UKIP Rumbled – Letter to the press from Andrew Brons


6 thoughts on “UKIP Rumbled – Letter to the press from Andrew Brons

  1. Quite apart from what Mr Brons wrote Farage, at least to me, comes over as a spiv on the tv. I can just imagine him turning up in an old episode of Dad’s Army saying: “Pst … wanna buy some nylons…. need some petrol coupons ,,, how about some army surplus corned beef going dead cheap????”

  2. You have got it wrong. Until we leave the EU, we will continue to be poor, overtaxed, over governed and in danger of serious political developments.
    At the moment, there is just one party that supports our leaving the EU and that is why I personally am going to give them my vote.
    Actually, you can easily judge a party by its enemies.

    1. I think the two points of view can be reconciled.

      UKIP is getting a lot of attention campaigning against the EU. More votes gives the idea more prominence. Tactical vote.

      But one still can have grave abouts about UKIP’s viability as anything more than a media created protest. Plus suspicions about whether Farage would be on QT if he really offered an alternative.

  3. UKIP’s ideological standpoint is basically ultra-Thatcherite Tory. The only real difference they have with the political Establishment is over the question of Britain’s EU membership. If the Tories said they were going to take Britain out of the EU with immediate effect and actually did it, about 99% of UKIP’s members would leave that party and rejoin the Tories from where the vast majority of them have come.

  4. I haven’t been a member of a Nationalist Party since 1992 (Andersons NF). Even so, over the years I have maintained my vocal commitment to Nationalism, but in a more subtle way that has allowed me to raise issues and concerns without alienating myself or eliciting the Pavlovian cries of Racist. I am a potential new member for the BDP and quite excited about what Iv’e heard so far. To my point, I’m also quite excited about UKIP, for the simple reason they have helped bring the issues of Europe and immigration (especially) onto the mainstream agenda in a critical way, giving more opportunity for discussion. For many of those indoctrinated with guilt and inconsistent liberalism, I see UKIP as a stepping stone to confidently questioning modern liberal taboos. For nationalism, I see UKiP as a wedge forcing open debate………the thing they fear most. I realize UKIP seem to be making the political breakthrough Nationalists have long dreamed of.However, I believe they are helping “legitimize” some of our concerns and opening a gate we can use. Any comment on what I’ve had to say welcomed.

  5. I am also considering joining the BDP, the British National Party is now down and almost out, mainly due to misguided, irresponsible and ego-fuelled ”leadership”. I agree with Mr Brons about the mirage that is UKIP, the ”safety valve” Party that will never do anything except parrot the same old stuff they are expected to, and never do anything about it even if they were in a position to. Farage is a puppet, and at the moment a most useful one.

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