Turkey Threatens To Send 15,000 Migrants A Month To Europe

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Turkey are now threatening to send 15,000 migrants a month to Europe in retaliation for the ban by Germany and The Netherlands on Turkish ministers canvasing in their respective countries on what is a local referendum in Turkey.

Germany and The Netherlands should consider removing the citizenship granted to the 4 million Turkish nationals with duel citizenship living there who are extremely unlikely to integrate as they are maintaining a true focus on their Turkish Islamic roots.

Turkey should also be removed from the Customs Union agreement it has with Europe and, for every migrant they send, remigrate one of the 5 million Turks in continental Europe together with every economic migrant who enters from Turkey.

We as members of NATO do not wish to be dragged into our commitment to protect Turkey in the event of any attack on them and should exclude Turkey from membership in view of the country’s volatility towards Europe and the forging of closer links with Russia.

The full Ankara News report can be found here




5 thoughts on “Turkey Threatens To Send 15,000 Migrants A Month To Europe

  1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Yet another example of how MASS IMMIGRATION is a disaster for the Civilised Nations. Our Party has COMMON SENSE POLICIES that will halt the decline.

  2. Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu has denied the story reported in the Cumhuriyet newspaper that he had threatened to send 15000 refugees a month to Europe. Despite the rift with the Netherlands the Turkish agreement with the EU is intact.

    1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) He did say it , Bill , but it does not matter as a far greater number of Turks than that are leaving their own shores for pastures new in Europe and other parts of the World.

  3. John Shaw ( Party Official ) I write this as the latest example of our ‘ CULTURE BEING ENRICHED ‘. When both the awful details of the incident are known and the IDENTITY OF THE PERPETRATOR , I HOPE all in our Party will join me in DEMANDING that this person’s LIFE STORY IS GIVEN TO THE PUBLIC. How he came to or was born in our COUNTRY. What help , probably over and above the local population , did he receive. I bet we did a lot for him and his family and yet , one day , he got up in the morning and decided to try and hurt , even kill us , INFEDELS. This whole situation needs looking at now as it can only get WORSE. WE NATIONALISTS HAVE WARNED ABOUT THIS FOR YEARS . NOW IS THE TIME TO NOT ONLY LISTEN , BUT JOIN US TODAY.

  4. John Shaw ( Party Official ) In a rare outbreak of British Democratic Party COMMON SENSE ,the Government has introduced a BAN on electronic devices , larger than a smartphone.This effects passengers from Countries where most of the People DO NOT LIKE US VERY MUCH ! THEY ARE ; TURKEY , LEBANON , JORDON , EGYPT , TUNISIA AND SAUDI ARABIA . They are some of the most intolerant , violent places on earth , whatever ‘ lefty ‘ and his confused liberal type friend thinks !

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