The Waterside Ward – Pendle Borough Council – Election Result

Gary ToppingThe Waterside Ward,Pendle Borough Council election result is as listed, with the 2014 non GE election year result in brackets the bracketed figure is more the norm.


Liberal Democrats – 689  (2014: 720)

Labour —————- 658  (2014: 286)

Conservative ——– 616  (2014: 177)

British Democrats — 223  (2014 not available)


Turnout 60%

My share 10.2%


I would especially like to thank Andrew Brons, Robert Storey, Peter Westwell, Steve Smith, my wife and all the party people in Leicester and Yorkshire who have assisted me in the campaign, and not forgetting the Waterside Ward, Colne residents who nominated, assisted and voted for me.


I see It as a small crack in a very large shell, but we are now more determined to keep chipping away, a possible ray of sunshine is that the Tories will find it almost impossible to renege on the promised EU referendum; even when the penny drops that their policies were not the catalyst for their widely unexpected majority but more likely the on going televised European invasion from North Africa & our people have realised it is time to pull up the EU drawbridge.


Withdrawal from the EU is a single issue that can unite many & is currently favoured by the electorate,  the pro EU factions know they will have to & will unite to increase their possibility of winning. This time we must not allow them to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat through the Nationalist disposition to self destruct.


Gary Topping



2 thoughts on “The Waterside Ward – Pendle Borough Council – Election Result

  1. Well done Gary.
    Let us hope that ‘the management’ will do a serious analysis of the results, leading-I hope- to new, pragmatic ‘small party’ strategies that such as I have advocated for years.
    More about which from me at the appropriate time.
    In the meantime, Thanks Gary.

  2. A good result in light of the uneducated masses in the GE running out and voting Conservative and Labour. The 2014 figures show how much the Con-Lab vote increased due to the polarisation of the GE.

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