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14 thoughts on “Vote British Democrats Today

  1. A friend of mine came up with a brilliant suggestion last week. He like me is ex-BNP, although he saw the light over a year ago. He like me also wants to see nationalist unity. But to get nationalist unity you need a non partisan cause to unite around. Question – what’s the thing all nationalist hate and will come together to fight? Answer – the Labour Party.Why on earth can’t the BDP, BNP, Britain First, LibertyGB etc work together to set up and register an Official Disparager non-party political group with the Electoral Commission – one dedicated to exposing the Labour Party? I for one would be quite prepared to work with anyone, regardless of their political background or party, to put out anti-Labour posters and leaflets in Labour marginals. Yesterday I was talking to a UKIP pal of mine who feels exactly the same and would love to help kick Labour in the ballots. The point being that a common enemy brings people together, it unites them. Once united in a common cause then the foundations are in place for a nationalist revival. I would be interested in what other people think about this.

  2. The Party (British Democrats) will under no terms have any ties or links with far right and thuggish groups like the BNP and Britain First. We are a democratic and sensible mature organisation and don’t wish to be tarred with the same brush.

  3. Best of luck to all British Democrat candidates on Thursday. As for UKIP, it’s probably good for Nationalists that they currently do well, as people are voting for them for the right reasons…. although they are not the right party.

    1. UKIP's supporters did do at least good thing on Thursday. They exposed the fact more clearly than ever before that Britain is NOT A REAL DEMOCRACY. What sort of REAL democracy would have an electoral system that gave a party that obtained NEARLY FOUR MILLION votes just ONE SEAT in parliament for that level of support? Britain is a TOTAL FARCE as a country and WE HAVE NO RIGHT WHATEVER to go around the world trying to impose democracy on other countries by the bomb and the bullet when we DON'T HAVE IT AT HOME.

      1. Some people said working class people would NEVER VOTE UKIP. They also said they were JUST TORIES. They WERE WRONG !

        1. They didn't gain a SINGLE Labour-held seat like they so confidently predicted they would. Great Grimsby and that by-election near miss in Greater Manchester were solid Labour seats on Thursday. Even one of the previously Tory-held seats returned to the Tory fold.

          1. ( Party Member ) Some people said the Labour Party would win the general election. They were wrong. Many tradditional Labour Voters moved to ukip because of Immigration and Labours policy .The Labour vote was actually provided by asians and similar people. Labour are no longer the party of British people.

        2. If you want to have a good laugh, I would suggest you head over to UKIP's facebook page. The sheer political naivity of their supporters is simply stunning. They actually believe they are on a roll and also believe Britain had a chance to change its voting system to one of PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION which is the ONLY system that would truely help them. One poster has helpfully told them we had a vote ON A PREFERENTIAL voting system called the Alternative Vote and informed them of the rather basic differences between AV and REAL PR systems by telling them the web address of the Electoral Reform Society. But are they taking this important information in? No, they are not! 

          1. ( Party Official )Make your mind up Steven. Sadly our previous pages are littered with your left wing comments. Several of these urge us to vote Liberal ( the opposite of Nationalism ) as they are in favour of proportional representation !

  4. Good luck to all our Nationalist candidates tomorrow you deserve success. A first for me as I will not be voting, I just do not have the stomach to vote for any of the Traitors.

  5. ( Party Member ) Whatever happens today there is something you can do to remember with PRIDE. Join the British Democratic Party and feel good about yourself !

  6. ( Party Member ) There is going to be a lot to say on our pages as part of the aftermath of a General Election but I feel the first thing to be said is WELL DONE AND THANKYOU to the people who stood for OUR PARTY in the General and Local Elections. We are PROUD and Grateful for the effort on OUR BEHALF.

  7. ( Party Official ) I thought we had more candidates than this Didn’t someone called Newman stand ? Well done all who did anyway !

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