Tough on Islamist Terror?

By Southwest Nationalist. Ismail Abdurahman, an Islamist jailed for 10 years in 2008 after hiding would-be 7/7 bomber Hussain Osman, has won his fight to stay in the UK after a judge ruled that deporting him would “breach his human rights.”

Abdurahman, a Somalian, has been categorised as a Level 3 prisoner – meaning police believe he poses a serious risk.

His 10 year sentence for hiding a would be suicide bomber was reduced to 8 years on appeal, and he was jailed in 2008.

However, now he has not only won the right to remain in the UK, he has also been granted bail and is staying at a bail hostel in London.

He had been due for release earlier, but had been kept behind bars pending the outcome his deportation hearing.

Surprise, he won it, he faces a risk of inhumane treatment if he is removed to Somalia.

Seems the judge doesn’t give a damn about the risk which Abdurahman and men like him pose to the British people though.

The UKBA have said that they are disappointed with the decision, and will be appealing it.

Britain too is disappointed.

Another terrorist we can’t get rid of and who is walking our streets is Habib Ahmed, who was part of a terror cell police believe were planning an atrocity in the UK, has been released from prison despite being jailed for 10 years in 2008.

Ahmed was captured by customs with notebooks and phone numbers, and had been involved in the obtaining and circulation of documents including guides to assassination and bomb making techniques.

Ahmed also carried out checks on a number of prominent targets, including military bases and senior policemen, as well as the address of former defence secretary Geoff Hoon.

He was a part of a terror cell headed by Rangzieb Ahmed, who was believed to be plotting mass murder in the UK.

Habib Ahmed, arrested in 2006, and jailed for 10 years in 2008, has been spotted freely wandering around a bail hostel in Greater Manchester.

Tough on terror? Tough on the British people having to put up with these dangerous people walking the streets more like.

Anyone remember Only Fools and Horses, with Trotters Independent Trading? TIT would be a legitimate acronym for our nations so called Tough on Islamic Terror stance as well. Sadly, this time around it is only the terrorists who are laughing.

4 thoughts on “Tough on Islamist Terror?

  1. If only it were the judges and their liberal bedfellows in the Lib/Lab/Con who experienced the result of their lunatic decisions.

  2. UK Border Agency are ‘disapointed’…… Not disgusted at this Judge’s cowardice in failing to deport serious dangers to the British People in case he might not get that promotion/OBE from the ‘powers that be’…… Slimy little Judge showing what a sad little invertibrate creature he is. The Justice system and the establishment, from the Police upwards, is meant to defend the people from danger. Now we need a system to defend us from the establishment and their ‘justice’.

  3. Another stupid decision by an out of touch judge. This is one of the major issues we have in this country and something needs to be done to change it. It is pointless to tighten security, catch these criminals and see them in front of the courts if the legal system allows them to win! We need judges who are REAL people, who know the facts of life as a common man, understand what infuriates us, scares us, worries us; we need someone to REPRESENT us, not these PC clowns with no understanding of the real world!

  4. When so-called asylum seekers arrive on our shores, frequently illegally, why does no- one address the issue of the geographic aspect? ‘Political asylum’ is the seeking of sanctuary in the nearest non-belligerent country. This does not justify a journey from the other side of the globe. This indicates selectivity and thus incurs the status of ‘economic migrant’; and thus deportation is the only logical option.

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