UKIP’s Britain – a land where a native son has no special place

by Mike Newland

UKIP is at last unveiling its long-awaited policies – which for a very long time have amounted to what appeared to be Nigel Farage contriving them on the hoof.

The complacent three big parties thought that UKIP had reached its high water mark and would now be in decline as a force. Instead it continues to make astonishing headway despite every effort by the media to kill it either by smear campaign or by simply ignoring it.

It is now quite possible that UKIP may genuinely wield significant influence after the general election and perhaps even hold some genuine power in the event of a hung parliament.

Like the above as a positive development or lump it as an ersatz nationalism designed to trap the votes of the unwary we are where we are and must consider our futures.

There is really only one question which counts for the British people now. Are we to retain our country as a homeland or not? Every other concern fades into inconsequence or is a part of it.

With all the enthusiasm and flag waving by supporters of UKIP one might have supposed that it offered a clear answer to that great question. UKIP is heart and soul committed to our retention of our birthright in these islands.

Unfortunately it does not – at least on the basis of its public statements.

This is what UKIP’s Steven Woolfe had to say this week about the party’s immigration policy at its conference.

‘Firstly, we believe all people from whichever country they come from should be treated the same if they wish to come to our country. Secondly, we will not allow the British state to discriminate by region, origin or ethnicity.’

Does that sound fair? Will it sound fair to voters? Is it fair?

Superficially the above appears unexceptional. In reality it is a dagger in our hearts. It means that a native son (a John Newland fought at Agincourt) has no special place whatsoever in this country greater than someone who has just arrived and shares almost nothing in common with us. What it actually means is that UKIP does not recognise the very idea of a homeland. Try that concept out on the Chinese, Japanese or Indians!

Those carried aloft on the wave of euphoria which UKIP is currently enjoying will brush such concerns aside as the response of jealous outsiders attempting to pick holes. Some will say that the party is simply engaged in some clever positioning in an attempt to avoid provoking the likes of the BBC. But since parties tend to weaken their radicalism if they obtain any power we can rightly take the pessimistic side.

Not long ago we were likewise told that David Cameron was a true conservative at heart and that this would make itself known as soon as he took power.

For many years, the political system tried to silence debate about immigration completely. Now that defensive position has proved to be no longer holdable it has built a new defensive wall within which it’s taboo to consider the British to be a people let alone conceding to us that a people needs a homeland to sustain it.

The concept of ‘homeland’ is now essentially taboo in British politics and UKIP has accepted it.

Here is the great gulf between ourselves as nationalists and the likes of UKIP. We recognise the existence of peoples and say that all have a right to their own space in the world. That is why we are neither racists nor supremacists in any proper use of words.

UKIP’s concept of the country amounts in essence to its being a business park. UKIP’s immigration policy dictates that those most economically useful should be admitted regardless of whether they share our identity in any way. It’s not explained why we should admit anyone at all on such a basis saving perhaps a handful of people. Why are we not training and employing our own?

That Britain should not offer any preference to our cousins from across the Channel over say those from Africa or Asia is also UKIP‘s policy. So much for a European homeland let alone a British one!

Let’s consider now what UKIP’s Peter Whittle has to say about the admitted disaster of multiculturalism.

‘In some areas multiculturalism has led paradoxically to a series of monocultures which do not mix.’

How exactly does Mr Whittle propose to alter that position unless by ignoring the principle his own party has espoused that all are equal and must not be treated in any way differently? People have a perfect right to pursue a monoculture in isolation if they wish and any attempt to divert them from it must be discriminatory according to UKIP‘s own lights.

They can’t have it both ways but appear to be trying to do so in order to please both their own supporters and to appease their enemies. But the very appeal of UKIP in the first place was that it was not yet another all things to all men political artifice like the three big parties.

You cannot have a homeland unless you accept the principle of a predominant culture and people. That is the nettle UKIP will not grasp.

Britain is in far greater peril now than in the 1940s. Let’s imagine UKIP’s Mr Woolfe as Winston reborn inspiring the nation.

“We will fight on the beaches and in the hills for those future sunlit uplands where our own people have no special place in these islands as their homeland.”

If UKIP gets any power and its immigration policy is implemented people will quickly discover that the 50,000 immigrants a year quoted as headline policy actually means probably 300,000 immigrants a year. The 50,000 is merely the difference between the numbers of those going out and those coming in.

A sensible policy would be 50,000 new migrants in total. If that in view of the size of Britain and its population density.

The population replacement policy continues.

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  1. UKIP are just another Tory Party with even more fanatically pro-globalist policies in regard to the economy than the original Conservative Party has! Basically, they offer nothing to the British people and if the British had any political acumen this party of ‘ex?’ Tories would already be dead in the water. It’s made-up almost entirely of Thatcherite Tories. It is entirely appropriate therefore that a Tory MP called Mark RECKLESS has just joined them and will be provoking yet another by-election even though it will be a considerable expense for the taxpayer when the general election itself isn’t that far away.

  2. UKIP are a temptation for all those who wish to show their dissatisfaction with the status quo to vote for. For all those who dislike the interfering EU to rally towards and believe in. However, as MIke Newland has clearly shown, they are not a party that believes in the right of our people to be recognised as the native, indigenous people of these islands. They are merely a right-wing Tory, pro-globalism party that simply dislikes the interference from the EU. It is a party that is mostly comprised of ex-Tories who believe in raw market forces, and just like the Tories it is a party that will benefit the rich almost exclusively. No surprise that its backers are very wealthy businessmen.

    It may be very tempting for many of our supporters to vote for UKIP candidates in next year’s General Election but we must see them for who they really are and avoid falling into this trap. The Tories have promised a referendum on our membership of the EU if they get a majority in next year’s election and I would put some faith in that happening. UKIP may well divide the Tory vote enough to allow Labour to win, and that would be a complete disaster. UKIP is no substitute for a genuine nationalist party like the British Democrats.

    Only the British Democrats have the political ideology that will save our people from ethnic and cultural suicide. Like it or not, ethnicity is critically important. That doesn’t mean that we are better than others, simply that we are unique and this is our rightful homeland. If UKIP won’t openly recognise this then they are not a party worth supporting.

    • The counter argument is that voting Tory will simply confirm them is their present policy which is not to leave the EU and give them the supremacy to make sure we don’t.

      • I didn’t know that staying in the EU was official Tory party policy. I thought they had different opinions within their party and were committed to giving the British public a referendum on the issue, but only if they won the next election unimpeded by coalition.

        However, even though UKIP are supposedly committed to getting us out of the EU, I do not like any of their other policies. They are simply right wing Tory globalists and not in the least bit nationalist. Given the choice I would always vote for a BDP candidate in any election, and I encourage all true nationalists to do likewise.

    • Agreed. Whilst I am no lover of the Conservative Party, all UKIP are doing is dividing the Tory vote and allowing the Labour Party an easy ride to victory in May next year and FOR WHAT GAIN really? They say they are against the EU but I have yet to see them articulate a credible exit strategy which can gain people’s confidence and persuade them to vote to come out of the EU if and when we get that referendum. To be honest, if UKIP are one of the leading voices on the No side in that possible referendum I can see the pro-EU side winning and possibly doing so in an handsome fashion.

    • Indeed. You have put your finger on the main point and that is as UKIP is an ultra-Thatcherite globalist-minded Tory Party they are miles away in basic, underlying political philosophy from a genuine nationalist party and are thus no substitute for it. We now have two Tory Parties fighting it out amongst themselves. I don’t think we as genuine nationalists should intrude upon their private grief.

  3. I have heard several parties state that UKIP’s 50,000 is a net and have tried to inform others of this but I cannot find an actual statement of UKIP’s to this effect. I would appreciate it Mike if you could provide a link or reference for it. If there isn’t evidence, we shouldn’t use it. The 50,000 itself is ample numbers to be critical of UKIP. 50,000 plus spouse plus kids quickly become 200 or 250 thousand.

  4. UKIP’s so-called ‘hardline’ immigration policy is much softer than Charles Pasqua’s (a Tory ‘Norman Tebbit’ figure in France) aim in 1993 as France’s Interior Minister (their equivalent of our Home Secretary) to have a rate of ‘zero’ net immigration. UKIP are a fake Tory Party cynically using people’s genuine concerns about immigration to bolster their support. In reality, UKIP don’t care about the subject!

    • How uncharitable, considering France has a land-mass 4 times the size of Great Britain and the same population – no wonder all those highly-skilled enrichers amassed in Calais can’t wait to get here

  5. Even one of the Tories has now attacked the ‘net immigration’ scam. Curiously he does not seem to grasp that it’s also being used by a different form and with the same results. We get replaced.


    • Yes, the CONServative Party, Labour, Lib Dems, Greens, AND UKIP all connive at our people’s replacement. With the Labour Party, Lib Dems, Greens it is all pretty much above board and in your face but the CONServative Party and equally globalist UKIP try and pretend they don’t agree with this aim but they do.

  6. The thing I find most unsettling is that UKIP’S policies change like the weather. That alone will lose it the educated vote. When these two Tory deserters stand for re-election then we may get a clue. But until then it’s all just speculation. Remember what happened to the then pulsating BNP at the last General Election and UKIP as well.

    People vote differently in GEs – mostly to get rid of the party in power – not with their heads.

  7. I think the former Tory MP for Clacton has a good chance of being elected. He seems to have a bit of a personal vote in his constituency. There is one good thing about him and that is he was the only Tory MP to support proportional representation for elections so at least he is a proper democrat unlike all the rest!. Mr Reckless may well prove his surname is very appropriate as the seat of Rochester and Strood isn’t as safe as Clacton was for the Tories and Labour may possibly come through the middle and win as a result of this intra-Tory spat between Conservative and UKIP!:

  8. The fact that UKIP are not nationalists is a proven fact. If you see on their webpage the list of parties that if you were a member of any one you are not allowed to join the party is revealing. In my case I have been a member of all three listed and proud of the fact.
    That said, UKIP are going to have an enormous effect on the next election. The anti EU rhetoric coming from Cameron is a direct result of the UKIP march in UK politics. The EU elections and the polls for the May 2015 have seriously rattled the Lib/Lab/Con trio.
    The good that is coming from UKIP as far as we are concerned, is, that it has moved the public to the right of centre for the first time in decades. This will only assist the Nationalist cause in the long run as, for the first time, nationalist policies are being openly discussed. As I have said before, we must take full advantage of this but pushing our policies in a reasoned and intelligent manner as much as possible. We can all do something to help in this by constantly writing to the papers, online and off.
    The Daily Express have moderated, censored, my last two letters as I used the letters BNP. I wrote further asking why the letters,
    to name just four seem to have no problem. I have no doubt this will be censored also.
    There is still a real censorship against nationalist comment that we must overcome as the public are accepting our principles and policies openly for the first time and in considerable numbers.
    There is much support for us in the UK we must make sure to tap into this support.

    • As Roger says, people are increasingly supporting our ideas.

      Our main problem is that some people still don’t grasp that being right is no use unless you also have at least a reasonable standard of presentation of your case.

      Nationalism has constantly been let down by people who simply don’t care. Being right should be enough they say. Unfortunately it’s not. All too many groups have descended into internal chaos over money and those who want to be big fish in a tiny puddle plus a sheer lack of tact and alarming street activities. The public soon sniffs that out and sees nationalism as a protest not a serious force..

      UKIP has problems in the above direction but it is streets ahead of nationalism in its presentation.

      • Yes, I agree. UKIP are a globalist and completely gutless Tory Party with no answers to Britain’s fundamental problems (particularly those of an economic kind) however they do present themselves well and that is something we genuine nationalists have to learn from as politics is about eighty percent image and twenty percent substance.

    • Yes, UKIP are certainly going to have big effect upon the next election by giving us a Labour MAJORITY government. Cameron is probably the thickest Tory PM ever in the way he has responded to UKIP. ANY other Tory PM would have simply ignored them and what has Cameron done? Pandered to them constantly by increasingly hardline and frankly loopy and irresponsible in many cases rhetoric about benefit claimants whilst pretty much leaving the subject of immigration alone (which would bring the more rational and sensible Labour and Lib Dem voters to vote Tory). The result has been that UKIP have grown and grown and the Tories will LOSE next May and possibly by a large amount too.

  9. (Party Member) Well said Mike, above regarding Nationalism not being taken seriously. You do not vote for your favourite ‘pressure group’ at General Election time. You vote for the Party that best represents your ECONOMIC INTERESTS. The fact that it is short sighted, selfish and usually just wrong is lost on the electorate. The fact is this is what they always do!

    As a first for British Nationalism, we need a raft of economic policies. I was particularly pleased to see that the Conservatives are going to abolish zero hours contracts as they are cruel. I had previously urged that we include this policy in our manifesto.

  10. It is certainly true that UKIP has no special regard for Britons. Only last night, as the people of Clacton in my county of Essex elected a UKIP MP one idiot from UKIP was expressing the view that their immigration policy didn’t make any distinction between an African/Asian and a member of other European nations such as Germany. Surely, most people can see that a German national could integrate into British society more easily than someone from elsewhere in the world?

  11. UKIP are NOT an anti-immigration party in anyway, shape or form as their globalist liberal Tory Douglas Carswell said in his victory speech on Friday morning. UKIP is a party that DOESN’T RECOGNIZE the concept of their being indigenous ethnic nations in Great Britain! Therefore, it is coming from the same basic world view as Labour, the Tories, Lib Dems, Greens ect!

  12. It was a cheap victory in Clacton. Clearly, the more people like liberal Tory globalist Douglas Carswell are in UKIP the more problems UKIP are going to have in trying to pull-off an image of being an anti-immigration party. You can’t be trying to put-over an image of being a ‘respectable’ nationalist party when your only elected MP is so devoted to Tory globalist free market economics that he thinks barriers to free trade should be torn down with respect to the free flow of BOTH money AND people. In time, this will cause divisions inside that party and UKIP will hopefully fall apart.

  13. Apparently, a UKIP voter phoned a radio phone-in programme about the result in Clacton and Heywood and Middleton and was asked to name a single UKIP policy and couldn’t provide the presenter with one! I think that says it all about some members of the British electorate and how easily they are manipulated by the press by their constant giving of publicity into voting for this shambolic ‘party’.

  14. I hear today that UKIP are apparently at around 25% in the opinion polls! I find the stunningly naive nature of the British electorate to be very worrying indeed. Frankly, is it any wonder that ‘nice’ Mr Bliar got elected and proceeded to do such terrible damage to our country when you have such a profoundly ignorant electorate? I am quite sure that if the UKIP-supporting Daily Express told them to do it many electors would jump-off Beachy Head!

  15. This UKIP victory in Clacton doesn’t look as stunning if you take the time to examine it more closely. Like in many by-elections, there were some local factors at work and the most important one in Clacton’s case was the fact there are plans to build 10,000 new houses in the area which will undoubtedly wreck it and all the candidates bar Mr Carswell refused to disagree with this.

  16. (Party Member) The latest CON from the LibLabConkip is that the CONservatives are thinking about charging people who have left Britain to fight for ISIS , with TREASON. They will NOT do it in the end but that is NOT the CON. They are just enemy combatants NOT BRITISH PEOPLE IN THEIR HEARTS. Most just have dual citizenship for convenience anyway.

    If we were foolish enough to support them being charged with TREASON, then we are being CONNED into acknowledging and treating them as BRITISH. This British Nationalists have NEVER done. THIS is the DIFFERENCE between US and all the multi-Cultural parties INCLUDING THE DECEPTIVE Ukip!

  17. People are easily duped and fail to see through the balanced or NET migration scam for what it is.

  18. I went to the Clacton UKIP office on the day of the election. I noticed they were letting people join knowing nothing about them. I offered my services but didn’t say who I was. I was handed a UKIP rosette and asked to go around the polling stations and collect lists of the UKIP supporters who had voted. This I did. I was greeted enthusiastically by voters throughout the day. Quite different from taking part in a NF or BNP election. You can vote UKIP and be considered a “nice person.”

    We are told that UKIP now has the same policies as the 1970’s National Front. Strange that it doesn’t get hit with the same kind of flak.

    On the day after the election, Douglas Carswell the Tory who defected to UKIP, defied Nigel Farage by insisting that foreigners with HIV should be allowed into the UK. We need to know whether UKIP candidates are genuine. They can be supported if they are in an area where there are no nationalists present. Anti-British fifth-columnists need to be removed.

    • (Party Member) I accept your point, Bernard , about the very different reaction Ukip get to the National Front and BNP.

      Ukip’s policy on immigration changes all the time. They only refer to EU citizens and ACTUALLY CONNIVE at OUR PEOPLE’S REPLACEMENT! They are NOT the Party MANY THINK THEY ARE!

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