U.K. Terror Threat Increases Because of I.S. losses?

by Anglo Saxon

Ben Wallace MP. Conservative Security Minister. ……………………………………………………………………………………………… “Left Blank for Security Reasons”

I.S. Losses “increases UK terror threat” says Britain’s Security Minister, Ben Wallace.

This man actually had the audacity to ‘explain’ that “Extremists were trying to carry out attacks in the UK because they were either unable to join IS overseas or had just returned from there.

He then, in an incredible outbreak of stating the obvious, said “Europe was under constant attack from terror groups”.

If Britain and indeed the rest of Europe continue a policy of allowing these people in through ‘Mass Immigration’ policies  we will be under constant attack, won’t we.

Full story here.

Join the sensible British Democratic Party who want to protect our people by ending immigration today!


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  1. The British Democratic Party have CONSTANTLY EXPLAINED , on these pages , that potential fighters who were not allowed out of our country , WOULD DO SOMETHING AWFUL HERE. Also that having lost the battles abroad , these creatures would then , if we allowed them for Multi-Cultural reasons , come back here and CONTINUE THE WAR ! I feel sure OUR heroic and hard pressed Security Services are in DISPAIR AT OUR POLITICIANS.

  2. Well said Anglo Saxon, if you allow in half the planets freeloaders from these dangerous places, then the outcome will be always be the same… more terrorism and crime. Our security may be of a high standard, but it has not been enough to prevent cowardly terrorist attacks on civilians, and that is simply because the security services simply cannot cope with the threat level as so many immigrants are here. Imagine what it will be like in twenty years, even now it’s a waking nightmare.

  3. The poor dears were unable to join ISIS so they murdered people here! Send them all to join ISIS with one way tickets.

    • What sickens me is that we NATIONALISTS spelt all this out on these pages. Newcomers to our Party’s website , just look it all up in our older articles and you will see that our NEVER MENTIONED IN THE MEDIA PARTY , HAVE BEEN PROVED CONSTANTLY RIGHT BY EVENTS. We even challenged Jeremy Corbyn to discuss mass immigration LIVE ON SKY NEWS and the challenge was totally ignored because any of our members would make him look the CHARLATAN THAT HE IS !

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