Where UKIP Really Stands on Immigration


Seasoned nationalists will remember UKIP’s immigration hypocrisy being starkly revealed some years ago when its then chairman – an alleged opponent of immigration from eastern Europe – was exposed in the media as employing and housing a team of Polish workers who were engaged in renovating his rural West Country mansion.

Today we learn that a high-profile UKIP man in Bristol has been removed as a candidate in May’s local elections allegedly because of his reported comments on immigration – comments that most decent people would wholeheartedly endorse.

According to the local media Phillip Collins supports the concept of removal centres for immigrants and is reported as saying there should be “one or two in every city”.

Furthermore, according to the same article, he has also appeared to suggest that people entering the country illegally should be sent to prison; they are, after all, illegal immigrants.

Mr Collins is reported to have previously resigned as chairman of the party’s Bristol branch so he could concentrate on campaigning to become a City Councillor.

But UKIP has now issued a statement which claims that Mr. Collins has been dropped as a candidate because of what he is reported to have said.

According to the report in the Bristol Evening Post, UKIP’s new branch chairman said: “Phil Collins is no longer chairman of our Bristol branch, and following the comments reported in the press about immigration will not be standing for UKIP in the forthcoming council elections”.

“UKIP will be fighting on a whole range of local issues in May, but there is no place for someone representing the party holding views like those reported”.

To make matters worse, from the UKIP perspective, an unnamed party spokesman has reportedly added: “These are the very personal views of Mr Collins and in no way whatsoever reflect the views or position of the UK Independence Party.”

According to the Post Mr Collins gave an interview to VICE, an international website for young people, in which he is reported to have said: “The idea for UKIP is that, once we’ve stopped the EU, we’ll be very tight on other people as well.

“My personal opinion is that we should have ID cards.

“There are two million illegal people in this country.

“Britain gets them, takes them to the police station and, if they haven’t got a passport, they let them go.

“What they should do is build not prisons but holding centres and lock them up.”

He adds: “You’d need one or two in every city. Later in time, they could turn them in to prisons.”

However it is the following alleged remarks that, we suspect, really upset UKIP’s politically correct grandees.

Asked he if thinks Britain is still a Christian country, he allegedly replied: “Yes, I’m a Catholic and I go to church every Sunday.

“Of course it’s a Christian country but it works out that, even without these other countries joining (the EU), within 20 years, it’ll be a Muslim country.

“We have one or two kids on average and they have ten.

“So imagine that: every generation there’s a hundred of theirs to four of ours, a thousand to our eight.

“So, within three or four generations, this country will be a Muslim country. Unless we do something about it, we’ll be the ones on the street begging for change.”

As the anonymous UKIP spokesman so correctly stated these “in no way whatsoever reflect the views or position of the UK Independence Party.”

This confirms what we all should already know – that UKIP is merely a chip off the corrupt and deceitful Tory party – a party that says it “understands public concern over immigration” (usually just before a major election), whilst quietly acknowledging the fact that it hasn’t the slightest intention of actually doing anything to address it.

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  1. If I remember the story correctly the EUKIP flunky had not only converted the attic of his country house to a dormitory for Polish workers but also part owned a Plymouth company that recruited East Europeans. He said he had to import Poles because he could not find English workers with the right skills. All very embarrassing for EUKIP.

  2. I not one for conspiracy theorists (the vast majority of conspiracy theories are hare-brained nonsense) but Lord Tebbit once suggested that UKIP had been inflitrated by MI6 in order to split the Tory vote at general elections thereby enabling the more pro-EU Labour Party to win them. UKIP even now still takes more votes away from the Tories than they do from the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats so perhaps Lord Tebbit’s theory isn’t as silly as it first appears to be?

    1. The popular term “conspiracy theories” is frequently used by controlled media hacks to discredit honest, concerned, conservative thinkers who are trying to warn their kinsmen about very real conspiracies by real bad men. The proto-Caucasian (actually non-Jew) King David warned us in many of his Psalms about wicked political conspirators.

      Just repeating their buzz phrase suggests that you might have fallen for their well-funded long disinformation and propaganda campaign. If any nationalist still believes the official Washington ‘conspiracy theory’ that in 2001 a bunch of Afghani cavemen hijacked 2 planes with box-cutters, and converted 3 steel skyscrapers of 267 vast ferro-concrete floors –all with only 2 tanks of paraffin –into a fine dust which lingering over Manhattan Island for 3 days –then they are a great fools!

      ‘Nutter’ David Icke blames ‘Reptilians’, but then St Patrick drove The Serpents out of Ireland, and Christ drove the Money-changers out of the Temple. Voltaire wrote: We know who our real masters are — the ones we are too scared to name!

      And Tebbit was emasculated and reliably anti-racist, only after he was given several easy and lucrative directorships on global corporations –for his great knowledge, wisdom and insight –Ha Ha Ha!

      I believe in some conspiracies.

  3. Farage has the media to thank for UKIP’s rise to prominence in the news, all disgruntled Tories and the ”right-wing” press love the safety valve illusion that is the UK independence party.

  4. IF you are a decent, native Britain, proud of your inventive, creative, building ancestry and concerned enough about your kinsmen being swamped and replaced by third world immigrants, to have actually got off your sofa and joined a truly Nationalist Party, then don’t touch Farage’s UKIP!

    He has just clearly repeated to his new chums at the Marxist-BBC that UKIP is the only Party which denounces you as ‘undesirable’ and will refuse to let you even become a member, let alone stand for elections. If you get in he will throw you out!

    I feared Farage had sold out totally to the anti-British Establishment for favour and publicity, but I underestimated his hatred for ordinary folks who believe in freedom and democracy and want to conserve their children’s future and stock.

    And a comment in today’s Online Daily Telegraph under “UKIP has thrown British Politics…”:
    Net immigration figures:
    1997 – 48,000 The equivalent of a town the size of Ayr (population 48,000)
    1998 – 140,000 The equivalent of a town the size of Bolton (140,300)
    1999 – 163,000 The equivalent of a town the size of Southend-on-Sea (164,300)
    2000 – 158,000 The equivalent of a town larger than Blackpool (152,000) or Huddersfield (152,000)
    2001 – 171,000 The equivalent of a town the size of Bournemouth (168,000)
    2002 – 153,000 The equivalent of a city the size of Dundee (151,300)
    2003 – 148,000 The equivalent of a city the size of York (148,300)
    2004 – 245,000 The equivalent of a city the size of Derby (247,500)
    2005 – 206,000 The equivalent of a city the size of Newcastle upon Tyne (200,200)
    2006 – 198,000 The equivalent of a town the size of Northampton (199,900)
    2007 – 233,000 The equivalent of a town the size of Reading (236,900)
    2008 – 163,000 The equivalent of a city the size of Oxford (164,000)
    2009 – 198,000 The equivalent of a town the size of Northampton (199,900)
    2010 – 252,000 The equivalent of a city the size of Southampton (252,700)
    2011 – 242,000 The equivalent of a city larger than Portsmouth (200,400) or town the size of Reading (236,900)
    2012 – 183,000 The equivalent of a city the size of Aberdeen (183,300)
    Immigration figures from ONS.
    Population figures from http://www.citypopulation.de/U
    A net 2,901,000 immigrants have arrived here since 1997.
    A net 1,675,000 immigrants arrived after the 2005 general election or 57.74% of the total.

  5. UKIP are unravelling sooner than we thought. We in the B.D.P. KNOW that Nigel Mirage has hoodwinked the electorate and that he is not REALY against immigration. WE know that the recent near million votes against immigration, European super state and Political Correctness were gained by deception. We know that eventually most of these votes will come to us. However, events have moved on since the superb article above. UKIP Councillors have refused to sign the multi cultural pledge. Mr. Mirage will be embarrassed , indeed panic stricken by his own councillors and hate these actions. Our Head Office should write to every elected UKIP Councillor and even Candidates if this is possible , asking them to consider DEFECTING to the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

  6. (Party Member) We Nationalists ALWAYS knew and have repeatedly said that Ukip was a ‘false flag’ operation to let off steam about Europe and immigration. Helped continually by our scheming media Ukip spoilt the plan and did really well! Too well! Now it’s PANIC in the Liblabcon and ‘THE HOUNDS OF HELL’ have been turned on them as they are actually threatening their three party, European, multi-culty club! The Fake outrage of the GODFREY BLOOM AFFAIR is just THE START of the campaign in the media to ‘get Ukip’. We KNOW. It’s happened TO US for YEARS! ! !

  7. ( Party Official ) Apart from the last two , our Party has had some SUPERB VOTES in our short history., but like the Conservatives and Labour , we have suffered the effect of the Ukip surge., which considering people THINK they are against mass Immigration and are NOT , is very frustrating. Please read the above article and CONSIDER THIS. The British Democratic Party are the REAL DEAL. JOIN US !

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