The War Crimes of Blair and Bush: Uranium Weapons Used in Illegal Iraq War

Several researchers have uncovered evidence that US forces involved in the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2002 used uranium weapons against civilians, leading to serious health issues in Iraq and amongst unsuspecting Allied soldiers.

Medics in the Iraqi city of Fallujah have appealed to the international are appealing to the international community to investigate what they have called an “unnatural increase in birth defects” which are up by 15 times compared to pre-war levels.

A report co-authored by professor Christopher Busby, a biomedical studies professor at the University of Ulster, found that there as an abnormal incidence of “cancer, birth defects, sex ratio change after 2004.”

All of these indicated, professor Busby said, a “big genetic damage to the population starting after the battles there.”

Speaking to the refreshingly independent RT television station, professor Busby said after those results became known, they decided to “examine the environment and look inside the people. We obtained 25 parents of children with congenital anomalies and measured the concentration of 52 elements in the hair of the mothers and fathers.

“We also looked at the surface soil, river water and drinking water. We used a very powerful scientific technique called ICPMS.”

The researchers found “high levels of a number of common elements – calcium, aluminum, strontium, bismuth mercury – but the only substance we found that could explain the high levels of genetic damage was the radioactive element uranium.”

Asked by RT if this was possibly the much-touted “depleted uranium” weapons which were allegedly used during the war, professor Busby said “No. Astonishingly, it was not depleted uranium. It was slightly enriched uranium, the kind that is used in nuclear reactors or atomic bombs.

“We found it in the hair and also in the soil. We concentrated the soil chemically so there could be no mistake. Results showed slightly enriched uranium – manmade.”

In other words, the radioactive poisioning found in Iraq was not even from the “waste” nuclear material of “depleted” uranium, but full weapons strength nuclear weaponary.

It turns out that the invaders of Iraq were the ones to use “weapons of mass destruction,” and not the Saddam Hussein regime.

Asked by RT if the uranium could definitely be linked to the invasion, professor Busby once again answered in the affirmative, explaining it this way: “Yes. We did something clever. Uranium is excreted into hair and hair grows at a known rate: 1 centimetre per month.

“We obtained very long hair samples from some women and measured the uranium along the lengths of the hair, which gave us historic levels back as far as 2005. In one woman, whose hair was 80 centimetres, the uranium concentration went up toward the tip of the hair, showing very high exposures in the past.”

He said that the most likely origin of this nuclear material was some tupe of “new secret uranium weapon. We have found some US patents for thermobaric and directed charge warheads which employ uranium powder to increase their effect.

“It seems clear these uranium weapons have moved on from the simple anti-tank penetrators used in the first Gulf War, which were basically lumps of metal.

“Since 2003, it seems the military has been using something else entirely. Something quite scary.”

Professor Busby then revealed that similar uranium levels had been discovered where Israeli military had been involved in bombings.

“We investigated bomb craters in Lebanon in 2006 after the Israeli attacks and found one which was radioactive and which contained enriched uranium. We found enriched uranium in car air filters from Lebanon and also from Gaza,” he said.

“This material from the Gulf Wars is slowly contaminating the whole planet. It is poisoning the human gene pool, leading to increases in cancer, congenital anomalies, miscarriages and infertility. We must stop the military from using it. It has probably been employed in Libya, so we must wait and see what levels of cancer and congenital disease appears there,” professor Busby added.

And so the crimes of the neo-con mass-murderers, Bush, Blair, Brown and the Tories continue to mount. Let us hope that they are all soon called to account for their evil deeds.

7 thoughts on “The War Crimes of Blair and Bush: Uranium Weapons Used in Illegal Iraq War

  1. I have a friend in Serbia who was treated for cancer growing up, she’s from Nis. She tells me such health problems are commonplace due to the uranium bombs that dropped on the cities. It’s now ironic that we have dictators and war criminals such as Blair preaching about dictators and human rights in other parts of the world… China not to be mentioned for human rights abuses however, due to business arrangements.

  2. No such thing as Uranium bombs, I’m afraid. Depleted uranium is used instead of steel for 30mm (small anti-tank cannon) rounds due to its natural armour piercing quality. Side effects are obviously pretty horrific as the projectile is still radioactive.

  3. The International banking mafia and their puppet politicians are evil, callous, pyschopathic scum. The way they have destroyed Libya a prosperous country where the people were looked after and they had direct democracy through people’s congresses all for oil, and to enslave them in debt is sickening.

    These vicious criminal politicians Obama, Cameron, Clinton et al, laughing and bragging of the murder and sodomy of an old man 69 year old Colonel Gadaffi their Head of State shows the true colours of the evil we nationalists are up against. Let’s hope what goes around comes around in relation to these truly sick Globalist vermin.

  4. We must never get into Wars that are of no concern to us We need to stop blindly following America & end the mythical Special relationship also

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