When Indoctrination Replaces Education

By Southwest Nationalist. Newly published results for SATs have shown that a staggering one in ten boys leaving primary school at age eleven have the reading age of a seven year old.

For writing the news is almost as bad, with one in fourteen boys aged eleven only achieving the level of a seven year old upon leaving primary school.

Girls fare considerably better when it comes to reading, with one in twenty having a reading age of seven when they leave primary school. Still, even so, that figure is way too high, and utterly unacceptable.

It is, sadly, an inevitable result of the problems which beset education within our country, a damning indictment of how we have gone from having an educational system which was once something to be proud of to the mess that we are in now.

Playing a part, as ever, will be the wonderful joys of diversity, which has seen children for whom English is a distant second language, or even no language at all, thrown together, dragging back the native English speaking child no end.

But, the problem is far deeper and cannot be levelled solely at the door of diverse school populations, although of course that does play a part.

Instead, should we wish to look for a culprit, we will find it in the shift away from schools being about education and their move into becoming a realm for indoctrination and social engineering.

Education, and the nurture of that most wonderful quality in a child, namely free thinking, plays second fiddle to force feeding them a distinct ideology aimed at creating anything goes, diversity worshipping, minority is wonderful drones.

Our kids are taught what it is to be gay, lesbian, bi, tri, trans. They learn the wonders of diversity, they’re always being told how culturally enriching it all is, how minority is best.

They’ve been dragged out to visit Mosques and taught about the peace loving credentials of Islam, they’ve been questioned about their sexuality when they are at an age should not even be thinking of such things.

They are not allowed to be children any more, they have to grow up and face concepts that baffle many an adult, all in the name of churning out a future generation of devotees to the cult of equality.

Woe betide the child who dare make a chance remark in the way all children are wont to do lest they fall foul of the thought police who now infest every school!

Education comes a poor second place to the infliction of an ideology upon youthful minds now, those among the young who do not comply and who dare to question will be broken and punished.

Education fails because children are not encouraged to learn for the sake of learning or for self betterment, but rather because they are instructed and taught with the distinct goal of ensuring that they think in the way that the zealots of all things liberal and diverse would have them to think.

Everything has a political and ideological agenda, you’ve only to look at some of the questions in exams, the textbooks handed out, and the assignments our children are set, to see it.

Our children are utterly betrayed by a system which puts ideology before education, a system which is aimed at shaping young minds into the future standard bearers of a flawed and failed ethos of diversity, equality, and multiculturalism.

What totalitarian ideology – and totalitarianism is exactly what we see from the high priests of the anything goes, diversity for diversities sake, faith – truly wants to educate people who can think for themselves, exhibit intelligence, and who might one day realise the fraudulent nature of the tenets upon which they have been sold?

[Editor’s note: Figures released in June 2011 in the Government’s annual school census showed that 26.5 percent of primary pupils in Britain are from an “ethnic minority” and that in some areas, only 8 percent of primary school pupils are white British. For secondary schools, the figure is 22.2 percent. In Manchester, Bradford, Leicester and Nottinghamshire white British primary pupils are in a minority. In Luton, just 30 per cent are classified as white British. These figures just might have something to do with the new SAT scores as well.]

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