True British Culture is Marginalised

Report by John Bean.



A study just published by Lambeth council in South London reveals that white working class children are being ‘marginalised’ at school after being forced to follow a multicultural timetable that shuns British traditions. White pupils from deprived homes often “cannot see themselves or their lives reflected in the curriculum”, turning them off school altogether.

As many of us know already, large numbers of schools follow a curriculum that goes out of its way to celebrate a “diverse range of pupils”.  This means that there are numerous projects such as black history month and cultural days to cater for students with links to Jamaica, India, Pakistan, Portugal or Poland, etc.  One head teacher told the researchers that this might have led to white students having a sense of “losing their identity”

In his comments on the report, Graeme Paton, Education Editor at the Daily Telegraph, June 27th, quoted a head teacher as saying: “ It seems to be easier to celebrate the good things about other cultures – the dance, the food, the stories. We’ve worked through the cultures and have left this one to last.”  Paton added that it was claimed that many poor white British children in the area have black cultural role models and “speak with a South London patois”.

Nevertheless, all is not lost according to the first findings just released from research by the Social Integration Commission which, as you would guess, is to study diversity in modern Britain.  Apparently they were rather shocked to find that in Britain white people are more segregated from other races than any minority groups.

Almost 4,300 people, a cross section of the population between the ages of 13 and 80, were interviewed. White people merged as the least integrated with other races, even when the results were adjusted for the relative size of the white population.  Apparently a typical white person has only 50 per cent as many social interactions with those from other groups as might be expected, given the make-up of where they live.


Give ‘em More Diversity

What is the BBC’s response to all the above revelations?  Rather like dealing with children who are not responding well to potty training, the BBC has announced that due to the lack of response to diversity training we are now to sit down and face a screen upon which they will be showing more minority faces. One in every seven BBC presenters and actors is to be black, Asian or from another ethnic minority within three years. Surely, they are not far of this already?

An action group, including Lenny Henry (one-time comedian who is now just a joke),

Baroness Grey-Thompson, our leading wheel-chair athlete, and Baroness Benjamin, a Trinidadian-born lady nominated to the Lords by the Lib-Dems, is being set up to advise on the changes.

And to make sure that we respond to this latest diversity training the BBC will also establish a £2.1m ”Diversity Creative Talent Fund”, which will be “reprioritised from other budgets” to help change the portrayal of ethnic minorities in its programmes.

What will this mean? All black policemen will at least be inspectors and Douglas Bader, Winston Churchill and Nelson, et al, were really a bit Black?

13 thoughts on “True British Culture is Marginalised

  1. Great post, John.

    All this goes to show why many parents scrimp and save, take out costly loans with banks etc in order to pay for a private education for their children when they shouldn’t have to. State schools are a disgrace and rarely provide a decent education for children, have poor discipline standards and, as your article makes clear, don’t provide our children with an appreciation of their culture and history. It seems as if only the 7% of children who attend private schools get to know much British history!

    I don’t suppose Cameron’s sacking of Michael Gove and his replacement with a no doubt PC non-entity woman will change any of this!. As a party, we must ensure we have good policies on this vital subject as that will help to bring-in the votes.

    I hope, John, you return to writing your nationalist notebook articles. I always enjoy reading them.

  2. In fact this is one of the very few areas of policy that UKIP have a relatively good stance on. I would hope our party would endorse the return of decent state grammars. The Labour and Tory partys (I believe I am correct in stating that the Tories closed more of them) destruction of grammar schools is one of the reasons social mobility in this country has all but halted. And also one explanation as to why we have so many privately educated MPs and have returned as a country to having them as Prime Ministers after Harold Wilson broke the previous pattern. That continued to be the case until the defeat of John Major and Tony Bliar becoming PM.

  3. This is an excellent article, and I commend John for writing it.

    He spotlights what in all accuracy must be termed a covert and calculated brainwashing of native British youngsters with the objective, and certainly with the result, of alienating and marginalising current and future native British generations within their own country. This result, of course, is gleefully sought after by all those politicians and half-arsed theoretical “Do Gooders” who regard it as dreadful that there should remain any vestige of a white indigenous British population in Britain – and even more dreadful that the surviving generations of indigenous British people should retain any pride and sense of their own birthright and their own (previous) status as the recognisable “People of Britain”.

    How has this disgusting betrayal of the native British People happened? I would say, largely through the enemy’s highly successful “divide and conquer” policy directed towards any proper political opposition.

    Consider – how many conservative parties are there? Just one. How many Labour parties are there? Just one. How many Liberal Democrat parties are there? Just one. How many nationalist parties are there? Errrrrrr….. I’ve run out of fingers to count them! The single most important thing all nationalists in Britain must start recognising is the truth of that old saying – United We Stand, Divided We Fall. At the moment, we are all in midfall. That is how the Powers That Be want it to remain!

    1. (Party Member) There is only one, well set up and operated with a dignity and coherence that will win through. It’s called the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY

    2. Peter Mills is quite right. While we are divided between so many different and rival political parties we resemble that sketch in the Monty Python film “Life of Brian” where they are pointing out various political parties who are opposed to Roman occupation, but are divided by minor details of policy and name. Hilariously, they hate each other for the tiniest of reasons and refuse to even talk with each other. Sadly, the voting public have not even heard of half the nationalist parties that exist, including ours, as the media keeps silent on their existence unless wishing to demonize any party that looks like it may be growing and may cause a challenge to the political status quo.

      1. There is a always going to be competition in politics Geoff. And there will always be those who like being big fish in tiny puddles.

  4. One should simply stop watching this mouthpiece of the cultural Marxist destruction of our country – and stop paying for it.

    I believe that the the viewing figures for ‘East Enders’, which is little better than a vehicle for pushing politically correct attitudes, have nosedived.

    1. Good. It is a load of rubbish. I always laugh at East Enders. If the BBC were in any way interested in accuracy they would ensure the cast were virtually all-ethnic as that is the reality of the East End of London nowadays. On the other hand when they were the broadcaster for what is probably the most white-dominated sport in Britain (ie horseracing) they made sure some of the commentators were ethnics!

      At any rate, the BBC should not be broadcasting ‘soap operas’ as that is the proper province of the commercial channels. It is NOT what we pay a high licence fee for!

  5. It really is beyond parody. Have not even the Blatantly Biased Communists realised how ridiculous their social engineering projects are? Or do they have even some inkling of how they appear to the general populace? We may be compelled by law to have a TV licence but we most surely do not have to watch the BBC’s output. Just switch it off and tell your friends!!!

  6. Sadly I’ve lived in Lambeth my whole life… Long story short, I asked a friend (early twenties like myself) if he knew who Nelson was. His reply?… “Mandela?”.

  7. Churchill told us he was going to be a hero, as he was going to write the history himself!!! His cronies would make sure every bookshop in the West would stock his books for the next 100 years.

  8. Let’s look on the bright side. All newspaper circulations are falling as people get their news from the Internet. The days of Lord Beaverbrook and Rupert Murdoch are numbered. And the BBC is watched by less than a third of television viewers. The trend is towards television on demand watched on smart phones and tablets. We do not have to listen to state propaganda. The decline in voting shows that the public are sick of politics. The Establishment are losing the battle.

    1. Newspapers have become so desperate to keep their readers that they now mostly allow endless comments attacking the Establishment they themselves support. The comments are usually much better than the articles!

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