Theresa May Calls General Election for 8th June 2017

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced this morning that she will be asking parliament to approve an early general election on the 8th June 2017. The parliamentary decision, which will require a two thirds majority, looks to be overwhelmingly in favour of such a move since both the Labour and Liberal parties have indicated they will vote in favour of the move.

With Theresa May presently running 20 points ahead of Labour in the polls the result of a general election should return Theresa May with a much greater majority allowing her to negotiate Brexit with the EU with much greater authority. It will also send a clear message to those elected and unelected politicians who have not been able to accept the result of the EU. referendum.

If the Conservative Party include a clear commitment for a clean Brexit in their manifesto then UKIP will have great difficulty in formulating a policy with which to fight this election.     According to the opinion polls, the Conservative Party should significantly increase their majority with the final result giving a clear indication as to the amount of support there now is for Labour, Liberals and UKIP in the light of Brexit and the Scottish appetite for independence.

5 thoughts on “Theresa May Calls General Election for 8th June 2017

  1. What is now the point of UKIP? Why would any “traditional” UKIP voter vote for Nuttall’s slow motion train-wreck of a party when they can vote for the real deal (apparently) being offered by Mrs May? Let’s not forget how UKIP worked so hard to seize defeat from the jaws of victory in Stoke recently! I suspect that the General Election will be an utter disaster for UKIP – a party now without a cause – creating an unprecedented opportunity for the British Democrats.

    1. Spot on Dave,UKIP was forced onto the public as a false flag pseudo Patriotic Party. Nationalist had to stomach years of footslog and doorstepping had effectivly been stolen from them by UKIP.We are all aware of the reasons, this has been well covered by Nationalist speakers over the years surfice to say UKIP with alot of help from people we trusted were handed the Patriotic vote on a plate.As you state Dave the Party is an utter Train wreck sadly many millions of well meaning people have been let down yet again.

    2. UKIP is a Joke Party run by Tory Upper crusts they are finished the Conservatives are likely to win a big Majority but wouldn’t it be great if Labour Liberals Greens & SNP get thrashed Our Party have 8 Weeks to offer Britain a real alternative to the 3 old failed parties the EU is doomed

  2. Dave Williams, The Tories will win easily but they are no more the real deal then my print of the Mona Lisa is. If ever there was proof of this it’s the departing words of George Osborne on the bbc news. Moneybags George is stepping down as a Tory MP to focus on his new job as the editor of the Evening Standard ‘we are proud of our openess, tolerance and diversity, which I have always valued’ spoken like a true Tory hypocrite!

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