ll continue to say that there isn’t a problem, that enrichment is of universal benefit to our nation.

Where was the benefit to Laura and others like her, was she – are they – a price worth paying?

11 thoughts on “White Girls = Sexual Targets

  1. The Rev John Wesley from Lincolnshire said the Islam was a disgrace to human nature; how true.

    I can only repeat what I have said before about the religion of that bag-of-bones in Mecca.

    But we, as Christians, do not have a tomb and a carcase; our tomb is empty because Jesus Christ, the Son of God, rose from the dead.

    Muslims need to repent of their sins, as we do, and believe on the Son of God for salvation if they would see, as we hope they do, the resurrection of the just in the last day.

    JESUS SAVES; a bag-of-bones, even in a tomb in Mecca, doesn’t.

  2. This Muslim coloniser piece of vermin should of been given a painful, slow death for the brutal murder of this young mother, never mind a paltry 17 1/2 years!

    When are the people of this country going to get some backbone and sort these filthy, vicious, and pervert invaders out. As a father of a young daughter I am disgusted at what is happening in this country where young White girls are being targetted by gangs of this immigrant filth, preying on these vulnerable
    young girls in a disgusting manner, and I am disgusted that our establishment have created this problem.

    The invaders raping and murdering need to be brought to proper justice and punished for their heinous crimes against the british people and so too do the politicians and the whole rotten, corrupt, stinking Establishment!

  3. Personally I think that it’s time the muslim leadership of this country took a stand. They claim most Muslims are moderate and do not take the Quran to it’s extremes. Should they not be speaking out LOUDLY about this?

    Or is it yet another spiritually supremacist religion that sees it’s followers as holy and all on the outside as cattle like its Abrahamic brother Judaism/Phariseeism.

    We should be venerating our folk above all else, any religion that sees to undermine our people should be forced to leave our shores or remain miniscule and weak within them.

  4. Muslims colonise areas, largely live off welfare, bring in & peddle drugs, abuse our girls & attack our lads. How do we benefit from their presence in any way? Oh, I forgot they vote Labour!

  5. One day those who are now in authority will be made to pay for their complicity and lack of care for our most vulnerable people. A truly civilised society protects those who are most vulnerable from harm. That is most generally the young and the elderly. The way that these two groups are cared for is a clear measure for the level of civilisation in which we live. To have allowed in so many of these foreign settlers who are able, within their native cultural belief system, to behave with such barbarity is itself a crime. To denounce the problem and continue with the mantra of “immigration good” is complicity in the crime. Islam simply has no place in any truly civilised society.

  6. I work in the area of social care. Today a young girl arrived at our care home with a “pakistani” young male. Make no mistake, pakistanie paedos are operating in Scotland.

  7. When I was a member of the nursing staff at a secure forensic establishment in Berkshire, at which sex offenders comprise a significant percentage of the patient population; I never encountered one black rapist whose victim was a black woman. Draw your own conclusions…………

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