UKIP's Real Role in Our Struggle

immigrampodby John Stephens.


Internal e-mails have been leaked to the media revealing that leading UKIP officials have concluded that their party is unable to generate coherent policies beyond getting Britain out of the EU and doing…er..something about immigration. They are now discussing simply picking policies “off the shelf”, as they put it, from sundry Tory and neoliberal “think tanks”. The impression given is that they just want policies, any policies. This is where not having an ideology gets you!

The fun will start when UKIP try to combine these policies from these neo-Tory “free market” think tanks – about which few of their members will care much one way or the other – with their anti-immigration and anti-EU programme – about which most of their members care passionately. Because Tory/neoliberal globalist “free-market” ideas are wholly incompatible with the restrictions on the free global flow of Capital and Labour that leaving the EU will mean and doing almost anything to stem the flow of immigration. The result will be to start a dialectic process from which we will benefit, eventually.

UKIP is not in the long run a threat to genuine Nationalism. It is a gigantic process of political education by events for potentially tens of thousands of activists and millions of voters.

UKIP has already:

1) educated voters that they can usefully vote outside the System corral. Once they have done this, they will do it again.

2) disseminated widely the idea that the System parties are all the same, led by millionaire careerists with nothing in common with those they purport to represent. This undermines the legitimacy of the System, on a scale we could not hope to match. This is an essential prerequisite to any progress on our part.

3) raised the public profile of the issue of immigration. Their recent council election broadcast consisted simply of people saying over and over again “Immigration IS an issue, we need a debate, it’s OK to say this without being a ‘racist'”

4) begun to undermine PC Thought Control. It’s started at a level much further upstream and much more gently than we would, rather than triggering the massive indoctrinated PC “immune response” we do by raising racial matters per se. It is starting to turn the supertanker of popular perception, slowly and a little at a time.

The power of PC propaganda

Many Nationalists seem unaware of just how pervasive PC brainwashing is among the younger generation. The howling hairy Reds of the 1970’s became teachers, and media hacks, and moulded the minds of the rising generation. Whilst we held pointless skinhead-infested street disorders, split, disappeared up our own ideological recta and generally wasted the 1979-2000 period. Meanwhile, the Devil’s Bargain was struck whereby the “Left” sold out its economic policies and in return the “Right” accepted far-Left social policies. David Cameron’s position on race, “gays” and all the other PC stuff is one that in the 1970’s was limited to the IMG, SWP and some but by no means all of the Communist Party. The Trots had their social programme implemented, and indeed accepted by the Tories, as well as Labour and the LibDems.

The result is that most Britons under 40 mindlessly parrot Politically Correct platitudes and enforce them by social pressure on their peers. Meanwhile we wonder why Nationalism largely consists now of over-40’s, not as in the 1970’s and early ’80’s of under-35’s!

It is not however that the masses have become convinced multiracialist internationalists. the growth of UKIP (and indeed the earlier successes of the BNP) show otherwise. But they have superficially been imbued with the defence mechanism against Nationalism spawned from the old Red “No Platform” policy – if they hear something they think is “racist” they simply switch off in horror and stop listening. UKIP by doing all the things that make us shudder – endless parades of Black and Asian spokespersons, etc – get around this barrier and by doing so weaken it.

Nationalists have to understand that we are not living in the 1970’s any more. That battle is over and we lost it. We are in a different world, and just rehashing the 1975 NF minus its then weaknesses will not work any more. This is a different world. What UKIP is doing is undermining that world and moving the centre of political gravity slowly but inexorably back to a position where we will again be able to articulate our views. Which at the moment we can’t – hence Andrew Brons (now with the recently launched British Democratic Party) cunningly avoided saying what our Immigration policy actually was on the BBC’s Newsnight a little while ago.

What needs to be understood is that “civic nationalism” is not an inferior alternative to racial nationalism. In present circumstances, it is a precursor, a larval form, the caterpillar to our butterfly. We simply cannot any longer sell racial nationalism to millions until UKIP has sold them civic nationalism first.

What ever happened to Leon Trotsky?

If the BNP had won the race with UKIP for the “patriotic alternative to the System” political slot it would have been forced to move in the direction of “civic nationalism” anyway (as it was doing in fact). Matters would have been better in that the cadre espousing and understanding the ethno nationalist “Final Programme” would have been embedded in control of a party publically espousing only a civic nationalist “Transitional Programme” (to use terminology invented by Trotsky, but useful I think nonetheless). The other advantage is that the Party leadership would understand what was happening as the “Transitional Programme” to “Final Programme” dialectic worked itself out and could enlighten activists by providing political education as they started to understand they needed it. That did not happen and we must accept, however little we may like, that reality. Instead UKIP and Farrago are going to be awfully confused by the process they have unwittingly started.

We need to accept, because we cannot now change, the fact that UKIP has won the race for this niche. Instead of lamenting the rise of UKIP and trying ineffectually to snipe at it we should be keeping the flame of genuine nationalism alive and preparing for the post-UKIP era, when very large numbers of its political pupae hatch out and look for what we have to offer.

If a small but perfectly formed political party can be sustained through the UKIP Era – with local roots in a few communities so it can have councillors and so look credible – so much the better. But we at least need an ideological education website, pointing out that the “civic nationalist” position is unsustainable and leads either to giving up and falling back into the System stew or to ethno nationalism, and also explaining our position and its intellectual underpinnings.

Incidentally I am glad UKIP won’t let our people in, because we shouldn’t try to join anyway. Any who do will be used to trigger the PC mass hysteria immune response. Anyway they don’t need our people, who should anyway be promoting the “Final Programme” whilst the UKIPpers do the grunt work preparing our way for us. Obviously the English Democrats are now superfluous. They have nothing UKIP haven’t got except a lot fewer members, many of them embarrassing ex-BNP political refugees at that!

As UKIP educates the public by moving the centre of political gravity our way (not anything like far enough, but starting the supertanker turning) and its own members are educated by the logic, and the results, of their own position we need to be there to be turned to. Otherwise parts of UKIP, or the whole of it, radicalised by their experiences, will try reinventing the ethno nationalist wheel on their own and repeat all our mistakes.

As a nationalist party, UKIP is a pathetic mess led by superficial spivs. But as a significant part of the political scene they are, to use an old Red phrase – “politically progressive”. Their immigrant spokespersons are, in Lenin’s phrase “useful idiots”. UKIP voters and supporters are millions of flies, UKIP is the web, we need to be the spider. “Come into my parlour… ”


7 thoughts on “UKIP's Real Role in Our Struggle

  1. Those who complain that the field is currently dominated by people who are ‘not real nationalists’ are like generals who send their men to run at machine guns.

    A full head on attack against the political class’s policies cannot succeed at present. Fear of the ideological system is too great among the public. That means UKIP’s weakness is actually a strength. They won’t address the full realities of the disaster facing us because they are too cowardly but that makes their message acceptable to the frightened millions. For example, they focus conveniently on white European migration to avoid a crime against PC.

    I say thank God for UKIP. They are softening up the enemy’s defences with few casualties and without any employment of resources by ourselves. Our troops are meanwhile fresh.

  2. Great article. It may not be the rebellion we would want, but it is all the same, a rebellion. Perhaps people will be getting off their sofas at last!

  3. One of two things will happen to UKIP – if it is led by genuine people then the establishment will have to crush it should it get close to wining real political power. If it is a state cul-de-sac then it will wither away as more and more of its people realise that their leadership exist only to coral them. You can fool some of the people all of the time etc.

  4. This is a good solid article. The political elite will do their utmost to stop the momentum of UKIP, Farage and his Leadership will need to grow big balls for the next twelve months and more. One day that ‘old safety valve’, many Nationalists were going on about just may not work. The media have done their best to smear UKIP this week, and I doubt it will have much negative effect on the voters who intend to vote for a ‘Patriotic British Party’. (That is what they think their voting for?)
    Immigration is a major topic amongst our people: there is no doubt about that. If UKIP can ignite the flame and break through the LIB/LAB/CON trick and maybe even blow the Tory Party into oblivion: well were moving in the right direction.
    Yes, thank God for UKIP!
    I only have one important disagreement with this article. If we can, we should join the ranks of UKIP. Why? If they become a mass Party, we need to be there amongst them pushing through radical Nationalist policy etc etc. Not in the wilderness. The Trotskyites infiltrated the Labour and Trade Union movement look what they have achieved. (Clever cunning Bastards!)
    In 1977, the mass media were brain washing the people of this Nation against the National Front. Neither the BNP nor the NF is coming back into the major political flow. Hard line Nationalism will be replaced by the softer version. But, I believe in time the softer version will have to get harder or it will be blown out of the water.
    Smearing the regular members of UKIP racist has backfired We Nationalists should be upbeat; the struggle to get our Country back may take a major step forward with UKIP. Let us face facts the people of UKIP care about our country: they just do not realise what it is going to take to save it from multicultural oblivion!

  5. Excellent analysis. UKIP is a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. I have been arguing this for a long time that UKIP are a ‘battering ram’ to break down the slavish loyalties of voting LibLabCon and helping to change the political climate to one which is much more receptive to the genuine nationalist message.. That is why I think that today and in future elections, nationalists should vote UKIP, in seats where there is no proper nationalist candidate standing (which is after all, most of them!). To adopt a rabidly hostile and bloody-minded stance by just spoiling the ballot paper would be un-productive and pointless, born mostly out of envy of UKIP’s apparent success as the prevailing ‘new force’ in British Politics, a position which might otherwise be ours. I shall therefore be voting UKIP today with a clear conscience.

  6. David is right to vote UKIP in the absence of a proper nationalist candidate.

    Britain is in a halfway house mindset with regard to immigration. UKIP is selling the notion that merely stopping immigration (subject to skills requirements – that old swindle) will put all right. The stance provides a mental comfort zone for voters but it’s too late.

    There is now a very difficult mental gulf to cross before the population dares to think the unthinkable – we face dispossession even with a halt to immigration.

  7. As the above article and comments make clear, the ukip leadership are not sincere. However, their voters are ! They genuinely want an end to immigration and withdrawal from the European Union. The heartbreak for us in the British Democratic Party is that these massive votes should be for us ! Our consolation is twofold. Firstly these people are ‘ Breaking The Mould ‘ by voting other than for the LibLabCon ‘ Pact of Failure ‘. Secondly in time they will take the now smaller step of voting for us !

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