We are ruled by people with personality disorders

By Mike Newland.



Tony Blair’s self-justifying ramblings are at last being recognised by official opinion as the emanations of a man with a personality disorder.

Boris Johnson now says that Blair needs a psychiatrist. That is scarcely a new insight. The Labour MP Leo Abse described the great election victor as a psychopath many years ago in a book he wrote about him.

It’s tempting to think that recognition of Blair’s condition spells sanity returning to our political life. No such good fortune. The motive is simply to enable the ambitious to distance themselves from those whose star has fallen into the mire. With the implication that ‘We’d never do anything like it‘. Sure sure.

But most of the leading players in our national life will and are doing exactly the same sort of things. What kind of country desperately short of housing sells its new developments to foreign investors? Large swathes of new housing are now being sold – to the Chinese for goodness sake! You could hardly invent a more graphic example of the utter indifference of our rulers to the welfare of our own people.

The generality of leading politicians may not be quite as disordered as Blair. That is, in fact, why they are less successful. People with disordered personalities enjoy a huge advantage over the rest of us. They know no constraint of conscience or sentiment which might inhibit them from exerting their worst impulses. Anyone who has met such people is left wondering. How could they do that we say to ourselves after some horrible passage of events? The disordered give it no more thought than you or I would give to buying a bar of chocolate. Their followers commonly are under the toxic spell of a charisma seemingly above human limitations.

You do not require any Hare psychopathy test to see what sort of person reaches the top in politics. The French President Mitterrand neatly summed it when he said that the most important quality required by top politicians is ‘indifference‘. They simply don’t care – except about their own gratification. We are playthings.

In usual circumstances, and in a society like ours which is not an outright dictatorship, there are some controls. Wary civil servants, newspapers and rivals not wishing to take the blame.

But in present-day Britain we have drifted into a position in which the political establishment now cannot admit to the mistakes made except peripherally – the worst during thirteen years of misrule by The Tony. To do so is to condemn themselves since they were almost all willing accomplices climbing the greasy pole.

Condemning Blair over Iraq is easy. We are not directly engaged in Iraq any more. But condemning him over insane policies like multiculturalism and migration and thoroughly rejecting them is impossible since the same policies are being used to advantage those who have taken the places of Blair and his coven – and for the same reasons. To condemn would be to both reject their own advantage and to define themselves as unsuitable to rule.

Simon Heffer suggests that Blair should be impeached by the House of Commons for ‘criminally damaging the public interest’ in forcing an invasion of Iraq. Many will conclude that this description should be applied to Labour’s flooding of the country with millions of new people in order to ‘rub our noses in diversity’. The malice contained in Labour’s own description of its actions is enough. But no newspaper will currently suggest impeachment over immigration. Who inside the big three parties paid more than lip service to opposing it?

The entire system conspires to avoid any admissions. Outsiders cannot obtain even a toehold among the mainstream if they question the basic premises of an apparatus of control which must deceive or die. UKIP has decided to travel within the system and is it not plain in its inability to present a coherent ideology? As Lenin put it from a viewpoint of entirely different ideas about what is good, we are given the chance now and then decide which of the oppressors should sit in parliament.

So we travel at the moment on a march of folly no one will halt or even admit to.

Sooner or later, however, the contrast between reality and the requirements of the system’s equilibrium will become too great to sustain any more. We are not far off that point now and the mere admission that Blair has a disordered mind indicates the forces under the surface of what appears an irremovable system.

A large part of power is simply to give an impression of eternal dominance to a house of cards.

8 thoughts on “We are ruled by people with personality disorders

  1. I think that only someone who is clinically insane would vote Tory, Labour or Lib-Dem. Shame the sane voters have been a minority for the last 60 years or so. Insanity Rules!

    1. Foolish and short-sighted but NOT insane.

      They vote for the FREE benefits including cash handouts, tax credits, healthcare, glasses, DLA, cars, parking, schooling, housing, council-tax relief, funeral grants, gold-plated unearned pensions etc.

      Our wicked, rotten politicians like Blair, Brown, Cameron and Osborne, bribe them with other people’s money. And when that’s all done, they borrow from international financiers then dump the resulting tax burden onto their own children and grandchildren not even born!

  2. I know plenty of decent people with real mental disorders. Blair is not mentally ill or disordered. He was chosen and nurtured and effectively bribed by the same globalist elite gang that Tyndall used to warn us about, but we called him old-fashion!

    Blair, Mandelson, Straw, Campbell etc (with the support of the CONS) had to deliver a fully race-mixed service-industry Britain, hooked on welfare handouts, and trapped in heavy taxation and trillions of National Debt –to the same gang. This gang use and abuse our Forces to invade Muslim countries and replace strong leaders like Sadaam and Gadaffi with their puppets, Central Banks and plenty of oil, gas and opiates.

    When Blair ‘earns’ millions for a ‘statesman-like speech’ to ‘American’ businessmen, he is simply getting his big, promised back-pay. Blair’s reputed £80M fortune is small change to these Globalist Marxist-Bankers. Blair is just a clever actor who will do anything for money and fame, including selling out his People. He is such a convincing liar, that he actually believes his own rhetoric. But this is not an illness.

  3. Longshanks does not believe personality disorders are an illness.

    Well that’s a view but not one shared by the psychiatric profession.

    1. The “psychiatric profession” would collapse if they stuck to diagnosing and treating genuinely sick people suffering from schizophrenia, mania and clinical anxiety and depression. Most of their work and income now is prescribing expensive pills to basically unhappy, odd or eccentric people, and malingerers who don’t want to work and want big benefits and compo.

      They will happily collaborate with our big neo-Marxist government and label US all with ‘Social Maladjustment Disorder’, ‘Homophobia’ and ‘Racist Personality Disorder’, lock us up and forcibly treat us with powerful drugs, just like their heroes did in Stalinist Russia.

      After they all retire at 55, the ones not off playing golf around the Algarve, supplement their huge NHS pensions by providing reports for millions attending our Courts at £600 for 2 pages of largely meaningless pap, dressed up in scientific jargon. None of our forebears needed any of these reports, but they were real men.

  4. (Party Member) In total contrast to the self seeking people discussed above, our party is run by ego free patriots who wish to serve our people and Nation by promoting a much needed dose of common sense and purpose into the affairs of our crisis ridden Country. If you wish to make a small step towards promoting a return to decent values, JOIN US TODAY.

  5. I forgot to mention the main reasons (never mentioned by the totally controlled MSM) for the puppets’ (Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clinton, Bush, Obama) INVASIONS and WARS is to bomb and DESTROY the emerging economies thriving outside the Globalist Bankster’s Debt-Usury parasitic economic system, and to CREATE millions of refugees to flood the Christian West with, who in turn are DESTROYING our economy, political power-base and unique creative/inventive gene-pool. Only war-weariness and our protests stopped the Cameron-Clegg puppets ‘going in’ formally to Syria and Iran.

    Shame! Shame! Shame! on all the Army Top-Brass (rarely ever on foot-patrol) who must be aware of this by now, but choose silence, an easy life, and the preservation of their fat Pay, Promotions, Pensions, and legs!

  6. You are quite right Longshanks, politicians such as Blair are not mentally ill but merely psychopaths. Blair was often described as a “control freak” but he was/is not the only career politician who gets his kicks out of controlling other human beings. Blair must know that his decision to take us into a bombing campaign against Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, etc. would lead to millions of innocent people being killed. If not he wasn’t fit to be a PM because any sane and intelligent man would know that you can’t rain down bombs on a country and only hit your intended targets.

    Bush was equally psychopathic, as were many others both past and present. Adolph Hitler was clearly one, as was Joseph Stalin. Margaret Thatcher was one as well. These types have no conscience and are convinced without any doubt as to their own infallibility. They do not lie awake at night worrying about the misery and destruction they have caused, they just smile and forget other human beings who they regard as simply unimportant. Other career politicians may not be quite as psychopathic but many elected MP’s in the lib/lab/con are drawn into politics by exactly the same motivations of power, control and sheer greed.

    Yes you are quite right Longshanks, they are not mentally ill like a schizophrenic or a depressive. The latter can be helped with medication and other treatments, however those who suffer from psychopathy are simply untreatable and should never be allowed within a thousand yards of political power. The British Democratic Party has been created as a political force largely in order to challenge these types who have done so much wanton damage to our nation.

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